College students into the nternet for two years experience two

yesterday for some of the experience gained with you about my early site after site, today I to you say some of the problems about the site encountered in the development process, I set up some enlightenment from second site, hope to be able to help more webmaster friends, here we go.

on the site in the process of operation, I was the site mainly faced three difficulties, one is the site of a shortage of manpower, two is not how much money to website development, website three is often a problem, that is the three problem that I cruel will close it, and set up their own second websites. We discuss the three problems.

understaffed, hinder the rapid development of the site

when I was reading, reading children website is also with a cavity blood, after a period of time that every web site operators to write articles, send the chain and so on is a very troublesome thing, so want to be lazy, every day will go online to copy some articles, then ends with modifications have been used this method for a few weeks, the later the website articles are not included, after some consultation I learned this kind of cheating has caused the search engine punishment, if not for rectification, so can the site will be K, this is a personal website trouble, what if must be hands-on if it is impossible.

tip: from the shortage caused by the site being punished now in many sites caused serious consequences, to build a website, running a successful website is needed, I think the establishment of website content and don’t think of plagiarism, but should be truly original, if you have the money then you can ask. No money, it is only his hard point. I think every day can only update one to two high quality articles is feasible.

lack of funds, the site has no income

to do business in the reality of most people’s idea is money with money, as well as in the Internet, where not much investment to earn money for you? When I entered the Internet met several aspects of money, 1 is to buy the chain for money, 2 of their own advertising money. The 3 is the site sometimes encountered technical problems also need money. I’m just a college student, I am just a few hundred dollars per month for living expenses, the money stuff like Alexander on my shoulders, so the site without too much investment, this website for a long time have not a penny of income, hang a few ads no one click, click and think of cheating too tired, too much trouble, so have to give up this website to establish second website ideas.

tip: lack of funds has been the factors restricting the development of small and medium-sized site, many sites are giving up development because of lack of funds in the face of this situation, I can only say that as far as possible to save the cost, there is on the site before the operation will be combined with their own funds to choose a good project, I do second web sites the thought of "

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