Luxury electricity supplier positioning special brand promotion user experience is the focus

speed transit network Southern China news on July 3rd, has been, as a high priced luxury goods, consumer groups positioned as high-end, luxury electricity supplier companies appear to allow more users to facilitate the consumption of luxury goods. Shenzhen luxury business enterprise class high-end luxury positioning in the street are luxurious, street marketing staff Ma Wei said: "luxury products belong to the street light luxury, ordinary people can also petty, white-collar consumption".

luxury products users repeat customers, high user loyalty. General merchandise is affordable route, if not to reduce the price, the user will immediately transfer, loyalty is low, but the luxury goods and other commodities are different, the user to buy luxury goods depends largely on the consumption habits and service quality, high-end consumer groups pay more attention to the brand is well-known atmosphere.

electricity supplier observers Huang Yinghai also believes that luxury electricity supplier, so that the audience to expand the coverage of product information, to meet the high-end crowd to understand and appreciate the product, increase consumer desire to buy. The luxury business must increase brand promotion and brand awareness, so that customers of the luxury brand aware degree and tendency are relatively high, plus sales platform network integrity system perfect, customer conversion rate will be greatly improved.

, after all, the "luxury" has never been associated with the "necessities", the practicality of only a small part of the value of the composition. Once lost brand blessing in the buyers mind, it is not worth a hair. Old customers fixed, how to attract new customers to become the most important problem in the development of luxury electric business.

Huang Yinghai said, to attract new users first product to meet the network to buy the crowd of four characteristics: new, odd, missing, expensive, followed by marketing methods. Huang Yinghai believes that luxury brands for the electricity supplier can be more attractive to the development and production of products to target people. In product design and marketing, dubbed some commemorative, limited and other forms of products will be more hot. However, due to the current network integrity system is not perfect, so the road is still relatively difficult luxury electricity supplier. (Zhang Fan)

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