State of the Schools shows progress for Anchorage students and need for

first_imgThe superintendent of the Anchorage School District presented his State of the Schools speech to a group of principals and community members Friday morning. New data shows that the schools are improving but still have a ways to go.Preliminary standardized test scores show that about 83 percent of Anchorage’s students can read well and 79 percent can write well. Those scores are up from last year. Math scores are down slightly — only 71 percent passed– but that may be due to the introduction of a new curriculum. The school district wants 90 percent of all students to pass all three subjects by 2020, but they’re behind on reaching that target.School attendance is on the rise for all grades, but four year graduation rates are down slightly.“Yes, we have a lot work ahead of us,” said Superintendent Ed Graff during his speech at the East High Auditorium. “I’m confident we’ll get there.”Graff introduces members of the Class of 2027 during the State of the Schools speech.He says one of the key ways to help students is to engage them more with the subjects. “Great things happen for students when you provide them with interesting, hands-on activities. We know this from our own observations and our own experiences.”Graff said to help encourage that, student engagement will be a major component of teacher evaluations. The district will also continue its focus on social and emotional learning skills — helping students learn how to interact in healthy ways. Graff said students with those skills perform better academically.One of the pilot programs for the upcoming year will add more pre-K classrooms to the district and introduce literacy coaches.Graff said similar programs are already working in Anchorage’s schools. “Tyson Elementary School has both a Title I coach and a building literacy coach. They’ve seen student test scores jump 12 to 18 percent in reading, writing, and math. When we provide the resources to our schools and our students, they achieve.”Graff did not address the district-wide staff cuts during his speech. They cut 105 positions for this school year. Speaking to reporters he acknowledged that it does make student success harder, but he said other resources can fill some of the gaps. “Those resources look like different things. It’s not always about a position. Sometimes it’s about the right materials. Sometimes it’s about the right training. Sometimes it’s about the right community and parent involvement and partnership. So that’s really what we’re focused on.”The district will also be using federal money to provide more free meals to kids with less paperwork for the school. And they’re adding more cameras, auto-lock doors, and better intercom systems so that students and staff feel safer.Anchorage schools re-open for most students on August 20.last_img read more

Why Do Recruiters Do Well in Sales

first_imgWell for starters, recruiting is sales.If you’re a strong salesperson, it rarely matters if you’re pitching technology, insurance or ice cream. Whether it’s on the phone or in person, if you know how to reach out to a complete stranger, anticipate their pain points and provide them with a kick-ass solution, then you’re a strong sales person. How is selling a candidate to a hiring manager any different? Or an opportunity to a prospective candidate? It’s not. A lot of recruiters have experience in the agency world and this requires a ton of prospecting and cold-calling. This is a skill that is easily transferable into a lead generation or inside sales position where you are required to make X amount of dials, have X amount of conversations, set up X amount of appointments, which should lead to X amount of opportunities per day, week, month, quarter and year.Recruiters operate in the same way. Their performance is also measured on how many prospects they reach out to, how many resumes they obtain, and how many phone screens, interviews and placements are ultimately made. It’s this metrics and results-driven mentality that both recruiters and salespeople share which make the skills incredibly interchangeable.Understanding the existence of these parallels has enabled me to place both agency and corporate recruiters into lead generation, inside sales and even a few outside sales roles. Over the past year, just about 1 in 5 sales hires I’ve made have had experience in recruiting. So when finding top talent to push your product, don’t limit yourself to the same cookie-cutter profile and consider giving us head-hunters a look.  AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more