Why not do Jingdong Amoy Amoy

is a Jingdong and the industry relationship Amoy siqia know, price index report a some time ago released the domestic B2C business enterprise is more directed at the Jingdong store, it also allows the Jingdong in the electrical business mall once again in the teeth of the storm, many people can not help but think of Jingdong with a scouring network confrontation is really meaningful? And if Amazon like Amoy network Baotuan can not save a lot of trouble about


but in fact, Jingdong mall into an anti scouring faction is not subjective, more is the situation of the domestic electricity supplier and other factors caused by Jingdong mall do not quite Amoy pie, there are many objective reasons:

reason one, the core competitiveness of Jingdong mall is not the price, and a Amoy network too much emphasis on parity

we all know that the core competitiveness of the Jingdong store lies in its strong integrated service capabilities, rich products, independent logistics, strong customer service service is the Jingdong shopping mall can grow rapidly, and the fundamental reason in the industry firmly based, and not a lot of business enterprise and the same price to win. In contrast, a scouring network, price is it emphasized, it is to raise the price to the highest position, this is to some extent different shielding business enterprise’s advantage, and even make business enterprise crazy "price war", but this is obviously not the Jingdong to the mall to see.

so because of the model and the status quo Jingdong mall, is the last to see the existence of such a scouring network parity site, it is impossible to form a strategic partnership with a scouring network.

reasons two, the existence of a Amoy Jingdong mall price strategy vicissitudes powerless

there are some familiar people know of Jingdong Jingdong mall, mall is completely the so-called price strategy, the Jingdong in the non rush deliberately raise prices, then the price promotions in active users frequent period, is completely the wool in the sheep’s price strategy. But people still eat it.

But when

, a scouring network crazy publicity parity, Jingdong is mall price strategy is really weak, even let the user feel the price drop again how Jingdong is still so high, combat is not really small for Jingdong. From the point of view, Jingdong is also a very offensive to amoy. This is also a Jingdong to shield the price of a Amoy grab reasons.

reasons two, Jingdong mall and Tmall is a natural enemy

before the appearance of the electricity supplier industry in the Jingdong store, either C2C or B2C, Taobao is said to calculate, but Jingdong mall there, completely broke the monopoly of Taobao B2C in the mall area, even beyond the Taobao mall, become the most hot B2C mall. To this end, Ma is also at Jingdong of hatred, also has made a lot of strategies to pose a threat to the Jingdong, but Liu Dongqiang is very clear in the strategy of electric point, Jingdong’s status has not been shaken.

so in a sense

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