Jaffna students boycott classes TNA to protest

Meanwhile the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) announced that a demonstration will be held on Monday in Jaffna to protest against the incidents. The TNA said that the demonstration will be to protest against the attack on the students who attempted to commemorate the LTTE ‘heroes day” anniversary as well as against the attack on Jaffna TNA MP  E. Sarawanabavan. Jaffna university students have decided to boycott classes both today and tomorrow over the clashes with the police and army over the LTTE “heroes day” ceremonies.The Jaffna university students union said that they had called for the boycott to ensure the safety of the students after some of them were injured in the clashes over the past two days. read more

Several sick patients airdashed to GPHC still undiagnosed

…testing still ongoing, hospital awaiting results to determine illnessOne week has passed since at least eight Chinese mining workers were air-dashed to the capital from Matthew’s Ridge, Region One, for emergency treatment and some of these men are yet to be diagnosed.While at least three of the men were said to have contracted leptospirosis with the deadly disease claiming the lives of two of them, it is unclear at this point as to what illness/illnesses the other men may have contracted.Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud told <> on Friday that investigations into the matter are ongoing and the Public Health Ministry along with international health organisations are still conducting further laboratory testing to determine what the men are suffering from.Medical staff awaiting the arrival of the suspected Swine Flu patients at Ogle Airport (file photo)“We are waiting for the results. We don’t know what they have and we also don’t know how long it will take for the results to get back to us. But as soon as the results come they will be disclosed,” he stated.Meanwhile, the health officials in Region One are tight-lipped about the conditions and treatment of other patients who may have either contracted leptospirosis or be exhibiting symptoms similar to those men who are yet to be diagnosed.Several others who were brought out from the manganese operation site, Guyana Manganese Incorporated (GMI), at Matthew’s Ridge remain patients at that medical institution.On Thursday, the Public Health Ministry in a statement pointed out that the second miner who passed due to his illness died from complications associated with leptospirosis on Wednesday night while undergoing treatment at the GPHC.Another mining employee, who also tested positive for leptospirosis, is in “critical but stable condition,” an internal medicine specialist at the tertiary institution confirmed on Thursday.Dr Persaud, in the statement, highlighted that while two of those patients were successfully treated and discharged from GPHC, Regional Health Officer, Dr Ramjas has updated the MoPH that another Guyana Manganese Incorporated employee has been admitted at the Pakera Hospital and is undergoing treatment for a respiratory tract infection. This patient is said to be in a stable condition.Dr Persaud reiterated that all precautionary measures are still in place at the Matthews Ridge tunnel site and its immediate surroundings and he said essential medical supplies are in stock to treat employees of the mining firm and residents of the area. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedOperations at Matthew’s Ridge Hospital temporarily shut downApril 1, 2019In “Health”Second Chinese National air-dashed from Matthew’s Ridge diesApril 4, 2019In “Health”Region 1 still awaiting 2nd shipment of drugs, medical suppliesJuly 22, 2019In “Health” read more