Rahul Gandhi Browses Phone During Presidents Address in Lok Sabha Congress Says

first_imgNew Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday landed in a fresh controversy for not paying attention to President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament.Gandhi was busy browsing through his phone for over 20 minutes when Kovind was addressing the first joint sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha and even talked to other leaders. Speaking to the media, Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said Rahul Gandhi was listening to whatever was necessary.Anand Sharma,Congress on being asked if Rahul Gandhi was busy checking his phone&talking during President’s address in Parl today:He was listening to whatever was necessary.There were queries,certain difficult Hindi words which weren’t heard properly.There’s nothing disrespectful pic.twitter.com/1g1Xd863rP— ANI (@ANI) June 20, 2019 On the contrary, his mother and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi listened to approximately one-hour long speech of the President with full attention and even thumped the table in appreciation when the entire Central Hall of Parliament broke into applause after the President mentioned about the Uri surgical strikes and the Balakot airstrike. Rahul Gandhi, however, kept on browsing his mobile. He continued staring on the floor even after Sonia Gandhi seemed to nudge him not to do so. Appealing for simultaneous parliamentary and Assembly elections, the President outlined the new Modi government’s roadmap, saying it was determined to crush terrorism and Maoism. Anand SharmaBalakot airstrikecongresslok sabha First Published: June 20, 2019, 9:20 PM ISTlast_img

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