Meet Jamie Baillie Veteran Tory leader takes second kick at election can

first_imgHALIFAX – A sketch of Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie:Age: 51Hometown: Truro, N.S.Job before politics: A chartered accountant, he worked as a senior partner at human resources consulting firm Robertson Surrette; vice-president of finance for CitiGroup Properties; chief of staff to former premier John Hamm; and president of Credit Union Atlantic.Leadership history: Elected leader in August 2010; was first elected to the legislature in an October 2010 byelection.Notable moment from campaign: Baillie faced questions after defending a male candidate for online postings while ousting a female one. Baillie insisted there was no double standard in dropping Jad Crnogorac in Dartmouth South for making racially tinged and other jokes, while standing by Matt Whitman in Hammonds Plains-Lucasville, who jokingly acted out what he called a “Chinese fire drill” in a video.Spotted in his office: A small print of the late U.S. president John F. Kennedy sits next to a baseball signed by former Red Sox and Expos lefthander Bill “Spaceman” Lee.Quote: “Ultimately, political parties want their leaders to win for them. I would like to win for my party, but also for all Nova Scotians, and I do believe that we are going to win.”last_img read more

Sri Lanka and Maldives priorities for human rights for the UK

Sri Lanka and Maldives are priorities for human rights for the UK, the Deputy British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Maldives, Laura Davies said.In a blog posting she said that to work on human rights issues in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, the High Commission has access to the Magna Carta Fund, a strategic programme fund dedicated to tackling the root causes of human rights violations overseas. Davis said that successful projects will uphold democratic values and the rule of law, support an effective rules-based international order and promote a more stable world by upholding universal rights in tackling conflict and extremism. “We gathered all these potential partners together to increase our and their ability to bid successfully into the Fund, supporting our work with the Government of Sri Lanka to address long-standing human rights issues here, and with civil society in Maldives to protect a space which is under increasing threat. The bidding window is open until 8 February, and we look forward to some really strong bids this year, particularly on freedom of expression, preventing sexual and gender-based violence, torture prevention and building the capacity of women and women’s organisations to contribute to post-conflict processes,” she said.Davis said that democracy is an essential building block for a secure and prosperous society. Last year, the British High Commission in Colombo spent almost 750 million Sri Lankan rupees (around £350,000) enabling more informed and additional observation, and better and more widespread voter education for Sri Lanka’s Presidential and General elections. (Colombo Gazette) She said that earlier this week in Colombo, the High Commission gathered together a group of civil society and human rights organisations. read more

Lab tech charged for stealing medical supplies from Suddie Hospital

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related A 30-year-old lab technician, formerly attached to the Suddie Public Hospital, Essequibo Coast, Region Two was, on Wednesday, charged for stealing medical supplies from the health facility which he sold to a private pharmacy.Mohamed Khan of lot 50 Plantation Bell, Essequibo Coast was arrested by the Police and then taken to the Anna Regina Magistrate’s Court where he pleaded guilty to the crime and was fined $25,000 for the act.Reports are that Mohamed Khan of lot 50 Plantation Bell, Essequibo Coast, stole 21 packs of Dengue tests, 100 microscope slides, one bottle of anti “A”, one bottle of anti “B”, one bottle of anti “D” medications among other medicinal drugs and medical supplies from the above-mentioned hospital.After committing the act, he reportedly took the items to a retired pharmacist who in turn sold them to a pharmacy.  INews understands that it was the Region’s Co-ordinator of Health Strategy who made the discovery and immediately reported the matter to the Police on Tuesday.Khan was arrested on the same day. The stolen items along with Khan were handed over to the investigating ranks.Less than 24 hours after his arrest, he made his court appearance. He was slapped with the offence of simple larceny committed on the Public Health Ministry.He pleaded guilty to the charge and was then fined $25,000 by Magistrate Esther Sam. read more

Body found with single gunshot wound to head

The dam where the body was found.The body of a 45-year-old man was this morning discovered at a dam at Naarstigheid, West Coast of Berbice (WCB).He has been identified as Suraj Sookdeo, also called “Terry”, of Number 11 Village, WCB.Suraj Sookdeo (left)According to his sister-in-law Bebi Bacchus, the man was last seen by the family at about 19:00h on Wednesday.According to the Bacchus, Sookdeo was in the habit of using of using illegal drugs and is a “known character” to the police.Police in Berbice are currently investigating the matter.Sookdeo, who lived with his brother and his wife, leaves to mourn one daughter. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related5 men charged with murdering Corentyne fishermanJune 3, 2016In “Court”Man stabbed by father died from perforation to lungsSeptember 10, 2018In “Crime”Berbice man found hanging with hands tied behind his back; cops launch probeFebruary 28, 2018In “latest news” read more

Airobotics Trion payload to improve drone inspection and security capabilities

first_imgAutomated drone startup, Airobotics, has unveiled a highly “drone-stabilised” payload for inspection and security applications at ADS’ 2019 Warrior Expo East, in Virginia, USA.Named Trion, this payload marks Airobotics’ first in-house developed and manufactured sensor for the market – available both with and independent of – its leading automated drone hardware and data insights platform, the company said.Airobotics’ Trion weighs less than 1.2 kg and has small dimensions, according to Airobotics. This is on top of being a “high-definition, electro-optical and infrared gyro-stabilised payload.”The company said: “Trion pushes the limits on existing and competing capabilities of stabilised payloads available today. Designed for superior performance, Trion carries a unique set of advanced capabilities for object identification, real-time tracking and comprehensive data harvesting.”In addition to this, Airobotics has signed an agreement with ADS, a leading operational equipment and logistics provider serving US Military, Federal agencies, international and coalition partners, and defence industry partners.The Trion payload provides day-and-night observation, surveillance, and targeting capabilities at long ranges and in adverse conditions, according to Airobotics. Integrated with Airobotics data insights platform, additional features include tag and tracking of security incidents, allowing for real-time insights to fuel informed decision making. Additionally, Trion offers a high-resolution HD day camera with powerful continuous optical zoom and continuous 360° panoramic capabilities.Airobotics said: “Designed for maximum versatility, Trion can be seamlessly integrated into Airobotics’ automated drone platform, or other UAS, vehicles, platforms and ground applications, enabling increased flexibility for data collection, detection and analysis to obtain valuable insights.”Ryan Angold, ADS’ Vice President of Markets, said: “We believe that our partnership with Airobotics will greatly enhance the customer experience and provide a market-leading solution for critical security and inspection applications.”Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder at Airobotics, said: “We are pleased to offer Airobotics’ powerful and highly stabilised Trion payload to the broader market that will grant professionals with the ability to capture more accurate data for fast decision-making in the most demanding circumstances.”Airobotics has achieved a number of milestones across the business, including integration of LiDAR into its Automated Drone Platform, obtaining CASA approval for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Flights from remote operations centres in Australia and making advancements of aviation regulation with a US FAA BVLOS waiver.last_img read more

Orica turns wireless blasting dream into a reality at Europes deepest mine

first_imgIn Europe’s first demonstration of wireless blasting, Orica has enabled First Quantum Minerals’ (FQM) Pyhäsalmi underground mine in Finland to recover ore it previously thought inaccessible.Orica’s WebGen™ 100, the first truly wireless rock blasting system, has been used in trials at the zinc-copper-pyrite mine since September 2018, with FQM, to date, carrying out five blasts.Since the invention of the safety fuse by William Bickford in 1831, there has been three revolutions in blast initiation methods – electric detonators (1930s), shock tube (1980s) and electronics (~2000s). Every new initiation method development has increased the safety, precision and possibilities of initiating blasts.The new Safety Integrity Level 3 certified WebGen system could end up being the fourth revolution in this line-up, Orica believes.Still in its infancy with, as of August, more than 250 blasts fired using wireless initiation, the WebGen technology has already led to the development of several new mining techniques such as Temporary Rib Pillar (TRP), Temporary Uppers Retreat Pillar, Reverse Throw Retreat, Longitudinal Transverse Retreat and Pre-Loaded Retreat that would not be viable or possible without wireless blasting technology.WebGen comprises the following components:WebGen primer and accessories – including the high explosive Pentex™ W booster, i-kon™ plugin electronic detonator, the Disposable Receiver (DRX) and the encoder controller;Transmission system – including transmitter, antenna and transmitter controller; andCode Management Computer (CMC) – including the unique global blast and arm codes.The system achieves wireless blasting through very low frequency magnetic induction (MI) signals communicated to the in-hole primer, with the special site-specific group ID, arm and firing codes embedded in the MI signals. The system eliminates the lead wires of conventional initiation systems, thereby also eliminating the ‘hook-up’ process at the blastholes.The operation works as follows: The i-kon plugin detonator plugs into the DRX, energising the device and initiating a self-test. After passing the self-test, the device can be encoded with the blast code and the delay timing. The booster is attached after encoding the device. At this stage the WebGen primer is ready to be placed into the blasthole.The transmitter controller – a magnetic induction system connected to an antenna – sends the arming signal to the transmitter. Once the arming process is successful the firing window is presented to the blaster.The CMC is the data hub of the system and supplies the identification and firing codes as well as the mine specific codes. Orica explained: “It culminates in the ready to fire file for transmission.”Game changerWith the elimination of lead wires, it is possible to pre-charge a full stope (eg sub-level caving mining method) and fire every ring when required without sending personnel back to the dangerous brow area to connect lead lines, Orica says. “Misfires related to damaged wires are eliminated and primers can be fired regardless of any dislocations of blasthole and/or charge.”The Ernest Henry mine, in north-eastern Australia, engaged Orica in 2016 to perform a demonstration of sub-level caving using WebGen. The mine wanted to reduce the time spent by personnel at the brow of the cave. With the use of WebGen they were successful in pre-loading the stope production rings and eliminating the need to return to the brow for hooking up.At Newmont Goldcorp’s Musselwhite mine, productivity and ore recovery were the main drivers for looking into wireless blasting. Together with Orica, Musselwhite developed the TRP mining method where a temporary pillar is used to withhold backfill while the second mass blast (i-kon electronic detonators) of the stope is mucked out.Orica explained: “Once the stope is mucked out, the TRP is fired remotely and the ore can be recovered.”With this method the mine established a 93% reduction in dilution, increase in mucking of 27% and a two-week saving in time per stope, the company said.FQM – PyhäsalmiIn March 2018, a team of Orica Technical Services Engineers commenced preparations and planning for the first wireless demonstration in Europe with the FQM Pyhäsalmi mine, in Finland, the deepest mine in the continent.At the time, the mine was scheduled to close in September 2019; most of the stopes had been mined out and the remaining stopes and pillars were becoming increasingly challenging to mine. Orica said: “Pyhäsalmi had developed a system to mine the stranded pillars, but this was incurring considerable time and costs. Pyhäsalmi mine acknowledged that WebGen 100 could be a solution for the problems in retrieving remaining ore in difficult areas.”As a first stop, the Orica team of blasting specialists had to assess if the WebGen system would successfully function in Pyhäsalmi mine. “Before firing the WebGen shot it was important to investigate if the system would work in the mine and what the maximum signal reach would be for both the quad loop and cable loop antenna,” the company said.Signal strength testing provides positive confirmation of coded signals being received through the mine and also validates if there are any parts of the mine where the system has a reduced range.A smaller antenna and a larger antenna were tested.Pyhäsalmi experiences occasional sulphur dust explosions and, therefore, personnel are not allowed to be underground while blasting, Orica said. As a result, blasting takes place at the end of the shift after the shift explosives supervisor checks everyone has vacated the mine.Initial signal testing with the smaller antenna validated the system was working with a range of at least 200 m. Further signal testing was performed using the larger antenna.It was validated the system could send and receive signals from the production level to the furthest stope, which was 450 m away, Orica said.After assessing the MI signal test results, it was decided it would be more convenient to use the smaller antenna.In September 2018, the EMEA WebGen team returned to Pyhäsalmi mine for the first wireless blast in Europe. The final three rings of stope 18b10-11 on Level 1,175 were selected for the demonstration blast.On September 4, 2018, at 22:00, the first wireless blast in Europe was fired without any issue.Since the introduction of wireless blasting, Pyhäsalmi mine has fired a total of five blasts in challenging areas.For one of the wireless blasts, a stope would not be accessible after the first blast, but, as the stope could be pre-loaded with wireless detonators, the mine could blast and produce 4,000 t of extra ore that otherwise would have been sterilised.Katja Sahala, Mine Planning Engineer, FQM Pyhäsalmi mine, said she saw the WebGen wireless system as helping operations in several applications such as when ore needs to be left behind to support pillars, or where there is weak rock, or fill and selective mining is required.She said: “In uphole charging, you need to work close or even below an open face during drilling and blasting. If it’s possible to drill and charge an entire stope before the first hole is fired, then safety will surely be improved.”Orica said wireless blasting is a new and exciting technology that eliminates the use of cumbersome and complex wiring hook-ups while having the accuracy of an electronic detonator. It has already enabled safer work methods and mining techniques that increase recovery, productivity and efficiency, according to the company.It concluded: “Many technical and regulatory challenges will be faced by wireless blasting, but it is a fundamental step in the automation of the explosives charging and blasting process. With the first WebGen blasts at FQM Pyhäsalmi mine, wireless blasting is no longer a dream in Europe, but a reality.”last_img read more

Vlado Sola to lead Beijing University at SEHA Gazprom League

The Chinese project Beijing Sports University will join SEHA Gazprom league in the upcoming season. The Asian squad will be based in Croatian capital of Zagreb, where will be coached by former Olympic winner and World Champion as goalkeeper – Vlado Sola.The 51 years old Sola began his coaching career in Qatar with Qatari Sports Club, while in the last two years he is sitting on bench of domestic team RK Dubrava, the third force of Croatian handball. ← Previous Story “British handball calling” campaign launched Next Story → 2018/19 BHL champion is Cocks Riihimäki! Beijing sports UniversityVlado Sola read more

French MP fined for saying Hitler did not kill enough Roma

first_imgA FRENCH COURT has fined an MP €3,000 for saying that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler “maybe did not kill enough” Roma.The appeals court in the Western town of Angers yesterday slapped the fine on Gilles Bourdouleix, who is also mayor of the nearby town of Cholet.The 54-year-old was involved in an altercation in July last year during a visit to a field in his commune that was occupied illegally by a Travellers’ community.Accused of racism and assailed by Hitler salutes, Bourdouleix mumbled to a journalist that “maybe Hitler didn’t kill enough of them”.A local French paper carried a report the next day with his comments and the resulting uproar forced him to resign from his party, the centrist UDI.In January, he was convicted for condoning a crime against humanity and fined €3,000 but the fine was suspended.But both the prosecution and Bourdouleix appealed, the latter saying he was innocent given the context in which he spoke.Justifying the appeal, Bourdouleix’s lawyer, Pierre Brossard, said:When you think of the Hitler salutes, the ‘Heil Hitlers’, the threats his wife received, the context is important.Even the prosecutor, Olivier Tcherkassof, acknowledged that the words were uttered in an unusually hostile context, although he denounced the “intolerable” sentiments expressed.But, in the ruling obtained by AFP, the court decided:“By publicly voicing — at a volume sufficiently loud to be recorded — his regret that the crime against humanity carried by the German authorities against travellers during the Second World War did not go far enough, the accused indeed condoned” the crime.‘Violent verbal outburst’Bourdouleix was not in court to hear the ruling but Brossard said his client would lodge a further appeal, saying it would be a “long legal process”.However, the anti-racism group SOS Racisme, said in a statement that Travellers were “among the most stigmatised and discriminated against groups in Europe.”Bourdouleix has a history of conflict with the Traveller community. In 2006, he launched a petition to 36,500 mayors in France, demanding that local authorities be given the power to order police to remove people occupying ground illegally.In November 2012, he threatened to resign after around 20 caravans appeared in a business park in his area, speaking of a “new invasion.” The travellers left the next day.In addition to his €3,000 fine, the MP was ordered to pay €600 euros for defaming the reporter who had published his comments in the paper, whom he called a “little shit.”Bourdouleix initially denied saying this and claimed that the recording — placed on line by the paper — had been “manipulated.”The Roma, a nomadic people whose ancestors left India centuries ago, have long suffered from discrimination and are frequently accused of carrying out petty crimes.They were killed in their hundreds of thousands by the Nazis during the Second World War, alongside Jews and homosexuals.- © AFP, 2014Opinion: Remembering a genocide the world is determined to ignore >last_img read more

Hunt on to identify dismembered man found in recycling plant

first_imgThe man was aged between 25-45He was between 5ft 8 and 6ft in heightHe had neurosurgical screws in either side of his skull, from recent surgeryA time and cause of death have not yet been givenGardaí are following more than 300 lines of inquiryThe body parts were dismembered – but gardaí are not saying howThe man underwent cranial surgery – possibly due to serious head trauma such as a car accident or serious assault.Doctors or carers may be able to help identify the victim, due to this surgeryFurther analysis is underway in an attempt to identify the race of the man.Gardaí are liaising with Interpol and the missing persons bureau as part of their investigations.Gardaí are appealing to anyone who may be concerned about a male relative or friend whom they have not seen or heard from since June to contact Ballyfermot garda station.Anyone with informtion can contact the station on 01 6667200 or the garda confidential line on 1800 666 111.Read: Neurosurgical screws discovered in skull found at Dublin recycling plant> THE SEARCH IS continuing for the identity of a man whose dismembered body was found at a Dublin recycling plant.A human leg was found at the Thortons Recycling Plant on the Killeen Road in Ballyfermot just before midnight on 31 July.The centre was sealed off for investigations and the body part was taken to Tallaght Hospital.More body parts – a portion of a leg from thigh to pelvis – were then discovered at the plant.On 3 August, gardaí said that they believed the remains all came from the same man, and this was confirmed by DNA evidence.Gardaí searched through 1,000 tonnes of waste at the plant, and said they believed that the body parts were at the site for four to five days before being discovered.The Irish Independent reports that 200 rubbish skips around Dublin city were also searched as part of the investigations.It was confirmed yesterday that part of the skull has also been discovered as well as other body parts – but gardaí are not providing any further details of those parts.What do we know so far?Yesterday, gardaí held a press conference with the latest information on the case.They told the press:last_img read more

Plaque to former Irish president of Israel taken down in Belfast

first_imgA MEMORIAL PLAQUE marking the birthplace of former Israeli President Chaim Herzog has been taken down after a spate of attacks on the house.The incident took place on Cliftonpark Avenue in north Belfast where the plaque was hanging outside the house. The building that was being attacked was a housing executive property. It housed the premises of the Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum.The attacks against the centre have been ongoing over the past numbers of years. They have escalated substantially over the past month resulting in the removal of the plaque.Attacks against the premises have involved graffiti being sprayed on the property, stones being thrown and a group attempting to forcibly remove the plaque using a crowbar.The plaque had been erected at the premises in 1998 by the Ulster History Circle, who have placed up a number of similar plaques across Northern Ireland commemorating notable individuals.Sinn Féin councillor JJ McGee, coincidentally a former resident in the house, said about the attack:I think that it is disappointing that it has come to that. While I support all protests around Gaza, what is happening there is not helping the people of Palestine.“The plaque wouldn’t have gone up until after I left. It was a pretty grand house. It would been sort of six bedrooms. It would have had the bells for the staff . There would have been wee wooden boxes with bedroom numbers on it. It had a sort of quirkiness to it.”The area around the Cliftonpark Avenue area is considered to be a mixed area. Speaking to about the incident, DUP councillor Brian Kingston said:“There has been a level of aligning with Nationalists going to the Palestinian cause and Unionists showing more support for the Israeli side.”Even so, this would have been a community group in a fairly Nationalist area which goes to show that these attacks are quite mindless.There has also been controversy over a proposed visit by Scottish MP for Bradford West George Galloway. The visit would include a speaking event at the Ulster Hall on August 23. The building has been rented out by Belfast City Council for the event.On this Kingston said: “George Galloway is coming to speak at the Ulster Hall. It is a commercial booking, in light of his recent comments in Leeds where he said that ‘we have declared Bradford an Israel free zone, any Israeli academics, any Israeli tourists’, I don’t want him coming to Belfast and speaking in a council facility.”Chaim Herzog was born in Belfast and spent his early life in Ireland. His father served as Cheif Rabbi for Ireland from 1919 to 1936. Herzog was born in 1918 and was educated in Dublin before immigrating to Palestine in 1935. He served as President of Israel between 1983 and 1993.Read: ‘Not welcome here’: Senator welcomes axing of child beauty pageantsRead: Two injured during anti-internment parade in Belfastlast_img read more

A priests heartfelt message of support to parents who are reluctant to

first_imgWhen Adelaide-based Greek Orthodox priest, Father Michael Psaromatis, posted a heartfelt message to his parishioners last Friday letting them know that he is fully supportive and perfectly aware of their struggles and efforts to bring their children to church, he never anticipated that within minutes parishioners from all over Australia would take to social media to express their gratitude towards his thoughtful gesture.“I am aware when you become red-faced, breaking out into sweats when your children start fidgeting and fussing inside the church, and I want you to know, that I have so much respect and admiration on how much you try to keep them quiet and calm during the church service,” wrote father Michael, aged 34, and one of the youngest, most forward-thinking priests in Adelaide.“I admire how you prepared you are when you come in, how hard you try and chase them down the aisle to nullify their noise and movements and I want you to know that I also feel your pain when I see those heads that turn in your direction and the eyes that roll, indicating a shameful dismay at the fact that you cannot keep your children under control and quiet when all you are doing is trying to participate in the Liturgy and hear the sermon.”READ MORE: “Mummy, I don’t want to go to Greek church”Father Michael Psaromatis with twin brothers Jordan and Samuel.Father Michael’s post sent a clear message to the rest of the parishioners to be less judgemental and more supportive towards young families who try and attend church services.“As a priest, I experience the inner bliss of distributing Holy Communion to little children, who are more worthy than all of us to approach the chalice of life. Your children teach me and us all with their innocence, that we need to become like them to inherit the Kingdom of God so let’s all take a moment to appreciate how blessed we are to have the young families and their children with us, actively participating in your and our struggle on the journey to the Kingdom of God. A struggle that includes seeing infants, toddlers, young children, whose parents are willing to brave the discomfort, inconvenience and stress of bringing them into Church, even if it seems completely futile.”In his heartfelt message, the son of one of the longest-serving priests of Adelaide, paid special tribute to the majority of his parishioners who are there to support the young parents and families and seek to assist where they can, sometimes simply by smiling at the young parents in an attempt to provide strength and courage to keep on going.“There are those of course who seem nervous, not because they are annoyed, but because they want you to feel at peace but aren’t sure how to physically help and so, proceed to pray for your family,” says father Michael pleading with young parents to build the strength and courage and continue to bring their children to Church.READ MORE: PM Scott Morrison: “May God bless the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia and may God continue to bless Australia”“Young families are our future,” he concluded, adding that “if you do not hear crying, the church is dying.”Postive reactionsSocial media users have since shared the priests message, congratulating him on having the courage to speak up about a matter that’s close to most Greek Orthodox young parents’ hearts.“I am the first to admit that I find it hard to be in church with my kids. I haven’t included my son for just this reason. It’s nice to know that our Fathers know we try. I’ve heard the clicks of tongues, the stares and the words spoken in judgement and it’s hard,” wrote a mother of three.“Before I was Orthodox and attended a church service where any noise of children caused horror, I often wondered; how can you possibly expect these children to be faithful in worship when they are adults if you refuse to welcome them as children,” wrote another user who recently joined the Greek Orthodox religion.“The children in church are a real blessing. We learn so much from them. No matter if they cry, run around or make noise. Seeing them kiss the icons, receive holy communion and witnessing the sheer joy in their faces is inspirational,” wrote another.“I needed this. It’s been so hard trying to take my newborn and his two-year-old brother to church service on a Sunday morning, but I really want to go so please don’t judge me. I am only trying,” wrote a young mother.“We are so blessed to have you as our spiritual guide and thank you for making us feel welcome despite the troubles our son might be causing inside your church from time to time,” wrote the father of a young autistic boy. To our dearest and blessed young mothers and fathers, Do not think your efforts go unnoticed when you come to Church…Posted by Michael Psaromatis on Thursday, 13 June 2019 Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Joe Mobile nouveau forfait à 5 euros avec lopérateur SFR

first_imgJoe Mobile : nouveau forfait à 5 euros avec l’opérateur SFRSFR avait dégainé, la semaine dernière, avec une offre Série RED à 5 euros pour contrer les tarifs de Free Mobile. L’opérateur enfonce le clou par l’intermédiaire de son autre opérateur low cost version web, Joe Mobile.Après un démarrage difficile, Joe Mobile refait surface à travers de nouvelles offres lancées à partir d’aujourd’hui, via son site web, et, spécificité de l’opérateur virtuel, entièrement paramétrables et sans engagements pour l’utilisateur. Si l’une concerne les tablettes “communicantes” et l’autre une proposition à 20 euros, c’est surtout celle débutant à 5 euros qui se place sous le feu des projecteurs.À lire aussiExpérimentation à Saint-Étienne : La 4G s’embrouille avec la TNT ? Elle dispose de la même tarification que celle proposée par la Serie RED du même opérateur la semaine dernière, mais celle-ci n’inclut que les SMS et MMS illimités pour 5 euros. Pour y introduire la voix, il faudra compter 10 euros supplémentaire en illimité, ou deux euros toutes les 30 minutes d’appels effectifs.Côté data, Internet est aussi de la partie, avec un ajout de 5 euros au forfait pour 1 Go de données, ou 2 euros tous les 50 Mo.Résultat des courses : pour 15 euros, l’utilisateur aura donc droit au SMS/MMS et Appels illimité, avec 1 Go de données. Une offre intéressante, donc, mais qui reste en-deçà de ce que propose Free Mobile, avec 3 Go de données pour l’Internet mobile, par exemple.Cela dit, le système d’option à adjoindre ou à retirer offre une alternative intéressante, et permettra de personnaliser son forfait, comme le souligne Mathieu Horn, fondateur de Joe Mobile à nos confrères du site Silicon : “nous avons fait dès le départ le pari de donner la main au client, ce qui est faisable si on lui fournit une interface claire de choix des options au moment de la souscription en ligne”.Le 26 novembre 2012 à 13:23 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Momo is dead says artist who created creepy bigeyed sculpture

first_imgThe supposed “Momo Challenge” made headlines recently, with representatives of YouTube saying the company has seen no recent evidence of videos promoting harmful and dangerous challenges on its site.But when stories about the alleged challenge made headlines, they were almost always accompanied by an unnerving image of a dark-haired creature with enormous eyes and a huge mouth. Now the artist who created that sculpture says he’s destroyed the creation. The Sun gives the artist’s name as Keisuke Aiso, but the original gallery link lists it as Keisuke Aisawa.The artist confirmed to The Sun that he was inspired by the Japanese legend of Ubume, a woman who dies in childbirth and returns in changed form to haunt the living.Only one eye remains of the rubber model, and he plans to recycle that eye in another work.”(The sculpture) doesn’t exist anymore, it was never meant to last,” he told The Sun. “It was rotten and I threw it away.”The supposed Momo Challenge reportedly originated on the WhatsApp messaging platform in 2018, and recently there were reports it had resurfaced on YouTube in the UK, allegedly hidden inside videos that appeal to kids. Aiso’s creature is supposedly shown as the face of a character named Momo who issues a series of challenges, including harming themselves and others. Although UK police and schools issued warnings about the challenge, YouTube said it has no evidence the challenge has been hidden in videos.Aiso said he intended the character to be scary but never intended it should be used to hurt anyone.”It is a ghoul, about the death of a woman in childbirth, in a way its reason for being is to scare children, but it wasn’t supposed to be used in the way it has,” he said. “It was never meant to be used to make children harm themselves or cause any physical harm.”He also said the creation was rotting and “looked even more terrifying” when he threw it out, and that he’s received threatening messages from those who think he was somehow involved in the challenge.”I have no regrets that it is gone,” he said. Japanese sculptor Keisuke Aiso didn’t respond to CNET’s request for comment, but the artist told British tabloid newspaper The Sun he’s thrown out the artwork.”The children can be reassured Momo is dead,” he told The Sun. “She doesn’t exist and the curse is gone.”The original sculpture, called Mother Bird, shows a human-style head with long dark hair spread sparsely over the creature’s forehead, enormous round eyes, an oversized mouth and a flattened nose. The naked creature has the feet of a bird and not much of a torso. It was built in 2016 and displayed at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. Comments 4 Tagscenter_img ‘Shark stepping on a Lego’ photo goes viral; here’s the real story National Weather Service issues ‘small dog warning’ due to wind Bruno Ganz, whose Hitler scene from Downfall took over YouTube, dies at 77 More viral news Share your voice Online Digital Medialast_img read more

Man indicted for January Point Woronzof murders

first_img21-year-old Jamal Hall was indicted for the two murders at Point Woronzof on January 28, 2016. He is also wanted by Anchorage Police for a robbery at an Anchorage Walgreens. (Photo courtesy of Anchorage Police Department)An Anchorage grand jury has indicted a 21-year-old man in a double homicide at Anchorage’s Point Woronzof in January of this year.Listen NowThe Anchorage District Attorney’s office announced four charges of murder in the first and second degree against Jamal Hall through a press release Monday afternoon.On January 28th, responding to a 911 call, police found the body of Selena Mullenax. Soon after, the body of Foriegnne Aubert-Morrissette was discovered further down the beach. According to the DA’s office, witnesses place Hall at the scene where he allegedly shot the two victims.Hall is still at large. He is also wanted by Anchorage police for a robbery at an Anchorage Walgreens last month.last_img read more

Texas Man With 3DPrinted Gun And Hit List Of Lawmakers Sentenced To

first_img Share Eric Gay/APA 3D-printed gun called the Liberator. A man was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday for violating a court order after he printed his own 3D gun.Eric Gerard McGinnis was not supposed to have a gun. After a violent altercation with his girlfriend, a Texas judge barred him in 2015 from possessing a firearm. A year later, McGinnis tried to buy a gun anyway, but the purchase wouldn’t go through after a background check revealed the court order.So, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, McGinnis obtained a barrel, stock, upper receiver and grip — and then used a 3D printer to create the gun’s firing mechanism. He assembled the parts into a short-barrel AR-15 style rifle, and headed out into the woods with what federal attorneys called a “hit list” of Democratic and Republican lawmakers, including their office and home addresses. The list was titled, “9/11/2001 list of American Terrorists.”McGinnis was arrested in 2017 after officers heard three shots in the woods. On Wednesday he was sentenced to eight years in prison.“When he realized he couldn’t legally purchase a firearm, Eric McGinnis circumvented our gun laws by 3D-printing his weapon, eliminating the need for a background check,” said Erin Nealy Cox, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas.While McGinnis was being sentenced in Texas, Democrats in the House of Representatives were attempting to make good on their promise to tighten gun laws. The Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved two bills expanding background checks for gun purchases. Those laws would require checks even at gun shows or in private sales. According to Politico, the legislation “stands virtually no chance in the Senate,” which is controlled by Republicans.McGinnis’ attempt to legally purchase a firearm was stymied by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. But legislation proposed yesterday in the Senate deals directly with 3D printable guns. A group of Democrats proposed a law that would maintain current laws against publishing 3D printed gun information over the internet.The Senate Democrats criticized President Trump’s proposal to transfer oversight of 3D guns to the Commerce Department, arguing that would make it easier for people to get access to blueprints.“The Trump administration basically gave anyone – including criminals and murderers – a green light to 3D print and sell untraceable ‘ghost guns,’” said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn, according to The Washington Examiner. “Thankfully, the courts have blocked this for now, but Congress needs to act to close this glaring loophole before anyone gets killed.”It’s not just Congress that is considering gun legislation. In New Hampshire on Wednesday, state lawmakers considered multiple bills that would expand background checks to close the so-called “gun show loophole”; impose a seven-day waiting period for most firearm sales; and prohibit possession of firearms at school zones throughout the state.In Nevada, the state senate also approved a bill designed to close the gun show loophole. According to the Reno Gazette Journal, all eight members of the Republican minority party opposed the bill, arguing the law was a “feel-good” measure being passed for political reasons.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Wed August 30

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: Trump has lifted President Obama’s ban on surplus military hardware, such as tanks and grenade launchers, being given to police departments. Will discuss the implications of the controversial action with Neill Franklin, of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Plus, the Mod Squad, Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of The Real News Network, report on law enforcement and politics, including the breaking news of an eighth Baltimore Police officer charged federally for racketeering.These stories and much more on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes, Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m.last_img read more

As Puerto Rico Braces For Storm DHS FEMA To

first_img Carlos Giusti As Puerto Rico Braces For Storm, DHS, FEMA To Move $271… by NPR News Claudia Grisales 8.27.19 8:12pm As a major storm heads for Puerto Rico, the Department of Homeland Security and its Federal Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday they will move $271 million in funds to support President Trump’s border enforcement efforts. The Department of Homeland Security said it will transfer the emergency funds — including $155 million from FEMA’s disaster relief fund — to support new Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds as well as facilities for related court cases, according to documents obtained by NPR. In a July notification to Congress about the transfer, DHS said the $155 million comes from recoveries of prior year funds and that “absent significant new catastrophic events” the department believes the fund will still have enough money to operate.Congressional Democrats slammed the move on Tuesday, which comes at the peak of hurricane season and as Tropical Storm Dorian was poised to reach hurricane levels. “The Trump administration’s plan to divert money away from FEMA at the start of hurricane season to continue its efforts to separate and jail migrant families is backwards and cruel,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said. “Taking these critical funds from disaster preparedness and recovery efforts threatens lives and weakens the government’s ability to help Americans in the wake of natural disasters. Congress appropriated these funds to meet the American peoples’ priorities and I strongly oppose this effort to undermine our constitutional authority.”DHS alerted Congress to the move in a 15-page notification dated July 26, which NBC first reported earlier Tuesday. The agency is required to give Congress a 30-day notice to the plans.Democrats, opposed to the move, waited to respond until the end of that notification period in hopes of delaying the costly action, a congressional source familiar with the plans said. “I have significant concerns about the intended use of funds, and consequently, about the tradeoffs between that use and activities that would otherwise be funded from the source accounts,” California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, chair of a House Appropriations subcommittee, told DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan in an Aug. 23 letter. Roybal-Allard said the the reprogramming was unnecessary and the Trump administration was overstepping its authority. She noted that DHS components such as the U.S. Coast Guard could be hampered by the move. She added she was concerned about implementation of the agency’s immigration enforcement operations, which often ignores its budget directives from Congress and lack transparency. She urged McAleenan to work with the House Appropriations Committee to restore their partnership.”I am greatly concerned that during the course of this administration, there has been a growing disconnect between the will of Congress, as represented by ICE funding levels in enacted appropriations bills signed by the President, and the Department’s Immigration enforcement operations, which often lack justification,” Roybal-Allard said. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., also slammed the move Tuesday. “Once again, this administration is endangering America by moving funds away from emergency management for their extremist border agenda,” he said. “President Trump and his administration are not just endangering the lives of the children and families they seek to harm in the name of deterrence. By shortchanging preparedness, they’re endangering the lives of millions of Americans who live in hurricane zones as well.”The DHS notification to Congress expired on Sunday, the agency said in a statement Tuesday. The Department also defended the move, saying it is necessary to deal with the influx of migrants. “Given the rise of single adults crossing the border, ICE has already had to increase the number of detention beds above what Congress funded,” DHS said in its statement. “Without additional funding for single adult detention beds and transportation from the U.S. Border Patrol to ICE detention facilities, ICE will not be able to support the influx of migrants from U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehensions.”In its notification, DHS cited “a security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border” and the “high volume of aliens presenting themselves at ports of entry or entering illegally … and being released into the interior of the United States while they wait sometimes years for a final resolution of their case.” The shift in the funds would help DHS address the “crisis,” the department says, under authority provided in the fiscal year 2019 DHS appropriations act. As a result, DHS said it will transfer funds from its FEMA disaster relief fund and other accounts to the new border effort. Of the overall $271 million total, the agency said it will move $155 million to establish and operate temporary Migrant Protection Protocol, or MPP, Immigration Hearing Facilities along the Southwest border. Another $116 million will be used to pay for new detention beds, the agency said. “MPP court docket backlogs will continue to grow and ICE will not be able to effectively and efficiently move single adult migrants between detention centers and courtrooms without the funding,” the agency said. “This realignment of resources allows DHS to address ongoing border emergency crisis by alleviating the surge along the Nation’s Southwest Border while minimizing the risk to overall DHS mission performance.”Supporters of the administration’s immigration policies say Democrats have left the administration little choice but to take this action. Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, who is in regular discussions with the administration, said the transfer of the funds is necessary because ICE is so over budget due to the border crisis. They have to find the money from somewhere because Congress hasn’t given them what it needs, she said. “ICE’s priority caseload is growing, but the Democratic majority in the House does not support the level of enforcement that they consider to be the bare minimum for public safety and maintaining the most basic integrity of the law,” she said.”The border influx has strained ICE capacity,” she said. “Under the law, their detention capacity is set by Congress. They have to balance the criminal cases, border cases and other priorities like worksite operations and fugitives. And on top of that some people are mandatory to detained, such aggravated felons and prior deportees.” Franco Ordoñez contributed to this report.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit NPR.last_img read more

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first_img[World CupNews](| Save more on hotelsin South Africa | Great deals on car hirein South Africa [World CupHome](—home.html)| RelatedSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – TeamsSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – TeamsSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – The NetherlandsSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – The NetherlandsSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – JapanSouth Africa World Cup 2010 – Japan FixturesDateVenue [World CupVenues](—venues.html)| [World CupSchedule](—schedule.html)| [World CupPackages](—packages.html) [World CupTeams](—teams.html)| Denmark v JapanThu 24 JuneRoyal Bafokeng Stadiumcenter_img Netherlands v DenmarkMon 14 JuneSoccer City Cheap flightsto South Africa Get on the ball for less with Skyscanner | Great deals on packages to theSouth Africa World Cup Cameroon v DenmarkSat 19 JuneLoftus Versfeld Stadium [World CupGroups](—groups.html) —|—|—|— ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map [World CupDestinations](—destinations.html)| DenmarkWorld Cup Group EThe Danes saw off some impressive names in international football as they qualified for the tournament, claiming the scalps of both Sweden and Portugal. They are a strong, physical side with an impressive midfield able to distribute the ball well and develop chances. Where they are lacking, like other teams, is with a consistent goal-scorer up front who can finish the chances. Denmark can draw on the experience of players with top rank European credentials like Niklas Bendtner of Arsenal, Christian Poulsen of Juventus and Liverpool’s Daniel Agger.Matches:last_img read more