Pharmaceutical companies time honored sea fishing gold Tongrentang self export platform

[Reuters] Remember Fantian billion state power red on Amazon Mayinglong hemorrhoids ointment? Through cross-border electricity supplier channels, domestic time-honored pharmaceutical companies received an unexpected favor overseas. While some of the pharmaceutical companies are ready to go to war in cross-border export channels, such as another time-honored tongrentang.

In fact,

Tongrentang products have been through the general trade channels overseas, currently in 21 countries and regions have stores, product marketing in more than and 40 countries and regions. But through the export of cross-border electricity supplier, Tongrentang is officially started from the end of 2016.

it is reported that, in 2015, Beijing Tongrentang Group founded Tongrentang international, and soon on the line is responsible for the introduction of cross-border electricity supplier health platform, natural amoy". December 16, 2016, the Church of the international line is responsible for going out of the cross-border electricity supplier platform Tongrentang international, said the Chinese herbal medicine and plant health products and services to the global consumer.


(Figure: cross border import platform natural Amoy, responsible for the introduction of)


(Tongrentang international platform, responsible for "going out")

"Tongrentang" want to become a window for the spread of traditional Chinese medicine through proprietary platform." Person in charge told billion state power network related Tongrentang international platform.

self built platform for Chinese medicine clinics also sent to sea?

it is reported that the Church of the cross border export business platform for individual users, covering the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore seven countries.

at present, Tongrentang export business platform for self mode, in addition to its own brand sales Tongrentang, also sell other domestic Chinese medicine enterprises such as the Yangtze River and Tai’an hall, the pharmaceutical Lingrui brand products, the first line of products mainly for plant medicine, folk medicine products, both to protect the food, but also OTC drugs.

it is worth noting that, in the pricing of export products, Tongrentang to take less than the price of overseas Chinese medicine sales platform 20%-30% to enhance competitiveness. The use of Tongrentang direct mining and supply chain advantages, from the source to the global supply directly to the user, to reduce the intermediate links, thereby reducing costs.

, according to the relevant person in charge of the international platform Tongrentang, the current demand for overseas products are mainly concentrated in the cold cough, gastrointestinal health and nutrition, nutrition and other categories of products.

chose the self business platform, and settled third party export platform such as Amazon, eBay, Tongrentang international platform responsible person is to improve credibility, more convenient to extend the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine service.

self built platform has a better credibility of the brand, not only the sales of drugs, but also can become a window for the spread of Chinese medicine culture. Future in self

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