Jingdong WAL MART capital mall crazy suck addictive layout

the domestic e-commerce market is playing a game about money.

recently, sources said, WAL-MART intends to hold Jingdong mall, the negotiations between the two sides are still in progress. The News quoted the investment banking sector, said, was originally involved in the third round of financing Jingdong WAL-MART, its purpose is not simply to vote, but in the holding Jingdong, such as holding up, may give up investment.

for WAL-MART intends to hold Jingdong news, has always been a high-profile Jingdong mall chose silence. Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog), said the company will officially announce the details of the third round of financing in March. WAL-MART also did not respond to this.

last December, Liu Qiangdong said on micro-blog has received 3 billion 300 million yuan of investment. Soon after, Jingdong spokesman Li Jing confirmed that the company received $500 million in capital injection (just equivalent to $3 billion 300 million), WAL-MART is one of the investors. Li Jing also said WAL-MART is a strategic partner, she did not disclose the specific amount of investment WAL-MART, but said the specific data will be announced in the next few weeks.


Jingdong announced the news, WAL-MART spokesman said the company will not respond to this No comment., industry rumors.

The weight of investment in the current WAL-MART Jingdong

mall accounted for how, this is unknown, but the cooperative relations between the parties is worth pondering.

WAL-MART to expand the Chinese market

in 2010, WAL-MART opened 47 new stores in mainland China, the number is not only ranked among the top of the world’s top 4 foreign supermarkets, and even more than the size of most domestic supermarkets. At present, domestic Huarun vanguard and Wumart still ahead of WAL-MART.

for the 2010 expansion, WAL-MART is still not satisfied. WAL-MART Stores Inc. president and CEO Mike has said that his pressure may continue to sprint to become the largest retailer target, but the most important is the WAL-MART to become the consumer considers the best retailers. In fact, Mike challenges is not only the traditional sense of the Internet retailers, changing consumer shopping habits.

according to the latest data from the Information Office of the State Council, at the end of November 2010, China total number of Internet users reached 450 million, Internet penetration rate of 33.9%. In this context, the domestic e-commerce to achieve the development of blowout. E-Commerce Research Center released the 2010 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report shows that in 2010 China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an increase of 22%.

the potential market of domestic electronic commerce naturally attracted the attention of foreign companies. In November 2010, America’s largest clothing retailer Gap launched the first online store in China, and the Japanese company in 2009 in China it has launched an e-commerce business, Adidas is also in.

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