How to make the effect more prominent through local advertising industry website

above this problem for some local businesses and businesses have been more confused problem, I am from the shallow into the deep to help you understand the mystery.

for the first time, I would like to set up a company to sell products for businesses or businesses in Huaian, for example: "Huaian", take the example of the city to illustrate. Huaian is also for the general consumer groups of enterprises or businesses, want to find a can bring relatively good effect of web advertising for these businesses, the first time you have to do is simple to understand the basic knowledge of website marketing. The next thing I want to say in the middle of this article will be part of the negative, but you want to know the full read.

is a website in the ordinary view, the first is popular, is to say that a professional visits, visits including IP and PV two, IP is independent of IP visit the website once recorded a day visits. PV is the number of times an independent IP visits a web site to record the day. Whether or not to decide whether to advertise on this site. It’s a good choice. Only the popularity of the site was someone may go back to see your ad, even if there is no need to do it is not necessary.

second is to see this website main keywords ranking, for the professional network industry seems to want to see a website quality there are many ways, such as line across the sea, ordinary people is certainly not know these techniques and skills, can only see is this website main keywords ranking, keyword ranking in Chinese not say we are accustomed to search with Baidu keyword, whether in the name of the 1-3 home page, if not in the name of 1-3 please give up this website to do, because a website main keywords are not in the first second places, like the webmaster technology is not very good.

This is the website of

third is to see the inside of the user is not your counterpart customers, for example: business decoration industry in Huaian area, you can go to Huaian’s most popular website forum advertising, advertising people may see you there, but the number is certainly not a lot, the relative effect is poor, because the Huaian area popular forum is a good dating website, this website is not for people to find the decoration industry businesses, in order to play, or to show off the boring time etc. in a word I am sure is absolutely not to find decoration business, people will care about your play advertising? The answer is yes, the majority is not a few, only boring to limit or industry saw in check. In our website for it is a psychological comfort, if some businesses feel the brand popularity on the line I do, what I have to say sorry, your consciousness if there are so high, you should go to CCTV to do a year of advertising that’s brand effect. You should be more of a business as a regional industry should be the effect is not the effect, with the effect of customer reputation marketing to achieve regional brand effect is the most