Chen Ou again endorsement jumei com change model

Chen Ou again for their endorsement".

December 16th, as CEO Chen Ou released long micro-blog "you never know what to do in the first half of this year" Chen ou, the first is to return to the company’s related law question, and reiterated the important business of after the listing of the transformation.

in this long micro-blog, Chen Europe focuses on the three major business changes, cut off the luxury business on the third party platform, the beauty of the business will be transferred to the third party platform into the self storage, to enter the cross-border electricity supplier. Especially for the first two, aims to strengthen the supply chain quality control.

in the next two days, share price rebound, rose 7.96% and 11.5%, has been dubbed a micro-blog market value of 1 billion yuan.


said a supplier of before twenty-first Century to accept Economic Herald reporter interviewed to self can solve some problem of fake, but mode switching transformation proprietary platform and the biggest problem is not like this, but how to find their own sales characteristics of supply, and how to improve the internal management system.

Change of


by group purchase started, the supplier said, this is the group purchase self, 2012 open POP platform, he was also stationed in the platform, but sales are not very satisfactory. At that time, in the growth stage of the Jingdong Tmall, also faces other mature competitors.

why to join the third party platform model? The supplier analysis, first of all, unlike other industries, cosmetics brands are still in a strong position, the bargaining power of was limited, supply will be limited, the platform model is more conducive to expand the category and grab the market; secondly, the platform model for the flow of funds demand far no self is so big, can ease in the growth stage of the company’s financial pressure. In addition, buy mode is disrupting the price system of the brand.


open platform does ease these three issues, but another problem has emerged. Because the goods are not put in storage, but the business to delivery, quality is difficult to control, and the cosmetics and belongs to the "Gao Min" category, which makes frequently fall into the vortex of public opinion. in reply to twenty-first Century economic report said in an e-mail interview, weakening the third party platform, the essence is to strengthen the management and control of the supply chain, improve the quality of supply chain, in order to avoid "fake" and "smuggled goods" risk.

these suppliers also pointed out that compared to the platform model, once the scale of self formed scale, profit margins are relatively high.

at present, in fact, also has a self transformation condition. In May this year, landed on the U.S. capital market, improve greatly in the brand influence and money. The vendor said, on the one hand, the listing increased the confidence of suppliers, open

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