Gome settled across the board Tmall the price war farce or the end

after Dangdang and a large electricity supplier settled Tmall. June 5th, Tmall mall and Gome electricity supplier jointly announced that the United States entered the Tmall electricity supplier. This is exactly when the Jingdong has just started the ten anniversary, Tmall and Gome suddenly in hand, seems to be a provocation of the Jingdong. So far Tmall electric city will be divided again 3C appliance market, the electricity supplier price war between giants will probably end.

two major home appliance giant hand in hand, the retail landscape will be re divided

Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com Electric City, known as the "four home appliance giant Gome online", according to the relevant data show that in 2012, Jingdong sales of about 60000000000 yuan, Tmall Electric City sales exceeded 50 billion 200 million yuan, 18 billion 336 million yuan suning.com, Gome online performance is only 4 billion 410 million yuan.

Gome online settled Tmall will get more traffic and user groups, performance will achieve a new breakthrough. The United States also said that in the store, Gome will take special channels for product differentiation, etc. sales in Tmall, the future will be more diversified commodity composition. And this was the outside world that the United States is in the platform competition in the "surrender", the official phrase break all sales talk to tattle and prate. Late Gome and Tmall will conduct in-depth cooperation in the supply chain system, if feasible, complementary Tmall and Gome resources, 2013 Tmall electric city will further establish the leading position in the field of home appliances. The combination of the big two, is bound to have an immeasurable impact on today’s retail landscape.

electricity supplier price war between the chiefs, perhaps the end of this

as a family of online shopping, we believe that we will not forget, staged a farce in August 15, 2012, especially after the NDRC involved in the matter, the funny thing is Liu Qiangdong after micro-blog low-key apology.

electricity supplier in August 15th last year, the war will be treated as a joke, the Dragon Boat Festival in 2013 will usher in World War ii". In February this year, Suning announced a high-profile transformation Internet enterprise, target in June major electricity supplier suning.com will sprint, 3C, home appliances, department stores, books, baby, beauty and other more than and 20 categories across the whole network parity, none.

May 31, 2013, the Jingdong issued a micro-blog store in its official micro-blog: in June, I come! Just a few words, is allotted a "big", saying: "come on! Your boring afternoon pick back! Put your mail leaks away! Protect yourself, protect wallet, June and only the Jingdong!" this heroic utterance quickly usher in easy fast, Suning, Dangdang, Gome strong response.

Jingdong in June 3rd issued a statement that the ten year anniversary month promotion "by Tmall, the requirements of interference" sellers are "one of two"; Tmall parent company Alibaba responded by saying: "we believe that businesses have their own clear judgment."

Tmall before joining the United States, >

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