Taobao or sell fund the cost of upgrading who pays

March 16th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the securities investment fund sales institutions through the third party e-commerce platform to carry out business management Interim Provisions (hereinafter referred to as the Interim Provisions).

the "Interim Provisions" clearly defined for the third party e-commerce platform and fund sales organization requirements, service responsibility, information display and protection of the rights and interests of investors, the third party e-commerce platform operators responsibility, account management, investor information and transaction information, the security violations punishment etc..

this has also been waiting for a long time, including Taobao, including e-commerce platform low-key cheer. A source said, after this, Taobao is ready for the relevant materials, such as the Interim Provisions of the introduction of an application, and is expected to be approved faster.

, however, when the securities daily fund news reporter called Taobao, the source said, is not convenient to answer questions about the sale of funds, can not accept this interview.

Taobao low-key bank is still strong

fund is this news, many fund companies have to open online store on Taobao to sell the fund, this is an online sales platform, customer loyalty of Taobao is very strong, high degree of customer support, high customer influence, we hope that the relevant policy will be open, open shop in Taobao come on".

industry insiders, Taobao sales fund is currently testing stage, not to advertise, Taobao almost to publicity and promotion, the main reason is whether the information is positive or negative, that they are not good.

negative information is not difficult to understand why even the positive information rather than accept? Some industry analysts pointed out that, when the network is not involved in the sales, product sales have its original industrial chain and the interests of the chain, with the original vested interest subject. If Taobao’s involvement will affect the vested interest and the development and cooperation of the subject, the subject and the Taobao business is very close, Taobao sales network platform certainly do not want to offend the original vested interest subject. For fund sales, the biggest sales of the main bank. "Of course, Taobao did not dare to offend the bank, they don’t want this business in the bud when " died; ", but do not want to affect their already mature business chain." The above summary.

3%. The commission can meet Alipay

Taobao open shop, not only the fund company dream of things, but also the third party fund sales institutions day and night to think about things.

on the third party e-commerce platform to sell the fund trend, said some third party fund sales institutions, funds into the e-commerce platform is a trend which cannot be halted, is a good thing for investors; the fund companies can choose distribution channels more and more, it is a good thing; for them, also play a role in promoting no, "

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