2014 worth looking forward to the 4 nternet venture team


for the Internet, 2013 is by no means a quiet year, the Internet has changed dramatically, BAT eroded mergers and acquisitions to consolidate the status of the big bang to carve up the big three. Other giants are unrelenting, millet actively deployed the "family economy" eco industrial chain, Lenovo to flex to successfully build eggplant fast transfer test software industry, 360 in the 2013 "safe food" extends to APP, shops, and even hardware Renaissance oath and the "Penguin" fight to the end. When we praise when high rich handsome, is aware of "grass root" of the Internet grassroots entrepreneurial team is trying to understand the essence of the Internet, to make a turnaround, get the 4G license has a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment? The Internet, broadband demand rose gestates new opportunities. In 2014, the entrepreneurial team is optimistic about the horse may be deus ex


1.Camera 360: photo processing

on-line less than a year, Camera360 version of the user has more than 10 million Android, the world has exceeded one hundred million users. Camera360 is the Chengdu fruit products Technology Co., Ltd. launched based on iOS, Windows Phone and Android powerful mobile phone photography software. Be able to take pictures of different styles, different effects, and Internet sharing. It has more than 30 kinds of special effects and powerful shooting mode, although there is a lot of software and he is similar, but the software for many users feel: "as long as I want, it can be done very well."

for young people to take pictures of the keen, Camera360 has a huge market potential; but also have a doubt: the Internet ecosystem is being formed by a single function, no system of business model of the products can be in business on the road to become bigger and stronger


2 Ruyi cloud: intelligent routing

2013 is known as the first year of intelligent routing, hardware rejuvenation for start-up software company has brought a new dawn. The best is Chengdu – cloud technology to catch up with the "best choice for mobile phone application Xiaoyun cloud landing", will start the journey to another height. Ruyi cloud is a private cloud system built in, external USB expansion and support third party plug-in platform intelligent routing, routing is not the same as the definition of intelligence. The best – cloud concept and available to play new received consistent attention and look forward to the industry. According to the news, it is also a record breaking sales. In addition, the recent Yi Yun revealed that 2014 will launch new products, the introduction of high-end NAS hard disk protection, automatic charging and pulling the phone eye 3D printing and other innovative elements.

intelligent routing is the advent of the Internet of things and smart home before the inevitable home information center, 4G payment is to provide a fertile soil for its growth, while in Baidu, HUAWEI, millet, 36>

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