Jingdong suffered a collective press today to restore the original price change fanquan bigong

After following the December 14th

launched an online book price war, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong yesterday once again stunned, exposing the price war originated in dangdang.com blocked too hard for the Jingdong, almost unable to fair competition.

It is worth mentioning that

, another online book retail giant Amazon yesterday also announced to join the fray, "hundreds of thousands of bestsellers lower on the basis of the network of the lowest 20%". However, Kim Jun, director of public relations, Amazon denied excellent price for competitors.

, however, the price of Jingdong mall has suffered a boycott of the press. Many press behind Dangdang, said there is no so-called "ban" and refers to the price of Jingdong said, in violation of the cooperation agreement with the press, in the case of unsuccessful negotiations with Jingdong will recently sent a lawyer’s letter to Jingdong.

press under pressure, the Jingdong said yesterday in the mall price two days from today to the original price, to fanquan way. However, the Jingdong did not disclose the specific measures fanquan.

price from Dangdang ban


went to Suqian in the car can not work, take the time to write books recently some insider information war. I should give a friend who cares about Jingdong." Liu Qiangdong in a very relaxed tone bursts of 8 micro-blog disclosed behind the price war "insider", said that dangdang.com on the monopoly advantages of "coercion" press, press to the Jingdong for the book is not required.

"a lot of people feel that I really like my recent Weibo speech. Yes, this is my business second times 12 years were outraged! Everything is (Lee) to our national day ban too hardly! Fair competition! "Liu Qiangdong in the micro-blog directly targeting dangdang.com co-founder and CEO Li Guoqing.

Liu Qiangdong believes that the book industry monopoly everywhere, "when a single large, far more than any of our competitors! Since the Jingdong for book sales a year ago, when using a monopoly for almost all publishers have sent a ban for the book to the Jingdong’s mail, or to stop cooperation."

, our team also has a few years of the book industry contacts, after a year of hard negotiations, there are still some publishers do not dare to supply Jingdong." Liu Qiangdong said.

"you (Dangdang) yesterday sent to all the publishers to mail, many publishers are forwarded to us. You claim to be a listed company, there is a lot of money, only a small amount of venture capital Jingdong, will soon burn. Publishers do not need to stand the wrong team and immediately stop supplying to Jingdong, etc.. I really want to open your email to members’ comments! The threat is too heavy! Advise you to respect partners." Liu Qiangdong claimed to have mastered Dangdang issued to the press of the mail, I hope to be able to compete in a fair, do not engage in blocking action.

, however, the daily economic news from the China Publishing Group, the Century Publishing Group, China Encyclopedia publishing house,

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