Chinese group purchase website in 2010 closed capital flowers who

2010, Groupon Chinese swept, all kinds of domestic group purchase website fast, become a "Chinese Internet market wonderful". As of November 2010, data show that many thousands of Chinese group purchase website, such a large group purchase market enterprising, dragons and fishes jumbled together, "water", has developed rapidly, but the rapid closure of the. Faced with such a large enterprise groups and the market, the vast majority of capital in a wait-and-see state, of course, there are rapid action. Clear research center will be through a series of data, inventory 2010 China buy site capital orientation, to share the Chinese market is "buy" and "non".

, the leader of Beijing China group purchase group purchase market, enterprise All flowers bloom together.

According to the

group purchase navigation website group 800 data show that in October 2010, Beijing is the regional market Chinese group purchase sales ranked first in the city, accounting for 57.29%, followed by Shanghai, accounted for 17.01%, two first-tier cities with a number of e-commerce consumer groups more mature and large group purchase enterprises, leading Chinese group purchase regional sales market. However, it is worth noting that the sale of regional sales of the company was sinking trend, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xi’an and other second tier cities to further open the market. Second tier cities sinking, the need for huge funds to expand the regional market, which provides access to capital.

according to the group 800 data show that in September 2010, China’s group buying industry sales of the top ten sites are more stable, such as the public comment network, the U.S. group, handle, etc.. However, the regional ranking of the site is slightly different. From the Beijing market, Sohu love group, Fantong club, Wo Wo Group rice and vegetable roll, good performance, Beijing ranked the top ten group purchase market. From the Shanghai market, the Amoy play to buy, QQ buy, easy to buy, etc. also achieved good performance, ranking ten in Shanghai market. Clear research center analysis believes that individual buy site has a certain regional, which is not only the characteristics of the site itself, but also trapped in the performance of capital pressure.

2010 B2C e-commerce market investment boom, capital depth mining market

research center data show that in January 2010 -11 months, China’s e-commerce B2C is still the focus of attention of the capital, investment cases up to 37. Among them, the number of cases to disclose the amount of investment for 23 pens, the total investment amount of $371 million. From 2010 B2C e-commerce investment, investors more diversified, the number of cases of Series A investment still holds the total number of cases in the market first, investment companies such as Martha Marceau, also bought a wedding ring net, net, net, bazaar, Fontainebleau are the first to obtain investment enterprises, widely distributed in clothing, consumer goods, jewelry, cosmetics, and other segments of group purchase. Of course, Series B investment cases occurred in 8 cases, with a total amount of $72 million 120 thousand, of which Amoy music, but also to buy the network, still product network, handle, cool group, etc. get B round of investment. However >

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