Wei Zhe speech nterpretation of Alibaba 2008 four keywords

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Wei Zhe: all employees of Alibaba, all customers of the Alibaba, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone! Last year when the first general meeting of shareholders meeting, we expect that as a young company, the Alibaba as a younger listed companies will be listed in the first year after the very difficult, but we do not since we met last thought will become so difficult, whether it is for me, for our team, including our company believe that the vast majority of today’s guests, shareholders, customers have experienced a very memorable and very difficult period. In this year I think there are four key words to help us through the difficult 2008, these four key words: the first is the vision; the second is optimistic; the courage is the third; the fourth is patience. I will share with each of our shareholders and guests what we have learned and done in 2008.

First of all,

is the first word. I thank our board of directors, the chairman of our board of directors, from their perspective, when the economy was very hot and we may be the first in the world to shout out "economic winter is coming, because we see behind the overheating of the economy, whether it is the raw material of the capital market, the stock market real estate market or the bulk, in February last year, we repeatedly put forward the economic crisis the winter is coming, and will bear the brunt of the impact will be Chinese foreign trade, will be Chinese and SMEs in the whole world. This is our vision to see other people do not see the risk. The second part of our vision including in a crisis to see others do not see the opportunity to see the future, after the crisis, it is that we firmly believe that with the arrival of the crisis just can make electronic commerce, can make B2B on behalf of the online international trade and domestic trade to receive more and more people, we believe that the purchase method in under the economic crisis the buyer will need more efficient, e-commerce will make the original purchase as the supplement has gradually become the mainstream of their purchasing behavior, this is our eyes can see.

please shareholders and guests to see me today for the first video for you, we look at a typical from Western buyers is how the economic crisis more aware of e-commerce can not only help him to purchase, also can help him do sales, I have to look at the big screen.

this video, although the end of the Alibaba taxi in Hongkong, but we reiterate that we do not intend to enter the taxi industry is very competitive. This video reflects the past three quarters we added 3 million overseas members in a molecule, till today we all over the world members, a total of from Alibaba was born to now ten years a total of 8 million 600 thousand, 8 million 600 thousand in 3 million is actually from the beginning of the financial crisis last year in the three quarter, one-time explosion up here.

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