Dashang group sued the dashang com domain name infringement according to deceive

              in November 10, 2008 the latest news, Dalian leading enterprise group (600694.SH) recently to the court proceedings, sued the Dalian well-known e-commerce website – network using the domain name dashang.com infringed its trademark right, and asked the defendant claims to "return" ownership of the domain name dashang.com. The incident spread aroused widespread concern in the industry and the dispute, some netizens accused the group of this behavior is to deceive potential.

let us have an objective analysis of the domain name dashang.com dispute:

the two "big business" start time compared to

January 25, 2000, the domain name dashang.com was registered in June 2006 by the Dalian eye network Limited – name "network enabled website" officially launched operations, has been in the domestic each big city to build a station.

November 6, 2006, big business group successfully registered domain name ourdashang.com, and in the same year in late December officially opened – its e-commerce platform, big business group online mall formally launched operations.

"Dashang" related trademark registration prescription

in June 22, 1998, the group applied to the Trademark Office for the registration of the trademark "Dashang", which was granted in February 21, 2000 (®).

the second half of 2007, Dalian eye network Limited "dashang.com network" submitted to the trademark application, has now been accepted (TM).

and "guomei.com Gome dispute" is exactly the same

netizens have pointed out that the domain name dispute case dashang.com dispute case and a few years ago the group of the United States against guomei.com’s situation is very similar, are well-known enterprises sued the small companies or individuals in order to obtain the relevant domain name and brand.

professionals that the case with the "guomei.com" case details are not the same, from the analysis on the timeliness of the domain name registration, dashang.com earlier than the group "Dashang" trademark of the effect of time, from this point of view in network application domain dashang.com does not constitute a violation of the trademark rights of large business groups.

company profile

group was founded in the early 90s, in the end of 1993 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, after the rapid development of business, in 2008, China’s top 500 enterprises ranked in the top eighty-fifth. Its website big business group online mall (www.ourdashang.com) was founded in 2006>

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