You won’t believe this picture of Raheem Sterling’s Man City shirt number!

first_img Raheem Sterling’s Man City shirt *DISCLAIMER: Like the fact that Raheem Sterling will cost Man City more than Sergio Aguero, this picture is nothing more than a joke.Manchester City are on the brink of signing Sterling from Liverpool for a fee of £44m, potentially rising to £49m, plus £200,000 a week on a five-year deal.Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has insisted he has no problem with the move and that the club “will move on”.Meanwhile, Sterling will no doubt be saying to the Northern Irishman, ‘$££ YOU LAT£R!’ 1last_img read more

Giants’ nightmare losing streak hits new low

first_imgMIAMI — After the Giants played three of their worst games of the Bruce Bochy era over the weekend, second baseman and leadoff hitter Joe Panik was determined to set a different tone in the club’s series-opener against the Marlins on Tuesday.Panik swung at the first pitch from Marlins starter Trevor Richards and sent it over the right field fence to give the Giants an early 1-0 lead.Mission accomplished? Not exactly.Panik’s leadoff solo shot was the only moment worth remembering for the …last_img read more

Fossils tell the mammal story

first_imgVertebra from the newly discovered dinosaur species Aardonyx celestea. This fossil has helped scientists to learn more about how early dinosaurs walked.(Image: Cathy Findley PR) Prof Bruce Rubidge shows visitors a large crocodile-like reptile skull, Erythrosuchus, believed to be one of the most distant ancestors of dinosaurs.(Image: Wilma den Hartigh) The large hand of a Gorgonopsian clearly illustrates the hunting capabilities of these flesh-eating mammal-like reptiles.(Image: Cathy Findley PR) Massospondylus eggs and fossiled embryo.(Image: Cathy Findley PR) The fossils on show reveal important information about the development of mammal-like reptiles, which over hundreds of millions of years gradually evolved into mammals.(Image: Wilma den Hartigh)MEDIA CONTACTS• Nicolle Kairuz Cathy Findley Public Relations+27 11 463 6372Wilma den HartighA rare collection of original fossils that evolved over a period of 120-million years, dating back even further than the discovery of early hominids, is on display at Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind.The new exhibition is a collaboration between Maropeng and the Bernard Price Institute (BPI) for Palaeontological Research at Wits University, to celebrate the university’s 90th anniversary.The fossils on display, which offer an extraordinary glimpse into what came before dinosaurs, are a small selection of pieces from the institute’s prized original fossil collection.At a glance the items on display might look like nothing more than pieces of rock, but a closer inspection reveals that they are palaeontological finds with great significance.These fossils are helping scientists piece together the puzzle of human and mammal evolution.Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, BPI director Prof Bruce Rubidge explained that the fossils on show reveal important information about the development of mammal-like reptiles, which over hundreds of millions of years gradually evolved into mammals.“All fossils displayed here are our ancestors,” says Rubidge.What scientists saw in their study of these fossils is that over time our primitive reptilian ancestors gradually acquired more mammal-like features. “This means we can trace the entire evolutionary development of mammals,” he explains.Rubidge explains that about 300-million years ago, when terrestrial ecosystems started to develop, the only animals with backbones were fish and amphibians.The Karoo region records a long period of geological ancestry of three groups of reptiles that gave rise to tortoises, dinosaurs, lizards, snakes and small mammals. “This whole evolution is encapsulated in these rocks in the Karoo,” he says.SA’s rich fossil heritageThis collection of fossils is even more noteworthy because of its origins in rocks in the Karoo region, dating back 180- to 300-million years ago.“What is amazing about South Africa’s Karoo rock is that it is an almost continuous sedimentary record of palaeontological history for a period of 120-million years,” explains Rubidge.“It is the only place in the world with such an extensive and continuous record.”What’s on show?Visitors can see parts of Aardonyx, a vegetarian dinosaur from the early Jurassic period. This fossil, approximately 195-million years old and estimated to be seven metres long, has helped scientists to learn more about how early dinosaurs walked.According to Dr Adam Yates, the primary investigator and a palaeontologist at the BPI, this particular species is important as it was close to the common ancestor of the gigantic sauropod dinosaurs.Sauropods, also known as brontosaurs, were the largest backboned animals to walk on land with their long necks, tree-trunk legs and whip-like tails. Aardonyx probably walked on its hind legs, but could also drop onto all fours.There is a large crocodile-like reptile skull, Erythrosuchus, believed to be one of the most distant ancestors of dinosaurs.The large hand of a Gorgonopsian clearly illustrates the hunting capabilities of these flesh-eating mammal-like reptiles.The showpiece of the collection is the 195-million-year-old clutch of dinosaur eggs – the oldest fossilised dinosaur eggs in the world, discovered in a cliff at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the Free State province.This site previously yielded the oldest known embryos belonging to Massospondylus, a relative of sauropods.The discovery of the clutch of eggs, which made international headlines, revealed important clues about the evolution of complex reproductive behaviour in early dinosaurs.Speaking about this discovery in an earlier news report David Evans, curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the Royal Ontario Museum, said even though the fossil record of dinosaurs is extensive, there is very little information about their reproductive biology, particularly for early dinosaurs.The newly-discovered dinosaur nesting ground is believed to be more than 100-million years older than previously known nesting sites.At least ten nests have been discovered at several levels at the Golden Gate site, each with up to 34 round eggs in tightly clustered clutches.The distribution of the nests in the rock indicates show that early dinosaurs returned repeatedly to this site, a process known as nesting site fidelity.A palaeotourism route for SAThe fossils found in Karoo rock add to the country’s already extraordinary fossil record. “South Africa has had an enormous impact on the field of palaeontology,” Rubidge says.He says there is great potential to develop a palaeotourism route in South Africa, and that there’s no reason why such an initiative couldn’t be as successful as the country’s wine route. South Africa has one of the richest fossil records and collections in the world and the industry could create many jobs.Sites to include on the route include the Cradle of Humankind, where the 2.3-million year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus, known as Mrs Ples, was found in 1947; Nieu-Bethesda’s Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre, famous for its early dinosaur and reptile discoveries; Golden Gate, the site of the oldest fossilised dinosaur eggs in the world, and Langebaan on the West Coast, where fossilised human footprints dating back 117 000 years were found, the oldest known footprints of an anatomically-modern human.Langebaan is home to the West Coast Fossil Park, about 150km northwest of Cape Town, where the oldest woodpecker in Africa was recently discovered and named after former president Nelson Mandela. It lived during the Pliocene era, which extended from about 5.3-million years to 2.6-million years ago.The park contains many well-preserved examples of animals that roamed the land about five million years ago and is described as possibly the most diverse collection of fossils of that age.• The fossil display will run until the end of October 2012.last_img read more

How to Kill Conversation & Suck Life Out of Your Blog

first_img If you don’t engage with commenters in the ballroom, everybody goes to get a cup of coffee. Same with the blog. Sounds crazy. Nobody would do that. It would kill the conversation and suck the life out of the room, not to mention your sales funnel. business blogs They don’t allow commenters to identify themselves with a url. They insist on moderating comments before publishing them. Successful Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack They set up a blog, summon their inner Hemingway for the posts, then suffocate commenting and conversation:center_img Except serious, smart companies do it every day — on their blogs. They don’t learn from or listen to commenters. have the kind of atmosphere you’d want in that ballroom. They’re opportunities for you to talk about your product and your industry, but also to listen and interact. Then they wonder why their blog isn’t taking off. Originally published Jul 31, 2008 10:14:00 AM, updated October 18 2015 They don’t respond to comments or participate in discussions taking place in the comments.last_img read more

Marketing Headlines of the Week: Know Yourself, Know Your Customer

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Jul 3, 2009 11:30:00 AM, updated October 01 2019 My mom used to leave me notes and lists of chores right in my spot at the kitchen table, an easy drop for her on her way out in the morning. I couldn’t eat breakfast without moving it out of the way, making the lists hard to ignore.This should be the case with your company’s online presence — you need to be found in places where your target audience will naturally look for information. One of the keys to getting found online is to have a broad online presence, but targeted in the places that make sense for you and for your potential clients, which is a recurring lesson among this week’s top five news stories from How Broad is Your Footprint on the Web?Author: Bernie BorgesLesson: Spread and Diversify Your ContentWith millions of pages and more being created every day, it may seem impossible for your company to get found online. But according to Borges, broadening your online footprint is best accomplished by spreading and diversifying fresh content. As he says, “most marketers still think being found on the web means being found in a search engine either in an organic listing, or in a paid listing (PPC). This is a limited view of effective inbound marketing on the web.”Borges recently spoke to a prospective buyer who could not pinpoint where he had come across Borges, yet in the past week he had found his company’s website, blog and a podcast. Borges emphasizes that sellers who want to succeed in the coming decades need to have strong content across a variety of web platforms and engage with relevant communities.2. YouTube CTA Overlay Lets You Drive Users ElsewhereAuthor: Marketing VoxLesson: Use Multimedia Channels to Drive TrafficThis new feature on YouTube adds a call-to-action overlay to videos; advertisers can now redirect viewers to their site or product through links in this overlay. (Here’s an article that explains how to add the overlays.) Before, a viewer might have watched a video or commercial and then moved on to another clip, promptly forgetting any marketing messages. Now, an organization can bring the viewer to their site instantly.Non-profits such as charity:water have already benefited from this new feature. YouTube recently put a video supporting charity:water on its homepage, which resulted in $10,000 in donations for the organization in a single day.3. A Checklist to Choose Which Internet Marketing Channel is Right for Your BusinessAuthor: Rand FishkinLesson: Know Your Company & Your ResourcesIn his post, Fishkin addresses the following question: “If a client came to you with $1 million to invest in a single Internet marketing channel, which one would you choose?” Fishkin has put together a series of graphs and charts that show how a company could measure its budget, goals and available talent to determine which channel would have the highest ROI.So, before you can attempt to bring in more visitors to your site and convert more of these visitors to leads, it’s important to know your own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. After taking these into account, you will have more insight to choose the internet marketing channel that will be the most effective for you.4. Strategic Blogging and Some Tactics to Nail ItAuthor: Chris BroganLesson: Go With What Works for YouThis post by Brogan discusses various strategies to take with blogging for business to get back that ROI. Brogan emphasizes that a strategy does not have to be set in stone, it should be malleable, aligning with your company’s current needs and goals. There are many different ways to use a blog to accomplish a goal — from how-to posts to posts that spotlight a customer or a case study. Figure out your goals first, and then choose the best strategy for you.5. 7 Tips on how B2B marketers can leverage social mediaAuthor: Brian CarrollLesson: You Have to Give to GetThe lesson here reflects a basic principle of good inbound marketing. Carroll’s tips reiterate the teaching that you cannot expect to get visitors, leads, comments, customers, retweets, or whatever it may be, unless you give valuable content by sharing blog posts, e-books, whitepapers, presentations, webinars with people who are interested in that information.Using social media is an easy way to share content, absorb others’ content, to be helpful and to receive help from others. Establishing yourself as a trusted source in your industry can be accomplished through the continued use of social networks, but only if you are willing to listen and share.Photo: SewPixie .: actually sewing :. Webinar: How to Sell Social Media to Your Boss Social media guru Chris Brogan explains how to demonstrate the value of social media marketing. Download the free webinar to learn how to get your company started with social media.last_img read more

How to Ensure Your Leads Ignore Your Nurturing E-mails

first_img Originally published Apr 20, 2010 11:05:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Don’t include one of those silly calls to action.   Granted, images won’t guarantee a trip interrupted by the SPAM filter, but they certainly help.  At worst, your leads’ email programs don’t render them, and you end up with ugly images.  At best, your leads open your email and roll their eyes at the “artwork”.  Either way, you’re well on your way to the Delete key. Make it look exactly like a newsletter. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Write only about your product or service. Lead Nurturing   “Cut your IT costs with virtualization!” “Free Seminar!” “Get your V!agra now!”  All of these (and probably many others that you can think of) guarantee that your email will be ignored.  As a free bonus, many of these might even help your email go straight to the SPAM folder! . Write a canned subject line. If your newsletters already don’t get people’s attention, use this opportunity to try them out again!  And the more impersonal the better, so that your leads truly don’t feel like you’ve given any effort to nurturing them.  Unsubscribe link, here we come! Lots and lots of images. But seriously, folks, the bottom line is that you need to provide good, useful content with a compelling subject line, a personal message, and a sound late-funnel call to action.  It’s going to take more work, and you’ll have to actually provide value, but you’ll end up with better leads and more customers in the end. freezelight Image courtesy of You and your sales team have spent hours and hours developing sales-y content; this is the perfect place to use it!  It doesn’t matter at all that your lead has already seen this on your website.  It doesn’t matter that it provides zero true value to help your lead solve their problems, it helps you get your message across!  Right?  Right?  Well, okay, so maybe they’ll tune it out immediately, but it’s a great way to pat yourselves on the back while turning off your leads. Topics: For fun, let’s look at the other side of the coin–how to guarantee you’ll be ignored. And certainly don’t link it to a landing page! If your leads make it through your subject line, many images, and sales-y content, you definitely don’t want to make it easy to follow up with you!  For that matter, don’t include a real reply-to address either.  Hey, if your leads can’t figure out how to connect with you, they don’t deserve to give you money.last_img read more

SEO Lessons From Email Spammers

first_img customers is, “there are only two types of people that fill out contact us forms, people that are desperate and people that are trying to sell you something.”  An email like the one above falls into the latter category. “We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.” Being someone who teaches people how to increase traffic to their website on a daily basis I decided to take the bait and see just how they could “help” me. Originally published Jun 25, 2010 2:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Download the Webinar Now .  So what is the point of ranking if you are wasting all that traffic?  These visitors will leave your website and NEVER come back.  Don’t fall into this trap! HubSpot If you have a contact form on your website and have not gotten a message like this in the past then consider yourself either very lucky or you aren’t getting any traffic at all.  A common line I regularly tell WHOIS to gather Domain Name information about me and grabbed my number.  I don’t have a land line so they called my cell phone and probably like most people I don’t answer the phone when I don’t recognize the number.  An interesting voicemail was left and an email was sent back to me shortly with the following information. compelling conversion forms to convert leads Have you ever received an email saying something like this: Despite that I’ll see if I can answer your questions.  See below. SEO I never received an email back, but a few days later I received a phone call.  Kind of creepy right!?  How did these people find my phone number?  Then I remembered that they probably used a service like So what I really hope that you get from this story is that getting traffic to your website isn’t something that you can simply “outsource” like this.  Think about it this way.  You pay all this money and these guys get you ranked #1 on the perfect keyword.  Search engines start sending traffic to your website.  The content on your website sucks and you don’t have anything of real value or any New Media thought leader, Brian Solis, shares how to implement and manage a Social Media Optimization (SMO) program. I don’t understand.  You guys filled out a form on my website and sent an email to my address and still don’t know what my domain name is?  You reached out to me. Marketing Takeaway Free Webinar-On-Demand: Social Media Optimization Is The New SEO With Brian Solis Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack This was all about six weeks ago and I still haven’t heard back from them.  I think it’s safe to assume that the gig is up.  They realized they were dealing with someone who wasn’t completely clueless. Topics: “Sure, I’d love to increase traffic to my website.  How can you help me?”  and learn how to increase your visibility in social media! So the first response is why would they need to know my domain name?  So I wrote them as such. What they were really selling is SEO services, which also isn’t rocket science and something we have taught thousands of small to medium sized businesses 80% of what they need to know in less than an hour.  At the end of the day SEO is a numbers game and the way you play that numbers game is to create lots of valuable content on your own site. last_img read more

When is the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts? [Infographic]

first_img on the topic. Based on over 170,000 blog posts I’ve created a visualization of the best times and days to post for views, links and comments. Click on the image below to see it full-size. Originally published Dec 8, 2010 5:51:00 PM, updated October 18 2015 For more data like this, be sure to Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack . In working on the data for mycenter_img big overarching post for ProBlogger Science of Blogging webinar tomorrow register for tomorrow’s webinar Over the past few years, I’ve researched and written a lot about the best time, and recently, I wrote a , one of the most important questions I could ask my data was “when is the best time to publish a blog post?”last_img read more

The 7 Slides You Need for an Epic Monthly Marketing Report

first_img Originally published Jan 27, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Topics: Marketing Reporting Here’s a challenge for all you marketers who are on top of your game: How do you make sure your marketing team is taken seriously within your own company? One important step you should take is publishing a thorough, thoughtful, quantitative monthly report on your marketing team’s impact.For as long as there’s been marketing, marketers have struggled to show their impact. But today, there’s no need to struggle. Today, it’s simple to collect the data you need to show how your marketing investments are generating revenue for your business. You just have to pull together the right reports.At HubSpot, our marketing team creates a deck of over 200 slides each month to cover every last marketing detail. That’s extreme, and it might not be necessary for all companies. But what is important for all marketers is a core set of slides that reports on  inbound marketing  results. (Note the word “results.” We’re not showing what we did . We’re showing what we achieved .)So here are some of the core slides we use to report on our results. What do you think we’re missing? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 1. Visits by Source This is your measure of the top of your funnel. It tells you, month-over-month, how many people are coming to your site, and how they got there. You can look at this slide quickly to see which marketing channels are driving your changes in overall traffic. (HubSpot customers can find this report in Sources .) 2. Leads by Source This is your measure of your middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) activity. This slide answers the questions, “How many leads did we generate, and which channels did they come from?” You can use this report to track month-over-month changes in lead volume and to figure out ways to improve the results. For example, if you’re generating a lot of traffic to your blog articles , but you aren’t converting any leads there, you should experiment with different ways to improve blog page conversions. Maybe you need better calls-to-action (CTAs). Or maybe you need better blog offers. Whatever the root of the problem, this report can help identify its location and help you understand where to dive into the details and diagnose. (HubSpot customers can get this report in Sources .) 3. Funnel Summary This is an overall view of your marketing funnel that shows you the five most important metrics —visits over time, leads over time, customers over time, visit-to-customer conversion over time, and lead-to-customer conversion over time. This data gives you a great overall sense of your marketing team’s performance. (HubSpot customers can get this data from  Sources .) 4. Paid vs. Organic Leads This view helps you show how much of your lead flow is coming from paid campaigns and how much is coming from organic inbound marketing. If you’re trying to build an inbound marketing machine and keep your paid spend down, this slide can help you track your progress.   (HubSpot customers can get this data from  Sources  by exporting and aggregating all their organic campaigns, then comparing that to their paid campaigns.) 5. Top Blog Posts by Page View This slide helps you keep track of the content that’s engaging your community. This knowledge should help you refine your blog articles to generate even more traffic, and to refine your overall marketing strategy to better reach your target personas. ( HubSpot customers can find this data in their monthly report or Blog Analytics .) 6. Top Landing Pages by Leads This slide shows you which offers and landing pages are generating the most leads. You should know this information and constantly be testing new offers and landing pages in order to create new leaders generating even more leads. (HubSpot customers can see this in their Landing Page Dashboard .) 7. Lead Speed to Your Event This is a way to measure lead quality. In other words, how good are the leads that you’re sending to your sales team? If there isn’t much time before your leads convert into an event, the marketing team is doing a good job. If your leads take a while to convert, you need to do a better job nurturing your leads . (HubSpot customers can get this data from a CRM like when it’s integrated with HubSpot.) Bonus for HubSpot customers! Most of these slides are already being created for you. Keep an eye out for a personalized monthly report that gets sent to you at the beginning of each month. The report contains a link to download a PowerPoint version of your own monthly report. Make sure you’re using it! What other marketing data do you report on for the rest of your company? Image Credit: SqueakyMarmot Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Discover YOUR Marketing Super Power [Decision Tree]

first_imgIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait, no, it’s just a marketer.Despite all my hard work, I probably won’t be able to fly without spending a couple hundred bucks and 2 hours waiting for airport security. (Also, I hear laser vision doesn’t work as well when you’re wearing glasses.) But just because my super hero dreams have been shattered, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your super hero abilities … your super hero marketing abilities.That’s right. Even if we can’t fly faster than a speeding bullet, we all still have certain marketing super powers that we should be proud to celebrate. Some of us know our strengths already, and some of us may still be trying to find them. Either way, if you’ve ever wondered what makes you and your colleagues such effective marketers — the Bruce Wayne of blogging, the Incredible Hulk of Analytics — this fun little decision tree is for you.So, are you ready to find your marketing super power? Figure it out now so you can keep flexing those marketing muscles of yours. Alright, have you found your marketing super power? Great! Now, like true marketers, let’s analyze it so we can learn what it means ;-)What Your Marketing Super Power MeansThe Blogger: You are the master of written content! As a super hero blogger, you are truly in tune with and knowledgeable about your particular industry. Not only are you driven by your passion for marketing, your industry, and the written word, but you’re also mind-blowingly organized. Most likely trained by blog writing ninjas in the mountains of Tibet (kind of like Bruce Wayne), you’re pretty much Batman (or Batwoman), but better because, well, you blog.With this great power, comes tons of research! It’s no secret that a blogger’s best friend is timely and accurate information. So, be sure to stay on top of industry news, statistics, and new studies to provide your readers with the highest quality, most relevant content possible.The Social Butterfly:As a social media mastermind, you’ve got to stay focused on how to maintain meaningful relationships between your brand and its many fans, tweeps, and connections. Remember, your greatest tool is your ability to relate, connect, and use thoughtful content to keep people engaged. Make them love your brand as much as they love you! Each social network has its own nuances, and it’s up to you to discover them to best reach your audience.The Analyst:We’ll call you the Professor X of your marketing team, always keeping a cool head and logically finding solutions and better practices for improving your company’s marketing strategies. Remember to keep your eyes on market conditions and changes in your industry that may affect your company’s performance, and make suggestions to help battle these changes.The Optimizer: As the optimization expert, you must understand how your work affects both Sales and Marketing. You should make recommendations to your team on how to best optimize their landings pages and content by changing URLs, replacing graphics, adding keywords, changing layout, and editing forms. And don’t forget to try new, innovative ideas when optimizing anything for your company!This decision tree didn’t cover all areas of marketing — was your marketing super power left out? Share your super power, and what qualities make for excellent marketers in the comments. Originally published Jan 16, 2013 4:15:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Marketing Advicecenter_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics:last_img read more