Remote run classes for 10 years more than million people benefit

My class remote province since 2003 10 years, both inside and outside the province has accumulated six different class culture of Tibetan high school (vocational school) students scale exceeded 10000, injected a strong vitality into the development of Qinghai Tibetan education, promote inter ethnic harmony and unity and development. It is understood that from the beginning of 2003, Qinghai Normal University and other schools in the province began to recruit 6 Tibetan minority high school students in the region, the current total training of high school graduates in 5576, students in the 1954 place in the 6. From the beginning of 2008, held off-site high school class at 10 schools in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei, Chongqing and other 8 provinces respectively, the cumulative training 2400 high school graduates, 1437 students. Province in the fall of 2014 plans to transport high school students 1300. In the run in occupation education at the same time, our province insist on walking on two legs, making full use of foreign high-quality educational resources, vigorously promote the Tibetan high school graduates through targeted aid to foreign occupation academy, 2010 -2013, a total of 2978 Tibetan students transfer to Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces and cities to learn. 2014, the number of students studying in different places have been identified 1470.  

This year, Xining City Procuratorate approved the arrest of 1016 people

In August 15th, a reporter with the city CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Fan Xingliang, Baoya check and part of the city CPPCC members inspect the procuratorial work in our city was informed that this year, approved by the Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to arrest 1016 people and.

it is understood that this year, the city prosecutors closely around the municipal requirements and meticulous management, adhere to "strengthen the legal supervision and safeguard fairness and justice" theme of the work, to fully perform prosecutorial functions, to strengthen self construction, promote and maintain the stable and healthy development of procuratorial work. The procuratorial organs adhere to maintain social stability, promote social harmony as the primary task, conscientiously fulfill the review of arrest and prosecution functions, to combat all kinds of criminal law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people. The Municipal People’s Procuratorate Yu Guolong said that this year, the hospital accepted for approval and decided to arrest 618 1114 people, an increase of respectively 8% and 9.9%; the approval and decided to arrest 1016 people, not to approve the arrest of 64 people, decided not to arrest 1 people; accepted transferred to the prosecution 1052 1819 people, an increase of 5% and a decline of 2.7%. At the same time, this year, the city prosecutors have filed 1214 people, decided not to prosecute the person of the 45. The court has convicted 1133 people, the conviction rate of 100%. Within the statutory period the closing rate of 100%. (author: Xu Shunkai)


Xining autumn greening work smoothly

Since the autumn, in order to seize the opportunity, to do a comprehensive green autumn garden Bureau fine deployment, four district landscape management departments to act quickly, to implement the responsibility, implement, schedule, and carry out tree replanting replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding and other greening construction and management

since the autumn, in order to seize the opportunity, to do a comprehensive green autumn garden Bureau fine deployment, four district landscape management departments to act quickly, to implement the responsibility, implement, schedule, and carry out tree replanting replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding and other greening construction and management. Up to now, the progress of the work of the fall of green.

in order to make the greening work more sophisticated and efficient. Municipal Bureau of parks for the district greening management unit personnel in a timely manner, serious investigation under the jurisdiction of dead trees, street trees and green area in the lack of plant seedling species, quantity and specifications, and prepare the dead tree clean and clear pits and other relevant preparation. District strictly in accordance with the principle of "one street and one scene" to the original tree species. Until now, the completion of the Qilian Road, East Road, the Yellow River, Nanchuan Xijiulu Road, 54 street, victory road, West Main Street, Bayi Road, xiadou Street Road and Lu Qing park tree planting, planting a total white elm, elm, willow, Sophora japonica, Pinus tabulaeformis, white wax and other types of trees nearly 1500 strain. At the same time, the South Ring Road, the car with a park, Ning Garden, small garden greenbelt in 81 strains were also suspended missing seedling replant reduced by hedgerow empty and bare, total resow water wax, clove seedlings 5430 (pier). Trees, shrubs and hedgerow pruning, green irrigation and other routine maintenance and management work in an orderly manner.

City Garden Bureau will continue to strengthen supervision and guidance to ensure the successful completion of the city’s autumn greening work, so that the results of green construction can be consolidated, effectively enhance the overall landscape of green.



Xining north of the agricultural and rural work conference held in 2013

  March 1st afternoon, north of the city of Xining City District Committee and the district government convened towns and subdistrict office is mainly responsible for the district agriculture related departments, 38 village "two committees" and the person in charge of the region deployed the countryside preaching the spirit of the document No. 1 cadres more than 140 people, on the first floor conference room held the district authorities of agricultural and rural work in 2013 and No. 1 cadres to the countryside preaching mobilization. District standing committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Wei Xining presided over the meeting. Paul Liu, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization of the district government, Changan District, comrade Wen Bin attended the meeting on behalf of the.

there are five main items on the agenda of the meeting to convey the provincial and municipal agricultural and rural work conference spirit (written); the 2012 annual summary of agricultural and rural work, work arrangements in 2013; the "three rural" arrangements for the supervision and management work; the 2013 deployment of cadres to the countryside preaching the No. 1 document and carry out the "four advance and four strengthening" the district leadership speech.

vice mayor An Wenbin on behalf of the district government a comprehensive and scientific summary of the 2012 the region’s agricultural and rural work and the arrangements for the deployment of key tasks in 2013 of this year, and in accordance with the "United, Yuanyuan yuan Cun complementary" mode, build in Baoziwan areas with high, fine, fine as the development direction, highlighting the characteristics of inheritance the new rural construction, rich humanistic charm of the urban leisure agriculture tourism circle and community work put forward the new requirements, and strive to the end of the completion of the per capita net income of farmers 13300 yuan, an increase of 12%.


The big stage of the people — Xining’s happy camp

This time to Xining is really not white, not only to understand the local folk customs, but also to see the wonderful performance of the arts, Xining’s mass cultural activities is really rich and colorful!" A tourist from other provinces told reporters.


wonderful performance. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo


July 25th, Qinghai national network media reporters braved the intense day to downtown Xining square to watch the led by the Xining municipal government, Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau and the Xining Municipal Art Museum hosted the summer tour of Xining – the big stage people square season "activities of" bright "xiadou Yao letter group and activities of folk dance, female solo, guzheng ensemble, costume show and colorful, blasting the summer passion, won the applause of the audience……

it is reported that the "summer tour of Xining – the big stage people square season officially launched a series of activities in the central square in May this year, plan the whole season performed more than 150 games, at its inception, has been more and more attention of the public, has become an indispensable flavoring agent xiadou in public life, many people go to evening will with the whole family, old and young to the central square to watch the show, every show is very popular, so far, 80 performances of the audience reached a total of more than 100 people.

wonderful performance. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo

big stage people is our city this year the focus of the public welfare, public cultural Huimin engineering, people through stage, mining, heritage, publicity and promotion of our unique national characteristics of the local culture, to create a national culture brand. Is an important carrier to reflect the role of cultural undertakings in the construction of the city’s life and happiness, is to showcase the brand Xining humanities charm and the window of the city, with a rich and colorful culture of the masses to enhance the "Chinese xiadou" city tourism image, full of vitality and xiadou Xining unique cultural charm.

wonderful performance. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo

wonderful performance. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo


The demolition of Qinghai bridge aluminum 5 sets of 125 thousand kilowatts units blasting

7 5 in the morning, Qinghai investment group Limited by Share Ltd bridge aluminum kW main workshop, 5 sets of 125 thousand chimney and cooling tower smooth blasting demolition.

According to the

state on the thermal power industry policy of "big pressure on the small", Qinghai investment group, deepening supply side structural reform, steadily promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively building a new model of growth and development of new energy, the demolition of 5 units is the landmark nodes.

it is understood that the demolition project site will be planning the expansion of a total investment of 7 billion yuan, 3 sets of 660 thousand kilowatts ultra supercritical coal-fired air-cooled generators, synchronous construction of efficient desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal facilities, the first unit plans to put into operation in June 2018.

provincial Party committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended the demolition blasting ceremony and issued a blasting order.

Zhang Jianmin said that the implementation of Qinghai bridge aluminum Limited by Share Ltd "big pressure on the small thermal power project, is a good implementation of the provincial government to create ecological civilization, promote energy development, promote the decision and deployment of energy-saving emission reduction carbon reduction. After the completion of the project will become green bridge aluminum energy-saving environmental protection power plant, and further enhance the province’s power supply capacity, effectively improve the power structure. The relevant departments of the province and the city of Xining will continue to vigorously support the construction of bridge aluminum thermal power units, and with the implementation of the project as an opportunity to further implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy, as a positive, seize the opportunity, continue to promote more major industrial and energy construction project landing.


Xining animal husbandry will be held in rural areas to observe the meeting

September 14th, Xining animal husbandry animal husbandry will be held in Huangyuan, deputy secretary Su Rong, deputy mayor of the three districts in the County Animal Husbandry Department of the person in charge of the accompanying were observed by the person in charge of the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry, Animal Husbandry Department of the people’s Republic of China in four areas.

in exchange meeting Su Rong stressed that the development of animal husbandry to catch from the faucet, and grass to livestock, forage quality development is the foundation of the development of modern animal husbandry, to play the financial capital of 42 dials thousand catties effect. In our city next year will be out of 10 million for the livestock raising funds to support the Agricultural Development Zone for the formation of the modern animal husbandry system, the animal husbandry has become a pillar industry in Xining agriculture. Through the development of large, effectively solve the city’s poultry eggs and milk supply, let Xining people eat meat, drink safe milk, agricultural efficiency, increase farmers’ income.  

The progress of establishing national forest city in Xining

Positive action, solid work, to establish a solid foundation for the success of the National Forest City

  positive action, solid work, to establish a solid foundation for the success of the National Forest city. Since the 2012 to carry out the creation of National Forest City, the municipal government attaches great importance to the evaluation of national forest city to create standards and procedures, designed to create planning, establishing a programme of work, set up to create a leading group, create the responsibility system. On the ecological environment, forestry industry, ecological culture system and three forest resources security capacity building, continue to increase investment in ecological construction, to carry out the construction of the theme park, the new rural greening, quadrilateral green and airport highway greening landscape renovation of key project construction, completion of the north, Tianbao, forests and other countries key forestry ecological project construction tasks, launched three north-south mountain afforestation project, vigorously carry out the construction of forest seedling production and forestry industry base, city greening rate and a substantial increase in the total greenbelt. The 40 indicators of National Forest City in full compliance with the standards by the end of 2014, the index of forest coverage, urban green coverage rate, per capita green area, village greening rate, waterfront greening rate, road greening rate of 25 of the core of all standards, one year ahead of the completion of the construction tasks.

boost confidence, to push forward, and actively do a good job in the work of Sen Ying ying.

2015 is the Xining chuangsen acceptance of the year, according to the evaluation and verification of National Forest City, completed the "Xining National Forest City Construction of self report" "Xining National Forest City construction planning implementation assessment report" and "Xining city to create a national forest city" report on the work of the preparation work. And in accordance with the declaration procedures and requirements issued by the State Forestry Administration, completed the creation of national forest city the application information, the municipal government has sent "to the provincial forestry department for approval of Xining City National Forest City letter", planned before July 20th to the State Forestry Bureau reported the information, complete the National Forest City to declare the work overall, ready for verification of the State Forestry administration.

highlight the focus, sum up experience, continue to maintain a good momentum of rapid development of urban and rural greening. start the implementation of the three phase of the North South greening project. 2015 April, held the three phase of the north and South green project started the General Assembly this year, plans to implement the task of 44 thousand and 800 acres of green mountains and rivers in the north of the three phase. At present, the county has completed irrigation afforestation task 31089 acres, 13370 acres of afforestation, as the target of 99.2%, a total of more than 348 trees planted all kinds of trees, built a simple mountain road 51.4 km, 7.6 km pipeline laying temporary water, irrigation project design is approved, completed an investment of 107 million 890 thousand yuan. push forward the construction of forestry ecological engineering. plans to implement this year, the three north forest, forest protection, forest and other key public key projects 333 thousand and 900 acres, with a total investment of $230 million. At present, the completion of artificial;

Six ban strict Festival corruption

In September 2nd, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued "on further strict disciplinary requirements during the mid autumn day notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), this is strictly prohibited to purchase gift moon cake festival gift behavior with holiday names spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses, real or public funds; prohibited use of public funds for tourism, entertainment and fitness activities, or to accept management and the service object arrangement of such activities is strictly prohibited; entertain each other has nothing to do with public funds arrangements with official; non Gongjusiyong, private bus driving and the use of authority to subordinate units or enterprises, management service use vehicles; prohibited accepting illegal gifts and various securities, payment vouchers, commercial prepaid cards, electronic gift cards, or participate in gambling in any form; it is strictly prohibited to use weddings and funerals, housewarming took office, accepting lavish gifts and education.

"notice" stressed that the party organizations at all levels should take strict control of the party from the party’s political responsibility, hundred-percent to fulfill the main responsibility for honest government. Discipline and rules should be in front of the party’s political discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline and discipline, in grasping the constant, long grasping, grasping the fine work. Leading cadres at all levels, especially the leaders should personally deploy and supervise the spirit and provisions of the central eight provinces and the implementation of the measures, but also set an example, strict self-discipline, and strengthen education and constraints on their relatives and staff.To continue to keep the pressure up

Xining Federation of trade unions organized a training course for female workers

for further strengthening the work of women workers under the new situation, to improve the overall quality of the contingent of cadres of female workers, recently, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions held the female workers’ cadre training class, more than 60 female cadres and workers from the trade unions at all levels participated in the study and training.

in recent years with the Xining enterprises to further deepen the reform and development of non-public economy, changed the rank of female workers in the age structure, cultural level and technical qualities of the female workers also put forward new and higher requirements. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of female workers and the special rights and interests, the Xining Federation of trade unions has organized various types of special training activities every year from the perspective of improving the quality of female workers and cadres. The training of cadres to seriously study the protection of business theory, the rights and interests of female employees work in the new period of the laws and regulations of female workers, to understand the current situation and the present situation of the female workers and contemporary women’s culture and other aspects of the knowledge on how to exert the role of female workers will work organization under the new situation, to unite the majority of female workers in the socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization construction to fully display the "half the sky" style were discussed exchanges.