Viewing the development and profit of shopping guide website from the perspective of the profit mode

Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other major portals in the last year have established rebates channels, two days before the Google acquisition of the British price comparison site, whether it is a form of price rebate, belong to the goods shopping guide. With the rapid development of shopping guide website, and lower the threshold of the station, more and more webmaster to join the ranks of the shopping guide website.

two days ago, Lu Songsong and Franziska talked about the promotion of his leading shopping guide, for which I also in-depth study of the development and profitability of the shopping guide website, because the leading shopping guide in the Bo put in advertising. Therefore, I have the obligation to provide detailed analysis and research for advertisers. I hereby publish this article to talk about my views.

just started shopping guide website

shopping guide website said the white point is to eliminate doubts of consumers, to help users to make consumption decisions. Do shopping guide site, although most people do Taobao guest, although the Commission returns attractive, no need to invest money, the risk is small, but it is not easy to succeed. Although the current shopping guide website to e-commerce sites to import less than 5%, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the online shopping market, shopping guide website for the role of B2C site drainage will be further strengthened.

to spend their minds to operate a good shopping guide Station

to do a well-known shopping site, in fact, a lot of thinking, first of all to the selection of goods should be in season: for example, Shanghai is a coastal city, cosmetics and clothing comparative advantage, while buyers in the choice of purchase will also make regional choice. Consumers are very rational, so that users in a short time to believe that you are not easy to promote the product."

After the

website, should have their own detailed operational plans, rather than think about maintenance, spare time to update, this is not the case, the operation is a long-term process, is the need to adhere to and patience, don’t give up halfway, some people do 1-2 months, to see their own income or 0, they suspect that their website is not a problem, your ability is not a problem, he is not wrong, do not feel the need to spend time on it, in fact it has entered a period of confusion, this time you must stick to it, rather than give up such work before all in vain, so insist, insist, insist on


hazy profit model

I think the site’s profit model is mainly on the three: a shopping model; a shopping guide model; a service (intermediary) mode. Do shopping guide website mainly depends on how you promote, because the promotion is fundamental. Only you promote out, and it is very effective promotion, others will be through your website to see the goods, so you can get commission!

shopping guide website is the development of electronic commerce products, along with the development of electronic commerce, the shopping site will produce more profit model, is actually more Lu Songsong profit model is not clear, if we want to make more profit model, I have to do this. >

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