Watch Full Videos Of Dave Matthews Band’s Tour Debut-Heavy Run In Alpine Valley

first_imgEdit this setlist | More Dave Matthews Band setlists Dave Matthews Band brought their summer tour to the beautiful Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Elkhorn, WI, playing shows on July 1st and 2nd at the iconic venue. Now in the thick of their 25th anniversary tour, Dave Matthews and co continue to find new ways to surprise their ways by bringing out tour debuts, bust outs, and more!The shows opened up with a tease of “Dodo,” a song that hasn’t been played in 369 shows, before jamming into “What Would You Say” and “Warehouse.” The first night’s performance was highlighted by some great work on “Crush” and “Lie In Our Graves,” each getting the extended treatment, as well as a great “Typical Situation > Funny The Way It Is.” The show also featured the tour debut of “Sister,” which hadn’t been seen in 37 shows, and closed out with a great “Tripping Billies.”The run continued with a tour debut-heavy second show, which featured the first “So Right” opener since 5/22/13. The Tim Reynolds song “Grace Is Gone” made its first appearance in 70 shows, and the tour debut was certainly a great one. The band also played “Bartender” for the first time this year, and for the first time as a full band since 12/1/13.The biggest highlight from the run came in the final night’s encore, as the group busted out both “Oh” and “Two Step” each for the first time in 2016. The double encore with two tour debuts capped off an incredible two nights of music.Watch full videos of the run below, courtesy of aerofan2007. You can navigate between songs with the icon in the top left corner.Alpine Valley Night OneAlpine Valley Night TwoCheck out setlists from both nights, below.Edit this setlist | More Dave Matthews Band setlistslast_img

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