Syracuse, West Genesee hockey finish 1-2 in regular season

first_imgAll is now lined up for the Syracuse and West Genesee ice hockey teams to clash again for the Section III Division I championship if they both take care of post-season business twice on home ice.The Cougars have the top seed and the Wildcats the no. 2 seed for the sectional tournament, and will host quarterfinals late this week at Meachem Rink and Shove Park. Wins mean they will also be home for the Feb. 26 semifinal round.In order to win the regular-season league title, Syracuse had to win both of its remaining games last week, and did so, first handling Cicero-North Syracuse 9-1, and then blanking Baldwinsville 4-0 last Thursday. Defensively, the Cougars bottled up B’ville, holding it to 15 shots, all stopped by Alex Moreno, who had returned to the net after missing much of the season due to injury.Prior to that, the Cougars handled C-NS at the Twin Rinks, using three goals late in the first period to break out of a 1-1 tie.Benedict, with three goals and one assist, led the way as Vern Cooke scored twice and Durand picked up three assists. Jones had a goal and two assists.Matro, Colin Johnson and Cam Walsh also put in goals, with assists going to Richards, Luke Dwyer and Shemar ThomasWest Genesee, meanwhile, honored its seniors prior to last Tuesday’s game against visiting Ontario Bay, and then proceeded to blast the Storm 9-0.Building up an 8-0 advantage through two periods, the Wildcats saw James Schneid earn a three-goal hat trick, plus an assist as Billy Fisher got two goals and three assists and Andrew Schneid had four assists.Jeremy Keyes also scored twice, adding a pair of assists as Joe McLaughlin and Alex DeSantis had the other goals. Jake Kopek got two assists. Single assists went to Ryan Considine, Michael Bergan and Will Shields.Even with this, WG needed a win at Fulton 24 hours later to keep the pressure on Syracuse, and it got that victory, keeping the Red Raiders off the board in a 4-0 shutout.Goals by Keyes and James Schneid has the Wildcats in front 2-0 through two periods, and it doubled that margin thanks to a pair of third-period goals by Fisher, which helped overcome 46 saves by Fulton goalie Jadon Lee.Andrew Schneid piled up three assists, James Schneid getting two assists and McLaughlin a single assist. WG’s defense held the Red Raiders to just five shots.Despite these fine efforts, the Wildcats could not keep the Cougars from earning the regular-season title, though the bigger games still remain.After Tuesday’s opening round of the sectional playoffs, where no. 8 seed Liverpool faces no. 9 seed Cicero-North Syracuse and no. 7 seed CBA/Jamesville-DeWitt meets no. 10 seed Cazenovia, the lowest remaining seed draws Syracuse in the quarterfinals, and the other winner takes on WG.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story Tags: ice hockeySyracuseWest Geneseecenter_img What made the win over B’ville particularly sweet was that Syracuse had lost to the Bees 3-2 in the Dec. 7 final of the Bobby Conklin Tournament. Two months later, the result was quite different.Ryan Durand twice set up goals two minutes apart in the first period, setting up Kaleb Benedict’s wraparound effort and then feeding it to Stephan Matro, who scored to make it 2-0.Early in the second period, Tommy Rioux made it 3-0, and Durand himself scored in the final period as Benedict, Nelson Jones and Nick Richards each got one assist.last_img read more

RIT’s Maugeri out-hustles Orange for 2 goals, assist as Tigers down SU in overtime

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on January 24, 2015 at 12:54 am Contact Chris: | @ChrisLibonati ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Rochester Institute of Technology players piled over the boards and circled around Emilee Bulleid, who had just scored the game-winning goal against Syracuse.Earlier, it had been Marissa Maugeri who kept the game-winning possession alive. Having already been on the ice for two minutes in overtime and her line change already past due, she caught the puck on her skate, beat out an SU player on the boards and dumped the puck below the net.Forty seconds later, Bulleid blasted her second goal of the night.Maugeri scored two goals and assisted on another to lead RIT (9-14-3, 3-8-1 College Hockey America) to a 4-3 win over SU (6-12-8, 4-4-4) on Friday night, but it was the gritty play that ultimately ended the back-and-forth game. While her shift ended and she wasn’t on the ice for the winning goal, her stamp on the game was permanent. In her last six games against SU — four have been wins — she’s tallied 10 points.“She’s just not one of those girls that’s looking to score goals,” Syracuse head coach Paul Flanagan said. “She works her tail off to get the puck… some of our kids should emulate the way she plays.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe Orange brings out the best in Maugeri because she sees the game as a rivalry. To beat SU, Maugeri did a little bit of everything in addition to her offense: she scored, assisted on a goal, dug the puck out of corners, took faceoffs and played on the penalty kill, clearing the puck out of RIT’s defensive zone multiple times.Sometimes for Maugeri, it was simply that she matched SU’s hustle. Players chased Maugeri into corners and rarely came out with the puck.In the first period, she roared into the offensive zone, but the Orange’s Julie Knerr splayed her body on the ice, deflecting a pass that ricocheted behind the net. Maugeri rushed behind the net, saw teammates flying toward the goal and flung the puck in front. In Maugeri’s estimation, it was a combination of luck and hustle that Bulleid scored her first goal of the night.Maugeri positioned herself well for pucks on the boards by using both her speed and maneuvering her body between the puck and the opponent. At times she slithered and squeezed through tight spaces.As a four-player scrum battled behind the net, Maugeri fit between the scrum and the net, stuck her stick on the right side of the group and, with a few tugs, popped the puck free.“She just won’t be denied,” RIT head coach Scott McDonald said. “… If there’s a loose puck, she’s that fast and strong, and she’s not afraid of anybody, and she plays that way.”Although Maugeri was one of the most diminutive players on the ice at 5 feet, 3 inches, she still frustrated the Orange at every turn — and possibly SU defender Megan Quinn the most. In the second period, Quinn was confused on who she had to defend, and Maugeri sat near the crease unattended to. She slapped a pass into the net, past SU goalie Jenn Gilligan.Maugeri and three teammates huddled behind the net in celebration. The lone RIT player not yet in the huddle ran into Quinn and the shoving match that ensued sent both players to the ice. Quinn skated away, dragging her stick until she whacked it on the ice.“Every goal they scored, we had a goal to respond,” Maugeri said. “… We knew it was our game.”CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, Marissa Maugeri’s last name was misspelled in the headline. The Daily Orange regrets this error. Commentslast_img read more

#LegalFeature: Immigration Questions and Answers

first_imgMIAMI, Florida –Question: Me and my husband went to my immigration appointment last month and even though the officer was not friendly, she said she had everything she needed for now and gave us a paper that said they couldnt make a decision and have 120 days to do it. The officer asked us for our lease, but we didn’t have one because we live with my sister, but we had a few other papers we brought showing our marriage documents like our current car insurance and joint bank account we got together last month that has a hundred bucks in it and tried to give it to her but she didn’t take it. She said it was strange that we don’t have a lease and live with my sister and asked us why we didn’t have utility bills there and we said it was because the house is in my sister’s name. I had 2 affidavits one from my aunt and one from my husbands mom, but she didn’t look at them either. Also my husbands driver license is from his old address. Now its been a month gone by and nothing. My husband called the immigration number and tried to make an appointment to go to the office where we had our interview to get a status but the immigration lady on the phone said no we have to wait for a decision. Now we are wondering what to do should we wait or what? Is there anything you can do to speed the process up?Answer: Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a pleasant experience, but it is very common these days to encounter USCIS officers who are seemingly applying stiffer standards in marriage immigration cases and are more skeptical about whether or not a marriage is real these days. The main issue in marriage-based immigration cases, is the critical necessity for a couple to clearly establish that the marriage is real – by providing extensive documentation from the time of the marriage until the interview, not just for the past month (for example Joint: lease, bank statements, driver’s license or state ID at the same address, auto insurance, utilities, both names on the lease, tax return “married filing jointly”, lots and lots of photos, etc. the list goes on and on. Affidavits attesting to a genuine marriage are usually not given much weight by an officer and are generally used as a last resort when a couple does not have enough other “real” documentary evidence to show. USCIS officers have a lot of discretion to decide whether a marriage is real or not, based upon the totality of all the evidence presented by the couple, as well as the way a couple presents themselves and especially the way they interact together at the immigration interview.There are many factors which immigration officers consider when making a determination about whether or not a marriage is real. Officers like to see lots of photographs of the couple with other people and family members at celebrations or events (not selfies), a joint lease or a home deed to show that one of the spouses owns the property and utilities from each spouse at the same marital address. Officers have a mental check off list of certain factors which tend to show a marriage is more real than not and the lack of these items tends to show that the marriage may be fake. High on the list of fake marriage “red flags” is a couple who does not have a joint lease and who instead live with relatives and do not have any utilities in their names. Similarly, spouse’s who’s driver’s licenses do not match the marital address cause heightened suspicion that a marriage is not real. Joint bank accounts are also important, but can also be a cause for concern. For instance, officers are looking for the couple to have joint bank accounts for a long period and to show that it is the only account both spouses use, deposit funds into and pay bills out of. Couples who open a joint account and put a $100 in which stays in every month looks more suspicious than anything else, leading to the belief that each spouse has their own separate account which they use, not the joint one. Especially since officers know that fake marriage partners do not trust each other enough to actually share a bank account.With all of that said, it is becoming more and more common in recent months for officers to issue notices to couples at the end of the interview which says that a decision cannot be made at this time and the officer has 120 days to make a decision. This just gives the officer time to adjudicate that case, perhaps have a supervisor review it and in many cases, issue an approval with a month or so. On the other hand, some couples often receive a Request For Evidence (RFE) to submit more marital documents, certified police reports and court dispositions for any criminal incidents or any other document the officer believes is missing to complete the case. In any event, if nothing is received within 90 days, it might be wise to contact your local congressional office to get assistance. This sometimes gets the case “out of the crack” and makes the officer either issue an RFE, schedule a second interview or approve the case. I hope this is helpful to you. Question: hi I got my green card from my parents about 8 years ago. I met my wife a few years ago and got married. She had came here on a student visa then overstayed for 3 years. We want to file her immigration papers but I heard that since I just have my green card she cant get her green card through me until I get my American citizenship. I filed my citizenship papers last month, but we know it takes a long time and we are wondering if  I can go ahead and file for her residency and work permit now even though im not a citizen to get her started, then later once I get my citizenship, she will be eligible. We just want to get her papers in and get her work permit since she has been waiting all these years. What do you think?Answer: No, not a good idea, since your wife must establish eligibility at the time the residency application (form I-485) is filed, not later during processing. If you were to mistakenly file her case now when she is not eligible, then to naturalize (become a U.S. Citizen) during the process, her application would not be approved, since you would have had to be a U.S. Citizen before she filed her adjustment of status application. The result would be that you would need to refile her application all over again, another $1,225 USCIS filing fees and likely even a referral to deportation. So be patient, wait until after you swear in as a citizen before filing for her residency. Question: my boyfriend is a green card holder since 2017 (through his aunt who filed for his parents). I recently came to the us to visit him and we heard through a friend that if we get married, I can stay here and file for my green card. We decided to do it, but I have a question about travelling. My sisters wedding is coming up in January and I need to go home to be a brides maid. If I file for my green card once we get married next week, will I be able to go home in January for the wedding?Answer: Good question. It is very important for immigrants who are filing for adjustment of status (residency) in the U.S. to understand that once the application is filed, they cannot leave the U.S. until they receive their travel permit, called “Advance Parole”. Under delayed Trump processing times, this is now often taking 6+ months to receive! If an immigrant leaves the U.S. after filing for adjustment, without the travel permit, the entire residency case is automatically cancelled. So, in your case, if your residency case is filed next week, it would likely take until May of next year to receive your work and travel permit. That means you will not be going home for the wedding. The other option is to leave the U.S. and come back for a visit after the wedding.last_img read more

German states back Schleswig-Holstein provisional framework

first_imgShare StumbleUpon Mateusz Juroszek – Non-stop STS will expand amid industry disruptions August 12, 2020 Related Articles The parliament for the German state of Schleswig-Holstein has confirmed that Germany’s sixteen federal Bundesland (provincial governments) have backed its proposed framework on regulating online gambling services by a majority.German states will back the adoption of the Schleswig-Holstein provisional framework, allowing operators to extend existing igaming licenses until June 30, 2021. Proposed last March, the Schleswig-Holstein framework will allow an unlimited number of operators to be able to secure full igaming licenses, taxed at 20 per cent of gross gaming revenues.Schleswig-Holstein’s extended licensing structure will act as a provisional function for German online gambling stakeholders, as German states work together to form a comprehensive federal gambling frameworks – a directive Germany has pursed over the past decade.Under its current context, Schleswig-Holstein is the only state to offer full provisions on igaming services, having diverged from the original 2012 inter-state agreement, which outlawed all forms of gambling apart from sports betting.This May, the German Bundestag forwarded its ratified ‘State Treaty on Gambling’ to the European Commission, which will review whether the framework fits with European business practices and whether Schleswig-Holstein is allowed to run its independent regulatory regime until June 2021.EC approval of the Treaty could see Germany open its official licensing processes by the end of 2019. MoneyMatrix boosts wire transfer options by integrating Klarna’s Sofort August 24, 2020 Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’ August 11, 2020 Share Submitlast_img read more