Tmall business users suspected 3 tons of liquid detergent malicious single


one merchant said malicious orders, Tmall responded that if there is a malicious purchase behavior, the joint police prosecute.

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) occupation buyers eyeing businesses online shopping platform, the moment a huge amount of pay brings to businesses sometimes is no longer a surprise, but not panic. In August 5th, Tmall business reporter to reflect on the former was 17 mystery buyer malicious single. He suspects that this is a number of professional buyers online fraud.

large list of

momentsAccording to the method of

Louis’s flagship store Liu described the person in charge, in July 23rd 11:19-11:48 15:55-15:59, the store by 17 mysterious buyers two single malicious attacks, "buyers" pen has a total of 57 orders, totaling more than 600 pieces of goods for domestic washing liquid a total of nearly 3 tons.

among them, the user name is "days if Xi" buyers in the 15:55-15:59 between just 4 minutes, the order of the 3 pen, a total of 240, the purchase of nearly 1 tons of liquid detergent.

, the day we shop to do activities, 9 points, the beginning of a minute about a single, single, from 11:20 or so a sudden increase in the volume of orders for two." Liu said that at the beginning also feel very happy, but more and more feel wrong.


, there claiming to represent members from buyers through want to chat and telephone, obtain turnover 20%-30% payments to Mr. Liu, and threatened, if not agreed by way of collective returns to the company caused greater losses.

did not succeed in extortion

Mr. Liu told reporters, according to Tmall rules, if the seller can not be shipped 72 hours, Tmall will be punished and margin points. Tmall provides that if the buyer in the purchase of goods and payment of Tmall success, businesses must be shipped within 72 hours. Delay in delivery, businesses need to pay 30% of the actual transaction price of the commodity as a breach of contract, and the maximum amount of not more than $500. This penalty is paid from the seller to pay the deposit to the buyer.

but Mr. Liu is worried that if the delivery within 72 hours, the buyer can be no reason to refuse, it will result in their logistics costs, labor costs, packaging costs and other aspects of the loss.

it is understood that a total of 17 buyers under the laundry liquid nearly 3 tons, worth more than $20 thousand, if the normal delivery, logistics costs should be more than 16 thousand yuan.

"in July 24th, the buyer on behalf of the two call, the threat of blackmail to ask for 4000 yuan, respectively, to 17 the Alipay account, can not do it, if before 12, the complaints to Tmall." Liu said.

subsequently, Mr. Liu reported to the public security department, while reporting to Tmall, and showed the retained site transactions, chat screenshots and call recording and other evidence.

"later that"

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