Female users worried about the safety of Prodigal lack of confidence

the end of the year is approaching, many shop is for Christmas and the new year in the name of all online shopping promotions. However, experienced in the "double 11", "double 12", even the sea Amoy "black Friday", whether consumers have the attitude of online shopping? The Horizon Research Consultancy Group this year in the country seven users in a second tier city of China network consumer confidence index (Online Consumer Confidence Index, OCCI) monitoring. The results show Chinese network consumer confidence index was 68.7 points, only failed to reach the level of.

online shopping convenience shopping high confidence index

reporter learned that the survey contains 5 level indicators: the consumer identity recognition time index time consumption (including network consumption time / line), economic indicators (including personal judgment, the state of the economy is expected to personal economic conditions), network consumption safety, convenience and reliability.

results show that the timing of consumption indicators and indicators of economic status is relatively low score, ranked two in the last place, the timing of consumption is only about 60 minutes, the economic situation index of nearly 63.4 points. Network consumption safety, convenience and reliability index is relatively high scores, scores were 65 points or more, especially the network consumer convenience index reached 77.2 points, becoming the network consumer confidence higher factor.

the reporter found in the further analysis, and personal (Network) information security, business reputation, product quality, personal economic status and expected 5 indicators belonging to the "high – low weight score" type, that is, consumers have very high expectations of the 5 indicators, but the actual situation is not optimistic.

is responsible for the investigation of the Cai Yan said, personal economic conditions and expectations of individual online and offline consumer wishes and plans to have "means" effect, but the two index changes with the macro economic development level is closely related to the relative lack of initiative. The individual (Network) information security, the credibility of the business, the quality of the product is three indicators can be improved through their own market maturity, through human constraints and efforts to improve.

90 very cautious: Courier is not fast enough


survey of different generations populations were analyzed, 80 confidence index of the highest score (69.2 points), more than any other consumer (90: 68.3; 70: 68.3; 60: 68 points before and after), and 90 as the upcoming main consumer groups, in terms of online shopping has become a a bit of caution.

has 48.4% of 90 think now is the best time to spend on the network, the timing of the network consumption recognition score of 66.8 points, the highest among all intergenerational consumers. However, they also think that shop more, but not universal". In addition, 90 percent of the highest rating on the network business richness (84.2 points), but the lowest score on the diversity of network products (72.3 points), full table

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