AC Milan coach Montella tells Donnarumma: We can’t wait too long

first_imgAC Milan coach Vincenzo Montella is hopeful of a U-turn from Gigio Donnarumma over his contract plans.Donnarumma is set to make a final decision over his future after last night’s U21 Euros semifinal defeat for Italy against Spain.Montella is quietly confident of positive news.”We are waiting for his decision and we hope he can stay in Milan. He deserves a time for reflection, but we cannot wait too long either.”The goalkeeper has a fundamental role, for us and as a rule,” said Montella.last_img read more

Why freelance parents must create their own action plans for parental leave

first_imgThis week, the New York Times published a helpful guide on how freelancers can create their own parental and maternity leave. Freelancers Union’s Executive Director Caitlin Pearce was among the five contributors, who outlined where the laws help, where more work is needed, and how independent workers can carve out leave in the meantime. While accessing leave is tough even for full-timers, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act does not cover freelancers. Certain states — including New York and California — do offer their own programs, but investigating those options, devising a financial plan, and coming up with a transition strategy is rife with challenges for new freelance parents.Among the hurdles is that intermittent or unpredictable incomes can make saving prior to taking leave difficult to impossible, and that federal anti-discrimination laws, like the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, also don’t extend to freelancers. That said, there are strategies that freelancers can use. On managing cash flow and client expectations, Caitlin advised keeping the lines of communication open: “Communicate that that plan may be subject to change, but that you are planning to come back to work if that’s the case and that this is how you expect to navigate your leave,” she said. Read more here.last_img read more

Murkowski Says Obama Plans 3 Gut Punches to Alaska Economy This Week

first_imgAlaska’s governor and congressional delegation are furious over President Obama’s announcement this weekend that he’s seeking wilderness status for the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. That would put the area off-limits to oil and gas development. Permanent wilderness designation would require congressional approval, and this Republican-led Congress is unlikely to grant it. But that’s just the start of what Obama has in store for the state in the coming days.Download AudioSen. Lisa Murkowski, flanked by Congressman Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan, faced national reporters at the U.S. Capitol, projecting ferocity.“We have said as a delegation that we will not stand it. We will not tolerate (it), and we will do everything that we can to push back against an administration that has taken a look at Alaska and said ‘it’s a nice little snow globe up there and we’re going to keep it that way,’” she said.Murkowski says wilderness status for ANWR is just one of three gut punches the Interior Department plans deliver this week to Alaska’s economy. She says Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s chief of staff, Tommy Beaudreau, told her about them Friday. Punch two will be withdrawals from the Arctic off-shore leasing program. That five-year draft plan is expected as soon as tomorrow. Punch 3, Murkowski says, will be to the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, where ConocoPhillips needs a road to develop its Greater Moose’s Tooth project. Murkowski says the government intends to impose conditions that will add $40 million to the cost.“If it’s not off-limits, (the administration is) going to make it so hard and so expensive that no operator is going to want to do it,” Murkowski said. “Is this how you treat a state?”Murkowski says she intends to try to block the actions legislatively and through the budget — a meaningful statement since she chairs the subcommittee charged with writing the Interior Department’s spending bill. She’s written a “sense of Congress” statement on the Arctic, as an amendment to the Keystone pipeline bill. She mentioned a possible lawsuit. She also says the congressional delegation will work to educate the rest of the country on how much care Alaska’s industry takes to avoid harming the land or animals.Rep. Young told reporters the industry does no harm to Arctic wildlife.“I mean that’s the nonsense. The guy in New York, Miami, Philadelphia San Francisco. ‘Oh, we’ve got to save the poor little animals,’” Young said in falsetto, hands aflutter. “It doesn’t affect them! Never has. It’s all a myth, easily sold to the less knowledgeable people.”Once the administration formally requests wilderness status, it intends to manage those parts of ANWR as wilderness. Environmentalists who support the plan say it won’t make a big difference on the ground, because industry isn’t allowed there now anyway. The government says in its plan it intends to keep subsistence access the same. Murkowski says she believes Obama’s wilderness request is just a prelude.“Lisa’s theory: I think that they are advancing this in an effort to get environmental support, to raise money for the cause,” she said.As she sees it, Obama is trying to drum up support from his base so that he can then declare ANWR a national monument, an executive action to lock up the area. Murkowski says that would violate the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, which says Congressional approval is required to reclassify large tracts of land.“But if he’s got public support on his side, he doesn’t care if he’s ignored the law (ANILCA),” she said. So I think he’s teeing himself up for future action.”While Obama’s move has Alaska officials fuming, environmentalists are thanking him. Cindy Shogan of the Alaska Wilderness League says it’ll still be tough to get a wilderness bill through Congress but she says Obama’s commitment to the issue helps.last_img read more

First update to Android N Developer preview Google

first_imgFirst update to Android N Developer previewGoogle is already pushing out OTA updates to the Android N developer preview this year. The first update, according to Android Police, is rolling out to devices now. Factory images have been updated for those planning to do it the old-fashioned way.The OTA has build number NCP56W (5X and 6P), NCP56X (Nexus 9), and NCP56R (Nexus Player). It is less than 30MB (size varies depending on device).According to Android Police, users have to be enrolled in the Android beta program to get the OTA, but Google said they’ll be able to do that even if they flashed the first image. Users can still flash the new image even if they are still on Marshmallow.The details with this updated preview are undetermined, but its small size indicates it will contain mostly bug fixes and tweaks, reported Android Police. The fight between Apple and the FBI continues, and if it comes down to Apple being forced to unlock an iPhone, the company’s engineers may not comply. The New York Times reported that some Apple engineers would rather walk than give the FBI access to an iPhone, citing it would compromise the software’s security.The FBI and Apple have been arguing for weeks now over the FBI wanting access to an iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in San Bernardino, Calif.“Such conscription is fundamentally offensive to Apple’s core principles and would pose a severe threat to the autonomy of Apple and its engineers,” according to Apple’s final court brief.The full story is available here.last_img read more

Punk Programming Pick up the keyboard Bash it aga

first_imgPunk ProgrammingPick up the keyboard. Bash it against the screen, self, wall. Become disinterested when others do the same.Platonic ProgrammingYou and the code are just going to remain friends. Nothing fancy is going to happen, and you’re certainly not going to take it home at night. You could never love this code in that way.Passive ProgrammingThe same as pair programming, except one of the pair members is asleep, or in the bathroom, or at lunch, or doesn’t even know you’re at their desk, logged into their account, writing pull request under their username…SpiteOpsUsing admin powers for evil rather than good. Typical examples include revoking access, removing users, deleting user-space directories, and pointing load balancers at desktops. Also fun with wireless networks and mac address filtering.Prayer ProgrammingDear lord, please let this work.Livin’ on a Prayer ProgrammingThe same as pair programming, but with Jon Bon Jovi as your partner.Pare ProgrammingBegin with a large amount of code. Select a reference to some method, library, class, variable, what have you. Highlight the referenced item and delete it. Repeat until the application is completely broken. Submit pull request. By now, you and your teams of developers have dipped their toes into every waterfall, every agile pond, and quite a few DevOps rainbows. From pair programing and burndown charts to story times and scrum meetings, you probably feel as though you’ve heard of every type of agile practice there is.(Related: Agile works when employees are happy)Not so! There are many lesser-known agile practices that could vastly improve your day-to-day productivity (or, at least, your enjoyment of work). So then, without further ado, we present some lesser-known types of agile development.Pear ProgrammingPlace a pear on your desk between your keyboard and monitor. When you’ve found the root cause of a bug and fixed it with a full comment, pull request and unit test, eat the pear. Great for developers who have bad eating habits.Purr ProgrammingFind a cat. Place the cat in your lap. Program. Extremely calming, given the proper cat. The wrong cat can be extremely detrimental to workflow. Also try not to let kitty write any actual code: Cats on keyboards are the leading cause of bugs in purr programming pairs.Pokémon ProgrammingWhen catching one exception isn’t enough, you gotta catch ‘em all! Also works with logs.last_img read more