Taobao to sell food access system to implement more than 90% private shop or eliminated

young people online to buy snacks is a normal thing, but the safety of online shopping food has also been a concern. It is reported that the beginning of this year, Taobao’s implementation of the system of access to food sellers. Insiders are worried that the move will likely cause about 90% of the private food shop was eliminated.

this month from Taobao to sell food must have a certificate of

it is reported that this year, Taobao began to implement the system of access to food sellers. The owner of the food sales agent must also issue a copy of the permit for the circulation of the food manufacturer. Unable to provide "food circulation permit" seller, will not continue to sell.

is currently on Taobao, many sellers have received the relevant statement said: "the initiative of all the food sellers business entrance to shop for a permit local industrial and commercial bureau, Taobao will be in January 2010 to start a comprehensive food seller certificate access." Once the cable card access work officially started, failed to provide the food circulation permit, the seller of food, its store food will be processed under the shelf.

it is understood that, according to the food safety law stipulates that food business households must go to the business sector for food circulation license, before they can apply for a business license to engage in food management. And since June last year, the new food circulation license has also begun to issue.

but the business side said that from the current relevant laws, "food circulation permit" only on the real conditions audit management place, there is no provision for the permit to operate the food shop. Therefore, the industry and Commerce Department temporarily no basis for the shop and distribute this card.

industry worried about the loss of the seller

Taobao strict management of food online shopping behavior should be a good thing, the industry has been worried that the move will likely result in more than 90% of the private food shop was eliminated.

and the implementation of the system of access to food sellers will not have an impact on the entire online shopping food products, what kind of effect needs to be discussed. Insiders said, mainly to see the execution. If the strict implementation of its pre impact will be the entire online shopping food business.

analysts believe that the regulation of food must be conservative and prudent, it is necessary. This policy can be implemented in place, the key lies in how to sell the food on the Internet to establish a good quality food sellers to obtain a license to operate the flow of food. On the implementation of strict access to food sellers should not be a Taobao, or a few, but all online shopping sites should be executed simultaneously. Otherwise, it will result in the loss of the policy regulation caused by the loss of the seller, so not only did not solve the problem, but also bring new problems.

network vendors consider moving


on Taobao to sell their cake, according to the relevant regulations, no name and address, health permits, even three products, to apply for a license is impossible." Shenzhen sellers Campanula provisions of this new form.

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