Giant into the Bureau maternal and child vertical electricity supplier how to break through

by the huge traffic entrance and huge capital chain system, BAT did not seem to do that, along with Baidu’s strategic investment honey bud, Ali investment in the United States Mother electricity supplier website Zulily, Tencent launched the baby products baby listen to BAT in the maternal electricity supplier in the field of expansion, means that the mother industry prospects, but at the same time, the vertical the electricity supplier maternal family, baby tree, honey bud also eating in the maternal electricity supplier this big cake. The face of a strong BAT incoming, maternal and child vertical electricity supplier how to break it?

future development trend of maternal electricity supplier

is currently 85, 90 parents are the main crowd new parents, and have a good habit of online shopping, with the upgrading of consumption and the national dividend policy support, gradually maternal electricity supplier to globalization, maternal and child market also became the capital market to snatch the darling. Take a look at the future trend of China’s maternal and child electricity supplier after several years of development.

is the first vertical business model in depth, with the continuous development of the Internet, business competition, cost of platform rate increases gradually, small business platform cannot and Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon and other large platform competition, and with the continuous expansion of maternal and child products category, diversification, entrepreneurs began to subdivide the maternal electricity supplier market direction the development, such as babe network and honey bud baby.

second is social + electricity + localization, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, fragmentation of time more and more users can use the electricity supplier in the online shopping is also the core demands of communication, and the trend of localization of maternal and child socialization derivatives market segments such as family organization is more obvious, so whether maternal electricity supplier the community will go or maternal social + electricity + localization in this direction. The maternal community freaky help, for example, had been the main maternal mobile social networking, many organizations and activities of the city, "freaky years" is a good example, the flagship mobile social profit model is too single, it later launched import maternal sale mall.

third is the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier maternal, with the upgrading of consumption and improve the user awareness of overseas goods, data show that the next 2-3 years, keep Chinese scale of cross-border commercial transactions in 30% CAGR, while the 2017 cross-border export electricity supplier will reach 6 trillion and 640 billion market size. At present, honey bud wheat Tesco and other vertical maternal electricity supplier as the representative, start by overseas Amoy way to attract consumers, Tmall international, Jingdong, Su Ninghong child is also active in the layout of overseas mother class activities.

giant into the board, maternal and child vertical electricity supplier how to break through


according to Analysys think tank released 2014 Q3 in China B2C market transaction data show that maternal category: Tmall with 55.5% market share ranked first, followed by the 17.4% Jingdong, then Dangdang 4.6%, several of the top platform is integrated electricity supplier, and vertical electricity supplier only 11.3% of the share, want to get more how to share the vertical electricity supplier >

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