Generations Z travel is more important than material things – 70% of them think it pays to spend money on travel

first_imgThe advantage of traveling on business Ambitious adventurers The relationship between travel and life goals Source: Independence is a priority for this generation. 36% of Generation Z members in Croatia plan at least one solo trip in the next 10 years (25% women and 27% men)The desire for solo trips of members of Generation Z from Croatia is also reflected in the wishes of more than a quarter of its members (27%), who said they prefer to travel alone (more than other generations), and 25% of them want to go on a solo backpacking trip or take a year free from obligations. Photo: Unsplash Generation Z grew up at a time when global financial and economic turbulence had almost become the norm over the last decade, so understanding that generation’s views on finance (especially how they plan to spend money over the next five years) is a useful benchmark for understanding their general view of life. Generation Z is just entering adulthood and is ready to discover the world, and the future rests on the members of this generation. Generation Z is the subject of many predictions and there are numerous assumptions about its behavior, so, conducted a global survey of Generation Z passengers. And among 22.000 respondents from 29 countries, there were 600 respondents from Croatia. Three out of four Generation Z passengers from Croatia think that traveling is something that is always worth investing in. And when it comes to prioritization, the topic of “traveling and sightseeing” is one of the most important for this generation when looking at the way they would like to spend money (69%). Savings for investing in additional education or vocational training it came in second place, and it is interesting that designer clothes, shoes and accessories came in last.  Many young travelers are already touring the world with their families – one in three Generation Z travelers in Croatia (36%) say they travel with their families because it allows them to travel that they would not otherwise be able to afford. But as they prepare to leave the family home, they now want to travel alone. Despite the fact that many members of Generation Z have just reached the age of majority, many already know what kind of travel they want: They fantasize: more than half (56%) of members of that generation in Croatia say they enjoy fantasizing about all the destinations they will visit for lifeInfinite lists: one in ten (6%) say they enjoy traveling to one of the destinations on their wish list because they can start adding new destinations afterwards. In fact, as many as 43% of Generation Z people from Croatia plan to make at least five epic trips from their wish list over the next ten years.Tracking great destinations: Almost one third (31%) of them say that their wish list makes it easier to follow great destinations they can travel to that they haven’t heard of beforeInspired by Instagram: 44% of Generation Z people from Croatia got inspiration for their own adventure after seeing where influencers travel online More on Generation Z prioritiescenter_img Compiling a travel wish list not only reveals the intention to travel to a new destination, it also gives a deeper insight into the more general behavior of this generation when it comes to travel. For 38% of people from generation Z in Croatia who they don’t have wish list, the reasons also vary: When asked about it kako to prioritize spending their money, travel was at the top in five of the seven Generation Z choices, especially compared to material possessions or short-term experiences. Travel was more popular than furniture and household items, clothing and fashion, technology and gadgets, going out to restaurants, and spa treatments and beauty treatments.  21% of them think that their preferences change too often, and this is reflected in the destinations they want to travel to A quarter (25%) of these passengers say that they impulsively decide to travel and that they do not plan in advanceSurprisingly, what is least likely is that Generation Z travelers, compared to all other demographic groups, will say they don’t have a wish list because they are impulsively deciding to travelIn fact, of the 36% of baby boomers (over the age of 55) who say they don’t have a travel wish list, 24% say they prefer to impulsively go on a trip – the highest percentage among all generations surveyed. Millennials (people aged 25 to 39) also make more impulsive travel decisions than Generation Z (19%). Generation X (people aged 40 to 54) are more impulsive when it comes to travel than Generation Z. They are ready to travel alone “Given that members of the generation that grew up with digital technology are entering adulthood, it is exciting to see the results of this research which reveals that members of Generation Z are a committed generation, whose passion for research means they have a good idea of ​​their plans for future travel., ”Says Ram Papatla, Vice President of Global Attraction Team at The results of the research show not only the travel plans of members of Generation Z, but also the connection of these plans with their plans for the future. “Their affinity and ease of use of technology fits perfectly with our ambition to learn something new and provide guests with an even better and more connected travel experience. We want to enable guests of all ages to make the most of every adventure, with mobile devices being a powerful resource, not something they will depend on – and that is something that Generation Z truly valuesPapatla concluded. Two thirds of Generation Z members from Croatia (62%) have already compiled a travel wish list (what they want to visit or do for life). When it comes to members of Generation Z in Croatia, 64% of them have already compiled such a list (60% of men). They already have wish lists Generation Z has an optimistic view of travel – 67% of global members of that generation and as many as 89% of them from Croatia are excited about all the destinations they will visit in the futureAs many as 50% of Generation Z members from Croatia want to visit at least three continents in the next ten years, and 36% plan to study or live in another country (40% women and 32% men)Generation Z members (globally) are characterized by audacity – 56% of them want to experience an adventure such as paragliding or bungee jumping, and 52% of them want to visit an extreme locationGeneration Z members also stand out because more of them than other generations will learn something new on the road in the next ten years and thus improve their skills (33% of respondents)Generation Z from Croatia doesn’t just want to learn new skills – 50% of travelers traveling within their country think it helps them learn and discover something new about themselvesGeneration Z members from Croatia want to travel within their country to Istria (58%), Dubrovnik-Neretva County (53%) and Split-Dalmatia County (50%) Source: There are different reasons for compiling a travel wish list:  Whether they are still thinking about their future profession or have just entered the business world, the topic of their business career is still very fresh, so it is not surprising that members of Generation Z from Croatia put finding a job at the very top when it comes to life ). Given that travel is so important to this generation, future potential employers should keep this in mind. 71% of Generation Z members from Croatia say that the opportunity to travel to work would be important when choosing a job, and more than half (56%) say that a job where they would have the opportunity to meet other cultures would be attractive.last_img read more