Venezuela Turns To India As Sanctions Cut Oil Flow To U.S., Europe

first_imgVenezuela’s oil exports have tapered off and shifted toward India since new U.S. sanctions began January 28 as state-run oil company PDVSA seeks to replace deliveries to the United States and Europe that were disrupted by payment restrictions. Read it at Economic Times Related Itemslast_img

How to disable nonsystem hotkeys on Windows

first_imgHow to disable non-system hotkeys on Windows by Martin Brinkmann on October 01, 2016 in Software – 3 commentsSimple Disable Key is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to block non-system hotkeys.Hotkeys are useful most of the time as they provide quick access to functionality. They provide — often — faster access to features and functions as you simply tap on the key combination to invoke the command instead of having to go through various menus to do the same.Not all hotkeys are useful however. When I work on a WordPress site for instance, I sometimes press the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F by accident. This switches the editor to full screen view which I never use.First time I invoked the full screen editor I had to look up the shortcut as I could not reproduce it.Simple Disable KeySimple Disable Key comes to the rescue. You can use the free program to block keyboard shortcuts from triggering on Windows machines.Note: Simple Disable Key requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run.The program is really easy to use. Simple enter the key and modifiers, and click on the add key button afterwards.A new menu loads that you use to define when to disable the key. The options are:Always — this is the default option. It blocks the hotkey completely on the Windows machine.Program — narrows down the blocking to one particular program.Schedule — allows you to narrow it down to days of the week, and a start and end date.If you want to make sure a hotkey is not triggered at all, select always. Program may be useful if you can pinpoint a shortcut to a specific application, or if you notice that two programs that you are using use the same shortcut. This would make it possible to block the shortcut in one program so that you may use it in another.Schedule of the week finally appears to be more of a business or work option.The disabling of hotkeys and shortcuts works well for any non-system key. I was able to block WordPress’ Ctrl-Shift-F key for instance, but could not get system hotkeys like Windows-W to be disabled.You may use the system tray icon to enable or disable all shortcuts that you have added to the program.Closing WordsSimple Disable Key is a straightforward little program that has its uses. This is especially the case if you happen to trigger certain keyboard shortcuts by accident regularly.Please note that the program needs to be running in the background. If it does not, the hotkeys are not blocked. The program requires quite a bit of memory while running in the background (about 30-40 Megabytes).Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 1 votes Software Name Simple Disable KeyOperating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

The use of the builtin Chakra engine not only

first_img“The use of [the] built-in Chakra engine not only reduces the disk footprint impact when executing Node.js apps, but also enables us to bring first-class Universal Windows Platform support to Node.js apps,” Chandra and Seth wrote.Support for Node.js is still in early development stages. The company will be adding a wrapper between the JavaScript runtime hosting APIs and V8 hosting APIs in order to enable Chakra as Node.js’ JavaScript engine. This will allow developers to use Node.js on any Windows 10 device, and choose between classic Windows or universal Windows apps.Moving forward, Microsoft will work with the Node Foundation, the Node.js Technical Committee, and io.js contributors and its community to smooth out developer workflows, improve performance, and support io.js.“We are excited to have embarked on this journey and are eager to listen and learn from the community,” wrote Chandra and Seth. “We are seeking feedback on this effort and are committed to drive toward making Node.js on Windows to be the best in class.” Microsoft wants Windows 10 to power the next generation of connected devices, and to do so the company is bringing Node.js to the core of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform.“There is an emerging trend of developers using Node.js for IoT scenarios, and we want to meet developers where they’re at and provide them the tools they need to be successful on the Windows 10 IoT Core platform,” wrote Arunesh Chandra, senior program manager of the Charka team, and Gaurav Seth, principal PM manager of the Chakra team, in a blog post.Currently, developers who wish to use Node.js on devices running Windows on ARM (WOA) are unable to do so. To solve this problem, Microsoft is allowing Node.js to run with the Chakra JavaScript engine. Chakra is a built-in feature of Windows 10’s operating system, and has been optimized to run on WOA devices, according to Microsoft.last_img read more