Triple play at breaking the electricity supplier

December 31, 2011, the State Council announced the second batch of triple play pilot cities, the total number of pilot cities increased by 42. At present, the triple play pilot cities have spread all over the country, with a wide range of representation, for the beginning of 2013 to provide a comprehensive reference to the triple play. With the triple play to speed up the pace, more and more attention, many analysts believe that the triple play will have a great impact on the network providers and hardware industry, but as engaged in the work of IT people should look deeper.

triple play butterfly effect

Right at the various levels of Internet will impact the integration of

network, the development of mobile Internet has been very good at present and the Internet together, and mobile Internet is very popular network development direction, but after adding "network" radio and television network, change will have days repeatedly. A new round of Internet boom will be driven by the triple play. I wrote an article about the impact on the video industry convergence (the "triple play of promising video industry is facing a major earthquake"), then found the triple play will start a new round of upsurge of entrepreneurial network.

you missed the development of the Internet, and you missed the development of the mobile Internet?. Integration refers to the telecommunication network, broadcasting television network and the Internet to the Internet in the evolution process of the broadband communication network, digital television network and the next generation, the three network through technical transformation, its technical features tend to be consistent, the scope of business tends to be the same, network interconnection, sharing of resources, can provide voice, data and broadcasting a variety of services for users. Three merger does not mean that the physical integration of the three networks, but mainly refers to the integration of high-level business applications. Triple play a wide range of applications, intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home and other fields. After the mobile phone can watch TV, Internet access, television can call, Internet access, the computer can also call, watch tv. The three cross each other, forming a acommunity pattern.

The development of

mobile Internet has brought great opportunities, after the triple play will have what effect, now no one can predict, early birds from eating, now is the research and development after the triple play time, prepared in advance, ahead of the layout. Network world, slow step will be eaten.

existing electricity supplier model and pattern

e-commerce model currently has B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B several models, as well as some conceptual B2G, BMC, ABC mode, as well as the more recent fiery O2O mode. The following is a simple list of the current pattern of each pattern.

B2B, an independent Alibaba, after Chinese manufacturing net, Global trade, some old B2B website, there are some new sites to catch the last bus of B2B development, such as search, business network >

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