Water and electricity provider Gongwangfu enabled Tmall two level domain name on the line

renamed China (eName.cn) January 27th news, yesterday, Gongwangfu on-line e-commerce platform launch ceremony is held, the popular actress Li Chen was invited to open Gongwangfu e-commerce platform. Its flagship store in Tmall mall is enabled by the two domain name gongwangfu.tmall.com.


: Gongwangfu business platform line ceremony

Gongwangfu is the most complete preservation of the Qing Dynasty palace China existing palace, is a national key cultural relics protection units. The museum visitors will be adhering to the "take home", with the promotion of e-commerce in the form of welfare culture spread, expanding the spread of palace culture influence and force concept, Gongwangfu e-commerce platform was born. With the appearance of Gongwangfu 2015 new year new electricity supplier for the special limited edition "the best in all the land Fu" package will also debut blessing.

by China renamed whois information query, Gongwangfu three spell domain name gongwangfu.com/.cn/.com.cn is not in the name of Gongwangfu management center.

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