12 18 peak moment as Gome online detonated in the old mu special

18 per month is as everyone knows, the United States online promotion cycle peak, the old Mu special moment as the finale of the drama, much of the attention of consumers. In December 18, 2014 as the last 18 days of the annual peak this year back, 20:00-24:00 the last four hours Gome online old Mu special blockbuster hits, 4.18, 6.18, 8.3 reproduction men’s day peak price of passion. Please hurry back, at least 20000 to 1000, with 3000 to 2000 huge preferential new. The old Mu special commodity not only covers 3C, home appliances, automobile special also launched fast consumer goods department venue, second 0 yuan, 0 yuan, Home Furnishing Jiezhuang super single red coupons, fashion shoes and bags explosion models straight down activities, comprehensive coverage, commodity prices are amazing, from the United States online chairman Mou Guixian personally selected goods and preferential combination, it is worth looking forward to


the old Mu special known as the United States online peak, in the last four hours, the 12.18 annual explosion field feedback peak speed put the price for 4 hours. TCL48 inch high-end air quality rose gold, passion back price only 2998 yuan; the boss 60Q8+30B5 smoke stove package price 4300 yuan, the old Mu special special offer price of 3780 yuan, not only the boss kitchen smoke to take home, seven sets of distribution tool more gentleman. IPhone Plus 16G nouveau riche gold 6088 yuan sold out so far.

4.18 Pinnacle anniversary explosion field feedback, blasting hot products again cheap Haier BCD-649WE 649 liters encore, double door refrigerator, only 3888 yuan; SHARP humidification type negative ion air purifier sterilization deducting the cash 1701 yuan, only 1498, so you can remove the haze of trouble; Little Swan 1398 yuan is the price explosion of popular products.


UPS, and Jingdong, the annual explosion field feedback, the price is lower than the Jingdong. HUAWEI glory 6 high version 4G Unicom mobile phone 32G version of panic buying price of 2188 yuan HP notebook 2566 yuan millet mobile phone; 416GB activity price 1988 yuan.

8.3 super men’s Day burst field feedback, home appliances, 3C, cars, gold all the 17% off, the day wonderful, today to reproduce. Philips/ three PHILPS electric shaver head straight down 268 yuan, 290 yuan; man 99 yuan, white duck down content as high as 70% for your winter no longer cold.

old Mu special is part of a monthly 18 peak moment of Gome online promotional activities, compared to the whole category promotion, old Mou special to "fewer but better" win, in addition to price concessions, more is to meet the needs of different identity, age, occupation, level of different users purchase demand, especially for those days the job is busy, busy commuters online shopping. The old user to the United States online, Lao Mu recommended, called "private custom", of course, reliable quality and service. Follow the old Mu ", often have discount, Gome online for you.

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