Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of talent network promotion channel

as a talent network operator, has been sell themselves era, so do the promotion work is an important link to open the local market and network market, to analyze the author’s talent network nearly two years of work experience, the following channel effect is not the same, the comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages after the advertising can be targeted in front of people in need, produce the best benefit.

is the first issued a press release. This is the most important one, is the most effective. I was in addition to edit each Monday the "talent news" newspaper, another important task is to provide local media news release, which is everyone talking about soft wen. Every important recruitment, such as start, headhunter, 51 golden week, month graduate recruitment, will invite the media to the scene to conduct interviews, provide relevant articles, and important data release inside the statistics information is also the focus of media attention. The end of each recruit will have more than and 10 media issued a press release, "labor shortage" has also been reprinted foreign media news release, the effect is very obvious. The way to promote the brand awareness is also very helpful.

second is radio broadcasting. Radio broadcasting is mainly aimed at graduates, but the actual effect is relatively poor. Because the times have changed a lot, radio this way for many students is not the first choice of entertainment, but instead of the Internet is the biggest pastime. Therefore, this advertisement every month need to spend 2000 yuan cast out is naught, through investigation and analysis, finally chose to terminate the contract and radio.

third is put in print advertising. Every time before a major recruitment will be put in two ads to the Southern Metropolis Daily, such as the headhunter. Because after analysis, many senior white-collar workers also have the habit of reading the newspaper, this way of advertising in the late statistics report also has dozens of people through this channel to understand the information, therefore, the effect is good.

fourth is distributed leaflets. This is the most direct way, but also need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. Every major recruitment or the off-season, will be issued to hundreds of thousands of leaflets by hundreds of salesman to three districts and three counties to distribute, mainly distributed in the compulsory market position is relatively concentrated, the supermarket where traffic. This way because of the coverage of a wide range of people will be involved in the delivery of all walks of life, such as technical staff, waiters, white-collar workers, students and other groups, so the effect is more obvious.

fifth is a talent network advertising. In the home network will focus on the talent recruitment will be the content as far as possible to show through the carousel, because many job seekers are taken online resume, so this way is very targeted. No one is not landing talent network, landing talent network is often in order to find a job, so this channel is also