Analysis on the feasibility of the development of e commerce of agricultural products in China


e-commerce started since 90s, after the initial period, embryonic period, development period, stable period, up to now has just entered the stable period, which lasted 20 years, the electronic commerce China type in first-tier cities among the nearly saturated, empty momentum in the two or three line of the city, especially e-commerce market segments it is a gap in the market. Throughout the development of e-commerce in China, has been caught in the Matthew effect". In this paper, agricultural e-commerce, for example, analysis of the feasibility of e-commerce development in China:

agricultural e-commerce information

Internet is a special kind of media, the speed of information dissemination is amazing, good at capturing the opportunities of businessmen are using information, as an industry benchmark. The foresight to seize opportunities, to seek more for their own values and interests. According to the author’s observation, agricultural e-commerce information is currently a market gap, the independent operation of large-scale e-commerce information rarely. At present, the market is mainly to fill the gaps in agricultural information portal. Such as Sina agricultural products information, agricultural products and agricultural Tencent information, product information etc..

agricultural e-commerce platform

e-commerce platform, a platform for businesses or individuals to provide online trading platform. So the agricultural e-commerce platform is a platform for enterprises or individuals to provide agricultural products trading platform. If the Alibaba is the originator of China’s e-commerce, then send the 28 pioneer of agricultural trading network is agricultural products e-commerce. Then the agricultural e-commerce platform to establish what benefits? We have 28 of the trade of agricultural products on line about the problem:

information in time

information era, the transaction is not only physical, but more important is the speed and channel to obtain information. Agricultural products is a special commodity, the product cycle is short, perishable or expired. Mature agricultural products must be timely flow out, the purchase of accurate and timely information on the requirements of special strict. Must be accurate, timely and fast these 3 characteristics.


agriculture itself lags behind the development of industry, the circulation of agriculture has also been greatly limited. Traditional agricultural circulation can only be from the county to the city to the province, and finally to the country, the need to continue to build more circulation center. The establishment of 28 agricultural e-commerce platform, greatly improving the cross regional agricultural trade, greatly expanding the scope of the market. A number of links is omitted in the transaction process, directly from the fruit and vegetable farmers buy all kinds of agricultural products, but also greatly reduce procurement costs of enterprises.

AC convenient

for the convenience of the Internet is to make the communication more convenient, whether it is thousands of miles apart, or in slowly, such as face-to-face communication. The establishment of 28 agricultural products agricultural district, the area of all farmers well together, so that they can better communicate, learn from each other.

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