New year’s day marketing surprisingly H5 interactive weapon detonated circle of friends

what is the butterfly effect? Is the southwest corner of the small, open the document out the first line, the product manager Northeast Office sneezed three times. Yes, I was in the dark he. Did not expect 2016 a few days, small series is still relentlessly in the black him. This copy from rolia revolutionary friendship, how can not the implantation of a



‘s marketing tricks, interactive weapon detonated circle of friends

quickly to new year’s day, Xiao Bian also had no money to buy a gift for you, write a small article as a new year gift, to give everyone a happy. Hey, we have a new product on the line!)

two new year gift – "new year fireworks", "fortune" laser, please.

New Year Fireworks: Christmas night, fireworks on new year. Although the brick house said fireworks may be caused by haze, but love lively of the Chinese nation have countermeasures? Such as the game –

combined with the actual situation, the fireworks once you put a enough, also called friends each other, more surprise gift gift ~ ~ Oh, I have been unable to control the

send a few…


(PC side scan two-dimensional code, the phone terminal long by identification, try a quick)

laser Horoscope: lighting, sound, ready! Laser striker has been in place, the new year will see how laser ball breeds what magic



(PC side scan two-dimensional code, the phone terminal long by identification, try a quick)

two interactive games, specifically for the new year’s day marketing development, combined with the joy of the New Year atmosphere, it is easy to cause fans emotional resonance. Public number rose pink interactive, circle of friends explosive spread, two weapon shot, marketing mission will reach.

Of course, in addition to the two

New Year’s Day holiday interactive marketing game, especially pig CMS last week also push three new year activities customized version of the game – "one", "pick red run", entrepreneurs "with the new year rush".

Qiao received a red envelope: this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only big red. Naughty red flash, how to correctly capture? It’s time to play your first force.


(PC side scan two-dimensional code, mobile phone terminal press recognition, grab a gift)

run Entrepreneur: the road of entrepreneurship has ups and downs. The game vividly shows the entrepreneurs positive, hard work side. And new year’s day does not matter, Xiao Bian is trying to write, Zha?



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