Novice Taobao guest 2012 entry experience

away for 20111 years, has just entered in 2012, the year of the dragon, we often say that they are descendants of the dragon, the dragon is also a symbol of auspicious. After the new year, new start, I believe that with the online shopping market prosperity, we also see the Internet is becoming increasingly popular, perhaps, there are many like I want to enter the Taobao customer field of new friends in 2012, want to engage in Internet work will be more and more. In this Internet era, many people want to earn an income from Taobao, customers in the past two years, has been a hot topic in Chinaz! Today to share some experience for Taobao to enter the door! Novice reference! I’m not what master, just as a person, a grassroots webmaster to those who want to enter, with Taobao in guest field this year novice some suggestions, hope everyone in, ready to start planning a lot of Amoy! Of course, the most important, to have their own goals.

first, Taobao entry novice to learn to believe that others believe in themselves better.

to do Taobao guest, especially the novice just started, I think this is very important. Last year, the phrase "whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway", popular very for a long time, until now I often see some guest group inside the "true or false?" "no" "can’t believe" reply, one monthly income in 10 thousand or later the guest expressed doubts about the income.

when I first started contacting Taobao, it was also the mentality. But now I believe user’s ability to buy everyone can feel that, online shopping has become a part of your life, as a subsidiary of Taobao Taobao customer products, the income and purchasing power is also linked to the user’s! Hundreds of millions of transactions, as a guest, the promotion the products get a commission, there are ten thousand or more high income in a month, too normal.

when I came into contact with Taobao customers, often encounter friends say Taobao customers can not be done, too much competition! Let us look at the surrounding environment, which is not in the fierce industry competition? Now each big forum will still be asked Taobao customers can do, in fact they may on Taobao customers do not know, or do not know how to start off Taobao. The reason I’m still adhere to the guest, is because I believe that as long as Taobao is still the case, Taobao customers will always exist, if you can make money off of Taobao, how you will only suspect not to try, I am afraid it is difficult for you to have a great harvest in Amoy inside.

novice to enter Taobao, please learn to believe, of course, you can first skeptical to try to learn basic knowledge of Taobao customers, and then combined with their own experience, to verify the idea! Of course, no matter what you do, there is no 100% success, but, if you don’t try too! No 1% success!

two, there are ideas, goals have to resolutely implement.

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