Amoy brand Yin man’s parent company to be listed 5 years into the 10 thousand store

to raise money for 49% new brands hatch, 30% to open the store.

July 1st, Amoy brand Yin man’s parent company, the U.S. group formally submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission IPO application to be listed on the gem in Shenzhen.

Yan man in the Taobao to "cotton" famous products. 2010 Tmall double eleven, the brand’s one-day sales amounted to 6 million 800 thousand yuan.

United States group was founded in 1998, formerly known as "Haizhuqu District United States garment factory", OEM Europe and the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the clothing brand. Since 2005, the United States began the transition from OEM mode, 2007 founded the group’s first female consumer groups positioning Brand Yin man, mainly the sale of cotton products.

In addition to

Yin, Hui Mei Group has now beginning of language, life on the left, samyama, dalee square, autumn (formerly autumn senbai), shell, Pass and other 12 brands, and have derived such as Home Furnishing brand Yin man HOME, Kids sub brand children’s clothing brand Yin man. At present, the entire group of product categories include women’s clothing, shoes, bags, sportswear, Home Furnishing decor, furniture etc..



The United States

group issued shares 80 million shares, par value of 1 yuan, but not yet announced the issue price per share. This is expected to raise about 450 million yuan, of which about $49%, or about $220 million will be used in the next one to two years to develop 6 fashion brands.

United States Group’s fashion brand incubator project began in 2013, the original designer women’s brand, the first language is the second brands owned by the group after the African man, in the past few years, the number of brands increased to 12.

, however, has always been the United States and the United States and the group’s most profitable brands. From the prospectus published divided by the brand category’s main business income situation, Yan man from 2013 – 2015 revenues are more than 500 million yuan in 2013, Yan man accounted for 85.38% of total revenue, in 2014 accounted for 56.68%, accounted for 47.13% of 2015.

according to the prospectus shows that the United States and the United States Group’s product sales channels are still mainly concentrated in Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong,, Dangdang, online channel revenue has accounted for more than 97% of total revenue. Until 2015, the United States launched the "thousands of the city shops plan, line sales accounted for 2.01% of total revenue accounted for bizet.

The IPO for 140 million yuan

, which is 30% of the capital investment will be extended to offline channels. The so-called "1000 city shops" scheme is 20>

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