So much that one cannot bear to part with it! 2014’s top 20 excellent web designs

will be the same in 2014 to say goodbye, it’s time to review the great design this year! The famous design blog Designmodo selected 20 year outstanding website, these excellent web design not only carefully, and follow the popular trend of design.

web designers always keen to follow the latest design trends, so you can see the trend of flat design, minimalist style, parallax scrolling screen background in these outstanding ", etc.. Another common feature of these well-designed web sites is the good support for mobile terminals – responsive design. Really good websites always support as many devices as possible. read more

The development of local portal from new development to survival

website operation is the most important part, while the local website is to focus on combining online and offline operations, plus the team cohesion of the operation, in order to allow local site more distinctive, more long ‘live’. The author at the Internet industry in recent years has been engaged in local station operators, summarize a few points, and the majority of the local station ".

analyzes competitor

believes that the small city has several China have considerable strength of the portal, but this does not hinder the development of the new site, the tide waves back backward waves, we analyze the opponent’s website and don’t think too high to be reached, all of the sites is a step by step, even some website with the support of the government or the newspaper, also need not fear, as long as the portal to make its own characteristics as well, and this feature does not exist at the beginning, do not exist can be accepted by the public, but only to careful management will be effective. read more

Network TV download station day 10 thousand P skills sharing next

Hello, have been busy these days not to write today, take the time to write about, here I talk about these two years do stand experience, I hope to help you! I wrote that "network TV download station on the 10 thousand IP" is mainly about the promotion skills to share skills and operational direction this experience, I mainly talk about the

operation skills!

one, first for the promotion of pictures techniques to talk about:

image promotion, I love the picture, then I is how to promote? Love you sometimes get to write funny pictures, sometimes using others as the picture changes, usually GIF animation format, so you can use FW drawing software for each frame to modify, add keywords or their own the URL, so when the QQ group released, if the picture effect is good, then 1 and 10, 10 hundred, the clock index rising trend, estimate your bad music, of course, those pictures you need to have creative thinking! Well, the flow of good read more

Make the best use of the Matthew effect to win in the competition website

as a personal webmaster, want to make a world of their own in the face of various Internet giant competition in the Internet market, share their own a share of that model has been successfully by Internet giant successful development has become increasingly unrealistic, after all, you don’t have that strong capital, talent, contacts and so on all kinds of resources, yet another reality cannot be ignored when the site is developed to a certain scale, more accessible to more users, make development more smooth, and small sites are facing the development of various kinds of difficult problems, difficult to development which would reflect the Everything is going smoothly., and confirms the "the connotation and thought of Matthew effect". However, the correct understanding and use of the "Matthew effect" can make a small owners in the face with the Internet giant competition, obtain satisfactory effect. read more

Good flow conversion rate and unit price vertical electricity supplier how quickly amount

Author: Kang’ai many online pharmacies founder Wang Yanxiong

Kang’ai multi chain was founded in July 2010, in May 2011 to get online pharmacy qualification, launched in August 2011, the enterprise has a short history. At present, our daily UV (independent visitors) is about 200 thousand, the highest in the industry. Independent website on how to measure, say complex is actually simple, sales = flow × conversion rate × customer unit price, do flow, conversion rate and unit price, sales came. read more

nnovation and Entrepreneurship speed up the construction of science and technology green business

technology venture is the most promising business module, entrepreneurship is of concern, there are more business advantages, the kylin Innovation Park Innovation Incubator, a new platform to bring more technology entrepreneurs.

2 26, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee to Longxiang kylin Science Park research. He stressed that the kylin innovation park to consciously practice the "five ideas", earnestly implement the construction of the "Four city", the development of "five oriented economy" deployment requirements, to strengthen the planning and construction management, accelerate the construction of science and technology, green, entrepreneurship, happy new kylin. read more

Enterprise website how to use Baidu library cited traffic

enterprise station in the promotion of SEO to occupy a certain position, enterprise how to rely on SEO to get traffic? SEO often hang in the mouth, it sounds very easy, but it is too difficult to accumulate takes time to get the corresponding results. Such a result, where the content of the enterprise is rarely a very important reason. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, dozens to thousands of pages, the page is too small, it is difficult to do the long tail word optimization. And generally a website most of the traffic from the long tail words, small and medium-sized enterprises can only have no long tail flow, so how should we get more meaningful traffic? read more

How to increase the original content of the website better

in July 2009, Baidu search algorithm for a larger update, so that many webmaster confused. Search engines over the original content of excessive indulgence has become the consensus of the majority of the webmaster. Webmaster should recognize the situation, increase the proportion of original content, really do let the search engine without reason to include your site. The following is the author’s recent practice, and share with you.

, deduction, induction, reorganization, originality,

When the read more

Copy and paste the nternet business Wang Zhidong to grassroots Adsense dry

in Shanghai in 2010 third of the Internet grassroots conference held in Shanghai Rainbow Hotel two floor Jiaqing hall, the original founder, click technology CEO Wang Zhidong made a keynote speech at the meeting, he cited a riff on micro-blog in the opening: "Tang Jun: my success can be replicated, Ma Huateng: my copy can be successful it is said, users can copy, but cannot paste

he jokes that the success of China’s Internet start-ups can be summed up as: China’s ICP C2C model, that is, icp=internet, copy, &, paste, c2c=copy, to, china read more

Join the food and beverage industry must see 2015 food industry analysis

China has a very deep cultural heritage of the diet, the entrepreneur is now improving people’s living standards so that the catering industry has become the industry’s most concerned about investors. Perhaps you now know what kind of investment you want to, but you can not determine which brand to join, the following small series will help you analyze the next 2015 catering industry!

the snack snacks profit of around 100%, at least there will be about 60% of the profits (above that is the gross profit), excluding rent and water, electricity and gas, net profit of a snack at around 40%. How easy – Operating catering franchise mode of operation, flexible snack time, can sit shop, mobile, and streets and lanes from the house before can make money, also can be the morning, afternoon, can also can be open all night night, 24 snacks, 1 people can dry seasons, no off-season! No experience, no education, no need too much manpower and funds, as long as you work hard, to choose a good project, you can free gold in snack kingdom. read more

Male hero a true confession of a failed stationmaster

introduction: so madly in love with the website, every Friday night must be all night, add articles, pictures to the website. To the senior three is no exception, but my academic record has been all the time, I always ranked 5 in the class.

I’m a total loser. The fate of the grassroots is uncertain.

2003 I began to contact the computer, when it is read, is one of the students taught me to surf the Internet, help me apply for a QQ, then I have a computer and indissoluble bound, every day to go to Internet cafes to watch his QQ there is no news. I really contacted the site in 2004, an occasional opportunity to apply for a free space on a web site. So madly in love with the website, every Friday night must be all night, add articles, pictures to the website. To the senior three is no exception, but my academic record has been all the time, I always ranked 5 in the class. Last year I entered the college entrance examination in Huaihua University, the village is the first to go to college. When choosing a volunteer, I did not hesitate to choose the computer major. Came to the University, after the completion of tuition, there is not much left, but fortunately, one of the seniors introduced me to the computer city leaflets. At that time, it happened to be military training, so after I finished the military training, I still had to finish sending the flyers task. I went to the classroom at night and looked at the 30 pages of the webpage produced by me. I came out of the country and suffered a lot from less. It makes no sense to be tired as long as you can make money. After the military training, it was 10. 1 National Day, I stayed in the school computer room for 7 days. Completed his first stop – to navigate the website. At that time, no experience, see hao123 can earn money, making up is also very simple, so it modeled a. After a few weeks, I took out 200 pieces of living expenses and bought a space. At that time, I didn’t know anything about space or domain name, but then I became more familiar with it. read more

Filing is really difficult in fact would like to record

Since the new

production department to upgrade the filing system, must have many webmaster in order to give new sites for headache, an identity card number can only register an account (note that I say is the new production of the account, if you want to record the new station) can only contact access providers to add, but it is very difficult to access business contact to.. Many difficulties lead to many owners want to record, but can not record.

my website has already been filed before the new production site upgrades the new system, but then the station doesn’t want to do it, so it’s in the background. "The website is cancelled.". I didn’t cancel the subject, I want to find a new station access access providers on the OK at the time, so I took my record number to my space, asking them to help me get web access, but the space business told me they were just agents, do not have permission to access, to find the local telecom company.. I’m dizzy. Where can I find it?.. Give me the phone hit a lot in the middle, what did not solve the problem, always told me to look for the access provider access.. It’s easy to say, "the access provider is too hard for me to find.". The case of desperation, I can only in the background of new production department website their filing application for cancellation subject (MII had to call, they said after the cancellation can be subject to re fill).. But two weeks passed, but still no cancellation.. Helpless.. Cancellation is so difficult, today is Saturday, they do not work, the phone can not be played.. Can only wait.. read more

Local portal management discussion simple and practical it is kingly way

something simple and easy to use, as if nobody likes it.

Many webmaster is

technology was born, so do stand in the process of technical personnel tend to take the thinking to think, to love this website that an anxious, template set one day, as long as there will be many plugins, as if that was a sorry audience, if not that cannot reflect their own this technology! In the process of doing stand, especially the local portal station is a taboo!

I would like to

navigation as an example, some people think that their station is a local portal, not the image problem, then open the Sina Sohu really learn a bunch of people crowded in columns, watching their feel spectacular, thankful intoxicated, come on! Success is successful because to understand empathy, imagine, if you are a visitor, intended to find a rental housing information, see this navigation is how do you think? This navigation bar and what the actual meaning of read more

Days of struggle

now I found many Wangzhuan students are! I also for half a year, this year Wangzhuan


, I was a little disappointed when I said I joined the project,

!When I started

contact Wangzhuan, is a large, talk with friends to get some work work! Is in the vicinity of the school to find many odd jobs in the most appropriate place! Is McDonald’s day count by 4.5 yuan, 6 points to 3 points a night! I see the time is too late, it is their price is too low to recruit students I didn’t! My classmates want to go! I give up read more

From the meaning of grassroots webmaster talk about personal website development

grassroots meaning

only grassroots webmaster will read this article, but I dare say, more than 50% reading this webmaster do not necessarily understand the meaning of the grassroots, today I will give you the "analysis" what is a grassroots webmaster. Looking at a few articles, coupled with my shallow knowledge of analysis for the two category, of course, you may be an alternative crowd. First, a statement: since it is relatively soft, vernacular, wording is not the right place, please Paizhuan! read more

Excellent product operation should have the attitude and habits done this bowl of chicken soup

[Abstract] according to my observation of these years, the outstanding product operators every day to write a journal for himself, and the day will review up yesterday’s work, this is not a mandatory requirement, but a good habit.

what a product operation can achieve is often determined by his attitude, habits, opportunities, birth, choice and so on. And opportunities and choices are full of uncertainty, we can not change the origin, the only thing to do is to correct their attitude, and good work habits persist, and make the greatest efforts to promote product development. Today I’ll talk to you. What are the good habits and attitudes in the work which can help us to finish the work efficiently?. read more

share the experience of the square dance video station

unknowingly do video station has been done for about two months, and slowly from the fumble to some experience and experience, here and share and discuss. Hope that inexperienced people can take a look at, and experienced prawns can also guide me.

was originally a company designated square dance series of video stations, including the appreciation, square dance teaching, in addition to some for some health video series square dance age released. Then think about it for a while. Because the square dance is also very popular now, and now health care is also very popular wind, the streets of bookstores also have these discs and books. Baidu square dance search, the contents are out of some large video station sub column page, so I decided to take this task. This is not nonsense, I think what to do, the first is to investigate some of the market on the station, with understanding, in order to more conducive to the construction and development of their website. read more

Discussion on the development of lawyers’ rights protection network

mentions that Wang Xianhui’s lawyer estimates that not many people in the industry know that, but after several years of development, both the insiders and those outside the industry are certain. Of course, if you must say you don’t know, or you don’t know it, you might as well know it now.

the subject of today’s article is divided into two parts. One theme, two aspects. One theme is the success of the lawyer’s station; the two aspect is the development of the website; the two is the development of the lawyer network. read more

Old portal advantages popularity is not

I entered the Internet research at least one year after the study, with the veteran of the portal, and the rise of new portals, but the analysis of history, each one has its own merits, the rise of new portals paid a few years or even decades of efforts, often only a few years on the fire came down, the the main operation is in operation. When there is no development, wantonly forward other people’s articles, all kinds of marketing promotion means are used, the most shameless is virus promotion. A famous man, the number of traffic few hundred times of growth, the author is in a continuous line, and improving eyesight. read more

Webmaster friend when you want to give up is the beginning of the stick

sales personnel most believed the truth is "the user to refuse is selling the beginning", as a sales staff, from the first to find potential users will eventually become the potential users of real users, there is a product to sell this, and 99% of the potential customers will choose to sell successfully staff success lies in the user’s refusal to sell as starting from a very large extent, is the most successful salesman have the perseverance of the people.

I’m not a salesman, I’m not going to talk to you all about the grassroots webmaster friends. I talk about the way of promotion. As a grass root webmaster, I think we should have the spirit of perseverance. read more