nfluence of blog on the store management

recently when the boss and several friends talk about, talked about the blog on the impact the management of the store, almost all of them agree with the blog to help attract customers. However, when asked whether they do a blog on your website, only one said to do, but not updated frequently, other people are not do, common reason is too busy. I can understand the operation of a store does take a lot of time, but compared to the hundreds of thousands of investment in fixed assets to a small business blog said, understand the important role of attracting customers, to spend hours a week to write a blog, " " does not seem to be sufficient; busy; the reason. More interesting is that in the last quarter, the boss have spent a lot of time on different occasions in different ways to do the advertising, do promotion, spending and investment is much more than writing Blog input.

in the previous post, I talked about the importance of a simple blog shop. In addition, there is an important function of blog advertising. Frequently updated blog in the enterprise web site search optimization is helpful, because the search engines love updated website, this website will be helpful for ranking. In addition, the blog is an important tool to maintain customer relationship, cultivate customer base, customers can comment on blogs, comments, and the boss established channels of communication. This is a kind of brand culture and marketing way. Good blog can also help website external links more, this the same will improve your alignment position, more target consumers are more likely to find your website, find your product or service, and ultimately help you store sales and business Obviously, the store set up its own blog and often update it, which is the most economical way of advertising.

actually, each boss has several employees, each employee can participate in the blog according to their different expertise updates. Blog content sources can be used in soft advertising, press releases, or other company documents, slightly modified, is not necessarily a new creation can also comment on this. In the industry news, for some industries published some policy opinions and so on. If it do blog, time and content of the source should be no problem, the key lies in understanding the importance of the blog. I think, if each boss put the blog as a free advertisement not to spend money, I think we will pay attention to it.

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