Habana to hang up boots

first_imgThe 34-year-old winger, whose contract at French club Toulon expires in June, confirmed the news on Instagram.”The inevitable moment has come knocking on my door and I’ve welcomed it in for a drink.” he said.Habana scored 67 tries in the 124 Test appearances he made for the Springboks and his last international appearance was in 2016 when he was also vice-captain.The electric winger underwent knee surgery last year and has struggled to make an impact at Toulon this season.”It’s been more than a year of hoping, trying, pushing and willing to get back on the field for one last time, to taste the sweet victory or encounter that gut-wrenching despair,” he said.”To hear the roar of the crowd or grab the pill out of the air. To make that last bone crunching tackle or score that last game winning try. But it’s unfortunately just not to be.”I, like most, would have liked my career to have ended differently, but sometimes things don’t turn out quite the way we hope for.”So at the end of this season, it’s time to say goodbye and thank you to the game I so dearly love.”last_img read more

Four Parts of a Great Fundraising Appeal

first_imgConnect to things your audience cares about: saving time, feeling good about themselves, feeling powerful, etc. Identify and offer a compelling reward for taking action.  Remember, good rewards are immediate, personal, credible and reflective of audience values. Have a clear call to action.  Good actions are specific, feasible and filmable (in other words, easy to visualize doing).  They should also measurably advance our mission. Make it memorable.  We don’t want simply to make an impression; we want to make a lasting impression. What makes something memorable? It’s memorable if it’s different, catchy, personal, tangible and desirable.  But a word of caution: memorable elements should always be closely tied to our cause. Think of all the advertisements that were so funny or memorable that we told a friend about them, but when asked what product the ad was for, we were not sure. We don’t just need a memorable idea or picture; we need an idea or picture that makes our cause memorable.I graded the following message as an A-:“Dear Friends, Let us help make your holiday shopping the best experience ever by choosing the gift that keeps on giving!  Celebrate the holiday season by giving hope, mobility and freedom to someone who has none.  You will change the life of a child, teen or adult with a physical disability, as well as the lives of every member of their family, with a $75 gift to the Wheelchair Foundation to sponsor a brand new wheelchair.”They demonstrated a great use of CRAM:Connection: Appeals to my desire to feel good about myself by giving and my desire to have my holiday shopping be easy.Rewards: Feeling good about myself right now by helping someone have a better life.Action: Clear and specific, give $75 and get a wheelchair for someone.Memorable: The letter came with a four-color flier with a smiling, happy photo of a girl in a wheelchair, a lasting image that is directly tied to their cause.Apply CRAM to your own fundraising appeals and you will certainly see a marked increase in donations. Want to send outstanding nonprofit communications that get results? Be sure you incorporate these four components to a great message:connecting with an audience based on their values (C),rewarding (R) your audience,asking for a specific action to get that reward,and making it memorable.Remember this with the mnemonic device: CRAM!  This works for fundraising letters but also for any marketing message. We need a different message for each audience, complete with a unique connection, reward, action, and memory.How to apply CRAM to your nonprofit outreach:last_img read more