China YAHOO launched buy site navigation channel YAHOO reunion

following micro-blog, group purchase become major website standard. has a group purchase platform "Juhuasuan", as a subsidiary of Ali China YAHOO, staggered positioning, today officially launched the group purchase website navigation channel: YAHOO.

YAHOO reunion, mission you need. YAHOO Reunion ( located in the group purchase website authentication, group purchase group purchase group purchase for polymerization, comments, and worry and effort. Polymerization has been the United States Mission network, glutinous rice group, handle network and other more than and 20 buy site buy information. According to today’s open group, restaurant food, leisure and entertainment, life consumption, online shopping goods classification. You can switch between different cities, view group purchase information.

each group of information, in addition to commodity information, the evaluation of the site, the information is generated by China’s own YAHOO. Click on the "buy" button to jump to the Group buy site.

YAHOO set up a hot search keywords, hot selling goods list and buy the site concerned about the list, the trend of convergence buy.

Yahoo! Kimo in October last year with the launch of GOMAJI and the group purchase channel, today can be checked, has been renamed Yahoo! Kimo large group purchase, also located in the group purchase site navigation, Groupon, 17P, polymerization of good handle network, the four 17Shopping group purchase website information.

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