Amoy rush to relax the management of the seller can also participate in Juhuasuan


] April 22nd news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, from April 28th onwards, the Amoy panic buying Taobao in price management, and other aspects of the relaxation process.

Amoy buy change

in terms of price, was originally involved in the Amoy rush to buy the price is the lowest price of nearly 30 days of the transaction price of only 10 percent off, the lowest price.

is particularly worth mentioning is that the original Amoy buy and Juhuasuan can not participate at the same time, otherwise it will be pulled black. After the modification, in addition can also participate in these two activities, other black treatment also were relaxed, cancel the registration, modify the price will no longer pull the black, but changed to collect fees at the end.

in addition to relaxation, there are some aspects of tightening, for example, after the review, the business will not be replaced by the goods, increase the content.

According to

billion state power network to understand, said in an interview with the person in charge of the dream basket on panic buying Amoy, Amoy category is divided into the current panic buying Taobao and Tmall products, after May 1st, regardless of Taobao and Tmall, according to the categories of products, products of good who who.

dream basket also revealed that 2015 will begin to panic buying Amoy 24H explosion models berserk, brand sale play, key breakthrough: food, clothes, living in four aspects.

It is reported that

, Amoy Amoy hand end for panic buying marketing products, all products sold to limit, 11 sessions per day for the display of goods, is an important product of Taobao wireless terminal, the low limit of panic buying. The seller told billion state power network: "panic buying gold coins, Amoy, special offer every day is the most important marketing Taobao products, these three products understand, it is hard to avoid making money in 2015.

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