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< wrote the following; blog marketing tools — Super cheats > after I see there are nearly 200 people browsing in the background of the Admin5, Admin5 seems to flow or reputation. Today we will continue on the blog marketing in writing, today is < the actual articles, > but in practical process, in order to I still use the marketing effect introduced yesterday < Han tower blog marketing software > to do combat weapons.

one hundred flowers flowers first, take < > game; the words for it, we are ready to optimize marketing our game station, then choose keywords with Hanta marketing, marketing keyword recommendation function, as follows:



related key words come out, so we can put all the keywords used in our blog article.

For example,

A: [Lianliankan game cheats] [play Lianliankan game] can improve the body immunity and so on, is the epitome of the title, the rest can be free to play. The organization began to hair! We use Han tower blog marketing software, convenient, labor-saving,

effect is good!



this software to support the domestic more than and 70 well-known blog, the success rate is very high, so that our blog on the line!

detailed operating video:

will continue to share with you, blog marketing tools — Super cheats actual articles (below), please look forward to


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