Leveraging is still a key mode of marketing

The most successful case of

rumors on the Internet, in fact, is all about how to take the case of

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two step marketing should also bear the brunt of the two step is: leveraging. Knowing that leveraging is successful, but why winners are scanty, even self defeating

the reason is that 90% of the people as a leveraging copy. Naive to think that, a large leveraging is just a simple copy, therefore, is leveraging the success! Even after, still only earn quick money, can not be sustained development, continued to make money, continue to make more money! Although two step marketing helped many web entrepreneurs and boss. I think a lot of people are still in shock impulse and two step marketing is the most simple way of thinking is not in-depth understanding and application. Because most people don’t want to think. Never mind, mystery through two steps of marketing, I tell you today that you first step two core elements of marketing, is the "two step leveraging"


how to use the two step force, first of all, still depends on who you are, what you are in the stage. Isn’t anyone force you can borrow, not any value will happen to you, you only at the right time, the right to borrow, you can force, and on this basis, to create a miracle!

I see some just entering Internet entrepreneurs, disguised himself as a veteran of the Internet industry, and then through a series of technology of Internet marketing, such as sales letter, mail, QQ group enterprise sequence to build their own image. In fact, the image does not need to build, it is the result of a series of accumulated resources, packaging can backfire. I think a lot of the time you speak from the depth of a person, you can feel a person’s experience, strategy, vision. The same is true of the Internet, the same e-mail, people feel, trust is not the same. The Internet is still composed of people, the Internet business is still business, network marketing is still marketing!

as my own example, as a new network, I do not have the experience of the Internet, really!

you may not believe that, in 2010, I was only known to play CS (a simple shooting game, network) because there are some marketing experience, I spent 4 months to see some of the features of the Internet after (of course I think clearly), try to make money online. After 4 months earned 10 thousand yuan, although not much money, but it illustrates some of the things

one, I think, as long as you can make money on the Internet, you can earn a lot of money.

second, the Internet business still need to have three elements of the line of business: products, customers, transactions. So now, you feel old, but when I entered the Internet in 2010, and no one to tell me what to do, I rely on intuition and their marketing direct marketing experience. Although, now the Internet can bring me dozens of

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