Operation data of the first half of the exposure Wanda Plaza three or four line city awesome

news July 29th, the day before, Wanda released a called "the analysis of the current consumer market from Wanda Plaza large data hot and cold" report, lists the relevant business data of Wanda Plaza, 2016 1-6 month, and mentioned the need to actively build experiential consumption platform.

one, the next line of retail selling what good fashion sports class ranked first

clothingAccording to the

business data Wanda Group announced that the retail giant settled Wanda brands accounted for a total of more than 4 thousand. Catering and service are more than 3 thousand and more than 2 thousand and 500, the entertainment brand is more than and 500.


report mentioned that in the country’s Wanda Plaza, sales of the top three regions are North China, southwest, northwest, where Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hebei sales ranked the top three.

from the regional retail sales of each main shop, the international fast fashion class dominate the region before three, the better sales and supermarkets, and Home Furnishing sports collection class.


from the clothing category, the first class in the regional fashion movement. The rest of the sales situation is also good for ladies, designers and cowboys.


boutique category, the digital single taste of the region first, the rest of the sales of the better digital collection, jewelry, diamonds, color treasure, fashion form and cosmetics collection.


Awesome which areas of the consumer

two, Jiangsu province took the lead


Wanda report also shared its service providers to fly where the electricity supplier announced the 618 year-end promotional activities big data.

data show that during the year to promote the activities of the three or four line of the city’s consumer is "awesome". Among them, the four tier cities in the transaction volume in the top ranks of the four cities, reaching 138%; the city of the three lines on the flow of the championship, reaching the traffic of 260%.


from the line of traffic, the top three were Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong.

overall turnover from the point of view, Jiangsu is still ranked first, Shandong, followed by Liaoning.


three, the next line of retail how to play will not fall to build experiential consumer platform

according to the China Chain Management Association "2015 China chain hundred" show, in 2015, 5>

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