Optimistic about the East Jingdong flash purchase again closed door practice year 1997 10 17

text / Sohu IT Yang Shufang

make a trail in vip.com, flash purchase inevitably become the electricity supplier who is trying to meddle in the blue ocean, the Jingdong, Dangdang has incoming. Even the traditional department stores are also interested in business outlets, such as a group of friends, also has vowed to challenge vip.com.

Wang Lijie, general manager of Jingdong

flash purchase division believes that even in the long run, flash purchase will not change from the blue sea to the red sea. Maintain flash purchase business of the two ports, that is, users and brands, have a permanent demand for flash purchase.

she explained, flash purchase of the user’s brand products have discounted purchase needs, which is beyond doubt, and demand for high frequency and high viscosity. From the brand point of view, a considerable number of inventory every year, it is necessary to export a channel, and flash purchase is the most suitable.

Jingdong flash purchase on-line in January 8th, has been nearly a year. General manager Wang Lijie was beautiful said senior vice president, joined the Jingdong about 8 months. She said, joined Jingdong is due to flash sales business, but also very optimistic about the "East flash purchase".

According to Wang Lijie

, the brand positioning of Jingdong flash purchase as a "public awareness", international brands accounted for only 30%, the highest 2000 yuan only relates to light luxury goods. Category covered with large clothing as the core, plus beauty, home, etc., discount for 3-5 fold, 50% of users in the 25 to 35 year old women to a second tier cities. Half of the users from the mobile client. From the volume point of view, from May onwards, basically every month to achieve double growth.

in the interview, Wang Lijie repeatedly mentioned vip.com, and admits that vip.com is very successful. About the differentiation advantage of Jingdong and vip.com flash purchase, she said, from the model, there is no difference between the two, the flash purchase business model at home and abroad are the basic standard. Jingdong has the advantage of leveraging flash purchase Jingdong service system, from the storage and delivery to customer service, users can enjoy the same mall self service Jingdong.

in addition, Wang Lijie shared the Jingdong flash purchase arrangements in 2015:

1 compared to train this year, next year the pace will go far greater. In user access and brand are more bold.

2 receipt and return rate be the best in the industry.

3 based on the experience of women do shopping before, in the flash purchase Jingdong to create a shopping feeling.

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