Ángel Torres: “How will clubs that use an ERTE justify their transfers?”

first_imgThe Federation has communicated the teams that will play European competitions. What do you think?They have made a list that no one has asked for. They have no competition. UEFA has extended the deadline for requesting their license and they are the best behaving.And that in their day they had it with you for refusing to play in Milan …Then they congratulated me on that brave decision. UEFA, the Secretary of State for Sport and almost everyone except our Federation.What would be your solution?You cannot start a competition without having finished the previous one. UEFA has suspended the Euro Cup and is ready to do the same with its competitions. Everything is easy for the leagues to finish.What if you can’t play again in the medium term?We want to play and we have all the dates. You win and lose on the field. When the authorities decide. If LaLiga ends today we are fourth, there are no more. UEFA will not allow any team from federations that have not finished their competition to play their competitions. In Europe it is played at the invitation of UEFA, but here some enlightened have not heard anything.Is it true that you will request a tiebreaker if LaLiga is terminated?That is false. If there is to suspend a League that is the one of the next season.Are you still ruling out ERTE even if this situation continues?We are not going to do an ERTE in any way and I do not understand that there are clubs that use it.Why do you think it has happened?I prefer not to criticize colleagues who have done it, but it is nonsense. We did not go to bankruptcy, but there is a regulation that we all approve as the solution to the problems from which soccer came. Five years later, they already want to resort to public aid and take these measures.What reasons are there? None. Especially to act in such a hurry. Ten days after being stopped, ERTE was already being used.Will you take other measures?We do not want to harm any employee. We are a healthy club.What losses have you estimated?It is difficult to know. It would be more serious if more games cannot be played. We are not a big box office club because we have the almost complete stadium with the subscribers who would have to return the part corresponding to the games that they are not going to enjoy.You are making very brave decisions.Refusing to play in Milan seemed crazy and in the end everyone agreed with me. Not lowering wages or performing an ERTE is a matter of consistency. We are healthy and will honor our commitments.Have they caught your attention?Look, I don’t shut up even under the water and I go all the way to defend my own when I think I’m right. Everyone should do what they want, but it is nonsense for football clubs to use public measures designed for other sectors that are having a very hard time.You would start playing behind closed doors. How do you see it?Playing behind closed doors is unfair to fans who pay and are excited about soccer. I don’t like it, but it is the least bad solution. At least the fans will be able to watch it on TV and disconnect as far as possible from the disease, stop talking about deaths to watch a game. I just want it to be played if there are guarantees for everyone and I repeat that the important thing is health and Getafe will do what the Ministry of Health orders.How could you play from June 30 with players who end their contract?The contracts are signed seasonally, they do not have an expiration date of June 30. I understand the concern of those who have many transfers, but it would be the minor problem.How is the summer market considered in these circumstances?We cannot rush. I do not expect a very busy market. Tell me how clubs that are turning to ERTE will justify making large disbursements in the summer. They have it difficult.Have you made decisions on loan and renewals?Cucurella is already ours and there are three other players on whom we have a purchase option. Contract only ends Antunes. I’m just concerned that some of our important players will be taken away.And the coach?Bordalás has two more years of contract and there is nothing that makes me think that he will not be with us next year. He was the first to stand up to UEFA and refused to travel to Milan. Discard making an ERTE and criticize those who use it. It attacks the Federation harshly for its list of teams that will compete in European competitions. And there is room to talk about the market and the future. Ángel Torres talks to Ace with no hair on his tongue.last_img read more

Chelsea humble 9-man City

first_img Diego Costa sparked the turnaround for Chelsea, cancelling out a 45th-minute own goal by teammate Gary Cahill with an equaliser in the 60th after chesting down Cesc Fabregas’ long ball. Costa set up substitute Willian to put Chelsea ahead in the 70th and Eden Hazard added a third in the 90th, before Ag¸ero’s tackle on Luiz sparked the late skirmishes. Other results: West Ham 1 Arsenal 5; Sunderland 2 Leicester 1; Stoke 2 Burnley 0; Tottenham 5 Swansea 0; West Brom 3 Watford 1; Crystal Palace 3 Southampton 0. TURNAROUND A crushing defeat was about to be confirmed for Manchester City when Sergio Ag¸ero flew into a knee-high challenge and Fernandinho grabbed a goading opponent by the throat in an ensuing melee, shoving him over an advertising hoarding. City’s players didn’t just lose a match to a big title rival. They lost their heads. In a feisty, action-packed game between two of the Premier League’s heavyweights, Chelsea scored three goals in the final half-hour and rallied for a 3-1 win at City yesterday. It was an eighth straight victory for the leaders, all of them coming since their coach, Antonio Conte, switched to a 3-4-3 formation that is making the team irresistible going forward. City dropped four points behind Chelsea in fourth place. Ag¸ero and Fernandinho, two mainstays of Pep Guardiola’s City team, were both red-carded in those unedifying final seconds that saw tempers flare and both sets of players pushing and shoving on the field. Ag¸ero is set to miss the next four matches for his lunge on David Luiz, because it was his second sending-off this season.last_img read more

More confusion from Jordan

first_imgDear Editor,I have written about the quicksilver nature of this Government with regard to vitally important economic decisions which have had negative effects on our country, and the fact that our citizens will continue to suffer the ripple effects of those decisions for generations to come.The media reported in an article under a caption which reads ‘$15 billion to Reopen Estates’ that “Gov’t seeks funds to restart operations at Skeldon and Enmore”, according to Finance Minister Winston Jordan.Now, after many criticisms from the public, the Finance Minister has changed his tune, not unlike the US$18 million signing bonus. An official from the Ministry of Finance has stated, “I can confirm to you that the Minister was misunderstood. The finance being sourced is for the operations of GuySuCo and its three estates — Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt; it has nothing to do with the four closed estates. This is being handled separately”.If this is so, then how come the SPU is involved in the negotiations of the $15 billion loan from the commercial banks? The SPU is involved in the preparation for sale, and the sale of the closed Estates, and NOT the operational Estates. The closed estates are separate entities. Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt are still being run by GuySuCo, and not NICIL! Something is definitely fishy here!Furthermore, Minister Jordan was reported to have said that the revenue from the sale of the estates and land will be used to repay the proposed $15 billion loan within 3-5 years. He stressed that, “This will be a government debt, so that when we get a buyer, we will service the debt”.When this is evaluated from the statement made by the same minister — that there is a new model of operation which will make GuySuCo more ‘cost efficient,’ and therefore profitable — it leaves us in a quandary as to the real reason for the requirement of the proposed loan to finance existing operations at the three estates. Why not use this ‘model’ on the three estates being operated by GuySuCo?I still do feel that another lie will be forthcoming in regard to the financing of the closed estate, to facilitate ‘miniature operations’ and to avoid the ‘moth balling process’!It is also reported that 30,000 tons of canes will be harvested at Enmore to produce sugar for DDL. Let us do a simple calculation about the revenue factor. At a TC/TS of 15, it means that 1200 tons of molasses will be produced with 2000 tons of sugar. This should bring in an approximate income of $19.5 million from molasses and $212 million from sugar sales at US$500 per ton, a total income of $231.5 million. However, if all the canes are utilized for molasses purpose only, then approximately 4500 tons of molasses will be produced at a local market value of $73.3 million, and a loss of approximately $158.2 million will result!How will this bring profits to GuySuCo? In addition, we need to be given some estimates and some hard facts by the Minister of Finance how the injection of $15 billion will result in profits? Or is this a ‘figment of his imagination’?We have been exposed to ‘voodoo economics’ by this Coalition Government for too long!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor– Region 6last_img read more

Gunmen invade Berbice market vendor’s home

first_img− escape with cash, jewelleryA New Amsterdam Market vendor was on Wednesday evening beaten along with her family and robbed of a quantity of jewellery at their Palmyra Village home. According to reports, vendor Nadira Permaul was at her home along with her son Vijai, 28, and husband Tom Kissoon, 69, when three armed masked men entered their home. At the time Kissoon had just left the veranda to go into the house when the men entered.”He walk in and leave the door open and all we see is three men welcoming themselves in the house,” Vijai said. The intruders jumped into the veranda and went through the open door, and immediately told Vijai not to move, while demanding cash and jewellery from the family.One of the men held a gun to Nadira’s head while demanding that she take him to where their valuables were.Tom was hit in the face and other parts of the head while Vijai got several gun butts. The men left with $500,000 worth in gold jewellery, $180,000 cash, one 18k diamond ring and two cellular phones. The incident occurred at about 19:45h.Police were informed and responded. They have since been following several leads; however no arrests have been made up to press time.(Andrew Carmichael)last_img read more

Another Venezuelan deported

first_imgVenezuelan national Barbara Anyndharain was on Thursday fined $30,000 with an alternative of four weeks’ imprisonment when she appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on a charge of illegal entry into Guyana.She was also charged for failing to produce her travel documents to Police officers on January 16, 2018.The Prosecution is contended that, on January 16, Anyndharain was travelling in a minibus to Mabaruma, Region One, when the vehicle was stopped by Police for a routine search. She was then asked to produce her travel documents, but failed to so do.Before the Chief Magistrate on Thursday, the woman admitted to entering Guyana through Brazil on December 28 without presenting herself to an Immigration Officer. In her defence, Anyndharain told the Chief Magistrate that she was brought into the country by a male friend, and she did not realize she had overstayed her time, until she was stopped by the lawmen. She has been ordered deported.last_img read more

Rose Hall sugar workers protest harsh working conditions

first_img…demand owed severanceOver 100 sugar workers have downed tools and held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Rose Hall Estate in East Canje, Berbice (Region Six, East Berbice-Corentyne) in response to the harsh working conditions meted out to them for several months.Workers protesting against harsh working conditionsAccording to the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), the workers were transferred to the Albion Estate after the closure of the Rose Hall Estate back in 2017. From that time onwards, serious difficulties ensued in carry out their daily functions.During the second day of the picketing exercise, the workers held placards highlighting their plight. They related that they were unable to earn on many days due to the insufficient punts to load the sugarcane. Consequently, it takes two days of work to achieve a daily earning.Adding to the list of hardships, the distance travelled to reach the Albion Estate is greater, and workers would reach late to their work sites, impeding productivity. Usually, work would begin as early as 05:30h to capitalise on the favourable weather conditions, but the present situation results in them commencing at 08:30h, when the sun is scorching.According to GAWU, the protestors claimed that the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s initial position was that they would be working in a section of the Rose Hall cultivation which was annexed to the Albion Estate. As the matter unfolded, they realised that this was not the case.Workers calling for their severance paymentsAfter the protest ensued earlier this week, GUYSUCO wrote the Union to inform that disciplinary action would be taken against those participating in the picketing exercise.GAWU responded, insisting that the workers are subject to freedom of expression, and further opened the floor for dialogue between the mediating parties.GAWU, in a response dated April 03, 2019, pointed out to the sugar company that workers, as Guyanese, have a right of expression. “The possibility of disciplinary action could be seen as impinging on that inalienable constitutional right…The workers, during today’s (Thursday) picketing exercise, echoed similar views, and called on GuySuCo officials to engage them in frank dialogue,” the Union stated.The workers are also calling on GuySuCo to pay them their severance pay. They have already sought legal advice from Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandlall on the matter.“At this time, the law is being examined to see what possibilities present themselves, and the Union will be accordingly guided”, the Union has said.In December 2017, some 181 workers from the Rose Hall Estate lost their jobs when the estate closed its doors. Most of those who were transferred to the Albion and Blairmont Estates were from the East Bank of Berbice.While many await the second half of their severance pay, many of the jobless workers are finding it difficult to secure employment. This, several workers have said, has forced them to utilise the first half of their severance to meet their expenses and obligations.Last December, workers from the closed estates protested in front of Parliament Building during the budget debates in a bid to have their voices heard in regard to the owed severance payments.last_img read more

Musa Mohammed terminates Tirana contract

first_img“Yes, I have made the decision to terminate my contract because of several issues, some personal, some monetary. It has been an eye opening experience here and I will now focus on other challenges,” Mohammed told Capital Sport.Mohammed adds on to the count of Kenyan players who have struggled to make their presence felt in Albania with the likes of Moses Arita, James Situma and Francis Kahata also having travelled the same road.However, compatriot Kenneth Muguna will still remain at the club.0Shares0000(Visited 3 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Musa Mohammed joined Tirana in January from Gor Mahia. PHOTO/KF TiranaNAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 22- Former Gor Mahia skipper Musa Mohammed has terminated his contract with Albanian second tier side KF Tirana barely four months after joining the side.Mohammed who spent close to nine seasons at Gor made a decision to join his former coach Jose Marcelo ‘Ze Maria’ in Albania, but things have not gone as expected.last_img read more

You won’t believe this picture of Raheem Sterling’s Man City shirt number!

first_img Raheem Sterling’s Man City shirt *DISCLAIMER: Like the fact that Raheem Sterling will cost Man City more than Sergio Aguero, this picture is nothing more than a joke.Manchester City are on the brink of signing Sterling from Liverpool for a fee of £44m, potentially rising to £49m, plus £200,000 a week on a five-year deal.Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has insisted he has no problem with the move and that the club “will move on”.Meanwhile, Sterling will no doubt be saying to the Northern Irishman, ‘$££ YOU LAT£R!’ 1last_img read more


first_imgAn emergency meeting to support the community-led Donegal Local Development Company is to be held this evening. Donegal Local Development Company Ltd. (DLDC) is a well-established Local Development Company with a proven track record in the delivery of major funding programmes:• Rural Development Programme LEADER • Local Community and Development Programme• Volunteer Programme, Donegal Volunteer Centre• Countryside Recreation Scheme• Traveller Job Coach Initiative Scheme • Rural Social Scheme • Tús Programme• CE Childcare Scheme• Jobs Initiative Scheme• The Job ClubDonegal Local Development Company Ltd. is an independent, not for profit, community-led Local Development Company and its services to you are now under threat. The government plans to put DLDC’s work under the control of a Donegal County Council-led committee or to private contractors with profit rather than community driven aims.The meeting, which takes place in the Finn Valley Centre at 7pm is expected to be attended by a number of local politicians and lction candidates.Election candidates are expected to be asked the following questions at the meeting:1. Do you support the government’s Alignment plans to deprive DLDC of community programme delivery? 2. What will you do to make sure that the 415 jobs in DLDC are not lost because of these plans?3. What will you do to make sure that DLDC continues to deliver independent community-led local development in Donegal?DLDC Mission Statement: “Working in Donegal towards a better future for all”Please show your support @PUBLIC MEETING INFINN VALLEY CENTRE, STRANORLAR ON TUESDAY 13TH MAY 2014 @7PMHEAD OFFICE: DLDC Ltd., Letterkenny, 1 Millennium Court, Pearse Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal074 91 27056 www.dldc.org www.facebook.com/DLDC.LtdEMERGENCY MEETING TO BE HELD TONIGHT TO SUPPORT DONEGAL LOCAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY was last modified: May 13th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal Local Development Companylast_img read more

Men’s Tennis Edges Indiana, 4-3

first_img Indiana 8-6  Print Friendly Version Senior Ben Wood put the Bulldogs up 2-0 with his 6-4, 6-4 win over Brandon Lam at No. 6 singles. 4. Bennett Crane (IND) def. Ben Clark (DU) 6-3, 6-1 The Bulldogs will close out their weekend on Sunday as they travel to Purdue. First serve is set for 9 a.m. CST. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Drake University men’s tennis team squeaked out a 4-3 win at Indiana Friday night IU Tennis Center. The Hoosiers managed to tie the match up at 2-2 with wins at No. 1 and No. 4, respectively. Order of finish: Doubles (3,1); Singles (6,1,4,2,5,3) “There is nothing like it. Clinching for your team and everyone rushing on to the court to celebrate as a team,” said Thorold. Singles competition “This is a big win for us. Picking up a Big Ten on the road over Indiana is massive for our confidence,” said Drake head coach Davidson Kozlowski. Hands put the Drake a point away from the win as he upended Cembellin 6-4, 6-4 at No. 2. 6. Ben Wood (DU) def. Brandon Lam (IND) 6-4, 6-4 5. Zac Brodney (IND) def. Finley Hall (DU) 6-4, 7-5 2. Bennett Crane/Keivon Tabrizi (IND) vs. Finley Hall/Ben Wood (DU) 4-5, unfinished 1. Vinny Gillespie/Barny Thorold (DU) def. Afonso Salgado/Antonio Cembellin (IND) 6-4 3. Barny Thorold (DU) def. Keivon Tabrizi (IND) 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 Box Score 2. Tom Hands (DU) def. Antonio Cembellin (IND) 6-4, 6-4 Story Links Doubles competition Drake 4, Indiana 3Mar 02, 2018 at Bloomington, Ind. (IU Tennis Center)  The Bulldogs came out and won the ever-crucial doubles point to go up 1-0. Juniors Tom Hands and Ben Clark topped Raheel Manji and Zac Brodney 6-3 at No. 3, while Vinny Gillespie and Barny Thorold clinched the point at No. 1 by beating Afonso Salgando and Antonio Cembellin 6-4. 3. Tom Hands/Ben Clark (DU) def. Raheel Manji/Zac Brodney (IND) 6-3 IU’s Brodney kept the Hoosiers comeback win hopes alive with a victory at No.5. Drake 11-6 1. Raheel Manji (IND) def. Vinny Gillespie (DU) 6-3, 6-1 After dropping the first set, 6-2, Thorold regrouped and took the second set. 6-3 to force a third and decisive set. In the third set, Thorold and Keivon Tabriz each held serve for the first nine games with Thorold taking a 5-4 advantage. Tabrizi saved one match point to force a deciding point. Thorold managed to win the deciding point to secure the Bulldogs victory and win the third set 6-4. Match Noteslast_img read more