Alibaba 2016 fiscal year electricity supplier turnover GMV broken 3 trillion

sina science and technology news March 21st afternoon news, 14:58 this afternoon, 37 seconds, Alibaba group’s fiscal year 2016 electricity supplier turnover (GMV) exceeded $3 trillion. This means that Alibaba in fiscal year (April 1, 2015 ~ March 31, 2016) is expected to surpass WAL-MART, the world’s largest retail platform.


Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of

Alibaba group, said, since the birth of Taobao in 2003 so far, we spent 13 years to become the world’s largest retail platform. This is a new technology, new ideas, fully mobilize the resources of society as a whole, so that social participation and common prosperity."

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong believes that with the gradual improvement of the new ecosystem, Ali is more to consider to promote domestic demand, to solve the employment, stimulating the rural economy and other social responsibility. The 3 trillion is a new starting point."

next target: 2020 fiscal year turnover of over $6 trillion

3 trillion is a new starting point for the Alibaba, the next goal is: 2020 fiscal year, becomes the first human platform turnover of over 6 trillion yuan of the company; in 2024, with commercial ecological globalization, Alibaba will further grow into a service for 2 billion consumers and tens of millions of business platform.

Zhang Yong said that the next goal is a turnover of over 6 trillion, which means Ali not only to do the representative of China’s new economy, but also to take responsibility for the global economy. In his view, GMV is just a way to create value, but not the only one. We are providing value based service into business diversification from simple sales channels, including brand awareness, customer relationship, improve management and operational efficiency, data storage and analysis, cloud computing and so on."

in this concept, the Alibaba "cloud, network, terminal" new business infrastructure gradually formed: "cloud" refers to cloud computing; "network" includes not only the Internet, but also to expand the field of things; "the end" is in direct contact with the user’s personal computer, mobile devices, wearable devices and the sensor, and the form of software application.

as a new source of energy to run these commercial infrastructure – the ability to tap and utilize data is the key to productivity growth and business model innovation. Therefore, the data as an independent factor, and land, capital, labor is considered as equally important factors of production.

hidden behind the 3 trillion is: after more than 10 years of accumulation, Alibaba through data empowerment, has brought great commercial value. More importantly, Alibaba will continue to open up the data to the whole society, to do business innovation and development of infrastructure, as the industrial era of hydropower, the same, resulting in greater social value.

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