nman Fang Jianhua reshaping the business model must first test

news March 30th, the day before, China clothing forum held in Beijing, as the presidium chairman Yin CEO Fang Jianhua brought the "party" thought is the "wall", make snap to get rid of the traditional closed, reshaping the business model.

it is understood that the traditional shops, brands and customers, there is no communication between the customer and the customer, the clerk acts as a shopping guide role, the transaction will be completed and broken relationship.

in this regard, Fang Jianhua pointed out, to get rid of this cold sale, to have human feelings and temperature, with friendship in the retail agency inside. The future, service depth on the individual needs of consumers will be more exuberant, scene experience will be more and more important in the future of the retail entity, Yan man will slow life tone of the brand into the substance of the temperature of the scene to attract more consumers to the store experience.

It is reported that

, Yin + (home), extending from the traditional clothing category, including the slow life space seven meters in the visual range of products, covering clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, Home Furnishing, book bar, cafe, presents a specific life scene.

"in the management of people, fun, play is the key. Well versed in traditional industrial entities and consumer alienation difficulties, we put each Yin + all create a fan of slow life fun interactive entertainment community based on gene delivery, stimulate the staff, from the concert, hand classes, floral art etc. the theme activities emerge in an endless stream, improve customer stickiness." Fang Jianhua says.

According to

billion state power network to understand, from July last year, officially launched the "Yin Yin +" 1000 city shops plan, since 8 months, has signed 256 cooperation.

In addition, Fang Jianhua also said that in order to adapt to reshape the business model, the internal gene must also be adjusted accordingly

. The future of the "Internet plus" mode is to the center, and unlike in the past is a market. We are to the center of the scene, with the geographical location, thousands of people face, everyone needs to be able to achieve. In order to maximize the connection of all walks of life, and their own vertical areas to make the results of the integration of partners, so that the power of the ecological is the most powerful."

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